Best Gifts for Golden Retrievers

Best Gifts for Golden Retriever Owners

So a special event is coming up, and, like any other, you’re struggling once again in your quest to find the best gift. If there’s a struggle, surely the celebrant is someone very dear to you, and there’s nothing wrong in exerting extra effort to make sure that a part of the present you’re giving is a portion of your care.

Best Gifts for Golden Retrievers

If the recipient is an avid Golden Retriever lover, you can easily guess the gift you should be choosing has to have something to do with this awesome breed. It can’t just be any dog, it has to be a Golden Retriever on your gift. But the problem begins with one question: where do you start?


We went ahead and scoured the Internet as well as asked dog lover friends about some of the best gift ideas for Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, et cetera. Below are our top 10 picks.

Towards the end of the article you’ll also see my personal favorite so if you don’t have the luxury of time in going through the entire article, you can just click here.

We’ve also provided a section below where you can get to know Golden Retrievers better, along with some fun facts and the history of the breed. More than just in compiling gift ideas, it helps to know more about the breed your special friend or family passionately cares about, and this never goes unappreciated.

Without further ado, here are our top 12 gifts for Golden Retrievers:

Top 12 Gifts for Golden Retrievers

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Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

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Women love purses, that’s a known fact. Most men know this but only a few ever tries their luck in choosing the purse to give their wife, sister, partner, or mother. Why? Women spend hours upon hours shopping for a purse. How can anyone who won’t be using the purse take little time?

If she is a Golden Retriever lover, why not use that information when searching for the perfect purse? That and of course its practicality can easily make the best gift she’ll be receiving on that day. An easy favorite, even when she’s opening all the gifts in front of everyone. Trust us- we know how that warm smile of happiness will make you feel.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Compartments for the safety of mobile phone and other valuables
  • Attractive design makes it easy to pair with OOTD’s
  • Faux or vegan leather gives it a classic touch and makes it durable

This crossbody handbag boasts of a combination of an attractive design, a durable suede and canvas leather construction, and an unmatched convenience from the pockets that can hold a smartphone, some cash, keys, a wallet, cards, identification, a lipstick- basically all the essentials a woman may need once she’s out of the house. Did I mention it’s comfortable and convenient to use?

The leather dog bone zipper pulls coupled with a cute, furry and happy Golden Retriever all add a unique touch that makes it even more personal, which is what would guarantee that your recipient will fall in love with this gift the very moment it’s taken out of its wrapper. The items stored in the purse are kept safe by polka dots material lining the interior.

Aurora World Inc. Flopsie Plush Goldie Labrador Dog, 12″

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Stuffed animals are the safest gift options if you want guarantee that it’s going to be loved and adored. If you think these plush animals are only appreciated by kids, you’re dead wrong. People of all ages like getting plush toys as gifts because they are cuddly, adorable, and can provide warmth and comfort anytime.

Aurora World is known for their high quality plush toys that are preferred by many. They’re the top brand in plush toys, and for good reason. Getting your celebrant a plush toy from Aurora World means your gift idea dilemma has gone down the drain, and you can expect bright smiles and thank you’s.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • The face on the plush toy is super adorable
  • Looks realistic
  • Fluffy and cuddly

Not everything can make you smile at the very sight of it. This Golden Retriever plush toy can, especially if you have one that you adore and love a Golden Retriever. Needless to say, whoever receives this plush toy as a gift will be blissful and will remember the thoughtfulness you put into it.

This plush toy also looks very realistic, so that every time she misses her favorite canine companion, it can easily provide her comfort and instant cuddling. It can also be shared with the Golden Retriever himself, and might