Best Dog Leash Extensions

The Best Dog Leash Extensions

Best Dog Lead ExtensionsHow your pup behaves outside is a reflection of how he behaves inside. Well, that can be partly true. To be fair, he does have instincts you probably were not aware of. These instincts to charge towards a moving object – living or not- did not prepare you for the worst.

On the other hand, your pup might be more ‘contained’ when he’s indoors, and the exact opposite when he’s outdoors. It is, after all, a much wider, bigger world out there. In turn, you become a slow companion, and that’s why he’s going to drag you.

Leash training is an essential part of your pup’s life if you want to give him daily adventures outdoors where he can socialize and explore all he wants.

Let’s take a look at some tips in making these adventures more bearable for you.

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Common questions, & queries, answered

Top 4 Best Dog Lead Extensions

Common questions, & queries, answered

Q: What makes a good lead extension?

A: A good leash extension must be able to relieve your pup of the pressure on his neck and back whenever he tries to pull. To do so, it needs to absorb the pull between you and your pup when pulling happens. It also needs to be lightweight and durable for it to serve its purpose.

Q: Why is walking my pup important?

A: Walking does not only make your pup exhausted so he can have a long, good quality slumber time at night. It also stimulates him mentally, being able to explore the outside world. Habitual walks also help make your pup more behaved, because he exercises more and socializes with his friends, and that boosts his mood and relieves him from stress.

Q: When should I get a leash extension?

A: If your pup tends to pull and hurt not only your arm and shoulders, but also himself, then you know it’s time to make the pulling stop. A leash extension will give your pup more room to play, and reduce the pulling by absorbing the shock and preventing it altogether. The best time to get a leash is the time you decide to put a stop to the pulling and start training him to behave better during walks.

How To Make Your Dog Behave On A Leash

When getting ready for your next walk, you and your pup have different things in mind. While it’s all a fun-filled adventure and meeting new and old friends for him, for you, it can be a stressful pulling and getting pulled, preventing getting in an accident kind of activity. It won’t be a surprise if you’d want to avoid it every chance you get.

But whether it’s stressful or not, these walks are necessary, and can therefore not be avoided. Unfortunately, there’s only the option for you, and that is to do everything in your power to make these walks as pleasant and calm as you can.

Like teaching your pup some new tricks, teaching him manners will require a lot of patience, time, dedication, and treats. Yup, positive reinforcement is something you shouldn’t overlook. With the right equipment and attitude, teaching your pup manners is absolutely achievable.

Your goal is to maintain control, and this can be achieved by changing your pup’s bad habits. The treats can help keep him motivated, while the right kind of leash, leash extension, and harness can help with control, that is, prevent pulling.

You can start by practice walking in your backyard, or in your garage. Walk in circles and give him a treat whenever he’s by your side. If you need to use a clicker, it works too. If you can do this once a day, over the next few days you’re going to see changes in your pup’s behavior.

Training And Lead Extensions

An extension leash might be the last thing you’ll think you need in making your pup behave better during walks. Why make the leash longer when it’ll only make the pulling worse. The idea is not wrong, but it’s not right either.

It’s not wrong. The wrong type of extension leash can and will make it worse. It’s also not right because there is a type of leash extension that helps eliminate the pulling habit, which in turn makes it easier for you.

Aside from making your leash significantly longer, which can be a lot of help for many reasons, leash extensions prevent hurting your pup whenever he tries to pull, makes walking easier for you, and will eventually make walking a pleasant activity you and your pup can look forward to.

Top 4 Best Dog Leash Extensions

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Jerk-Ease Bungee Dog Leash Extension

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  • Lessens the blow when pup starts pulling
  • Makes walking much easier and more pleasant
  • Stops pup from lunging because he bounces right back


  • Metal and hard rubber makes it a little heavy
  • A little pricey
  • Some issues with the locking mechanism

If you’re constantly having to watch your pup charge right into a group of birds, a cat, a squirrel, or another pup while you’re supposed to be enjoying an adventure outdoors, you’re in for a treat. The Jerk-Ease Bungee Dog Leash Extension will make you look forward to walking time more than your pup ever does.

If your pup lunges or walks ahead of you, he’ll bounce right back. A few uses later, he’ll get the point. Problem solved. If you’re like many of us who can’t help looking like a complete disaster during walks, and oh how we’d give anything to turn this experience around. This leash extension will transform your walking ritual, and you won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by the presence of anything that can distract him.

Yangbaga Dog Shock Absorber Extension Leash Bungee Attachment

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  • Stainless steel 360°swivel clips and hooks provide more comfort and safety
  • Can be used with chewers
  • Works in absorbing the pull


  • Extension is a bit long
  • Too heavy for small dogs
  • Snap clip quality is not too good

Knowing the effect of pulling is knowing that it’s not good for either you or your pup. The last thing you want to happen is hurt your canine pal, especially when you’re both in the mood for a good time outdoors. This shock absorber extension leash bungee will feel like it’s heaven sent in the way that it can make the pulling just go away.

When your pup runs in unexpected directions at unexpected times, pulling happens. This leash extension is designed to absorb the force, making every pull smooth. When your pup sees that pulling is futile in getting what he wants, he’ll eventually stop.

If your pup is a chewer, its built-in high elasticity imported latex with a nylon fabric covering ensures that your furry friend isn’t going to chew it up until it has served its purpose. This extension leash lengthens your leash, prevents hurting your pup and you when he tries to pull, and keep him safe and secure from running off where he’s not supposed to go.

3 in 1 Short Dog Leash – Shock-Absorbing Elastic Attachment, Control Handle, Traffic Leash

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  • Guaranteed durability
  • Heavy duty hardware on both ends
  • Versatile


  • Might be too small for XL dogs
  • Stitching issues on some
  • Threading on the handle part is pretty weak

Getting on those daily walks means you need to rise to the challenge. Either that or succumb to the pain that pulling puts you through. If you’re going to make your walks more calm and stress-free, the right equipment can help you. And you can start with this 3-in-1 short leash, shock-absorbing leash extension, control handle and traffic leash.

This leash extension is designed to protect you and your furry pal from injuries that excessive pulling might entail. You can take control of your pup more effectively, as it acts as a shock-absorbing attachment for your regular leash, short training leash or traffic handle when you need more control over your playful canine friend.

The soft padded handle will make you forget about getting stressed for a while, and as soon as your pup starts to understand that pulling does not give him what he wants, he’s going to stop. Its length is also perfect for dogs who are trained in heel.

EzyDog Dog Leash Standard Extension, 24-Inch

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  • Six color options
  • Stays tangle-free when you have two pups
  • Strong, well constructed, good quality hardware


  • Can be flimsy when used with a large dog
  • Clasp could be made into carabiner style to make putting it on easier
  • Rough and rigid material

This ultra-convenient leash extension combines comfort and control effortlessly to make walks an ideal part of your day. If you have two pups, tangle won’t be a problem at all because of its tangle-free design. It also features strong and durable woven cord material that is flexible and smooth so you can have more adventures with your furry friend.

Safety has also been considered when this leash extension was made, something other leash extensions fail to add. Its reflective threads make low light visibility improved, which can make him and you still visible at night. Its length provides you with enough room to give your pup a little more leash but still keep him under control.

Since it’s well constructed, you and your pup can have more fun adventures outdoors with it, making it a good investment for an incredibly low price. It’s also easy to attach, relieving you of the struggle to add it when you’re about to go for a walk, a squirmy dog who is excited to go out with you.

Leash Extensions In A Nutshell

Just wishing walks could be more pleasant doesn’t cut it, you have to make the first move. If your first move involves getting properly equipped, you’re on the right track.

Yes, it will be difficult at first, but knowing you’re motivated enough because you don’t want to look like a total freak show when you’re out and your pup walks or pulls you, you’ll pull through just fine.

Leash extensions are there to make it easier for you to transform your walks. If you find the perfect one that will ultimately stop your canine pal from pulling or dragging you, we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to his adventures instead of dreading them.

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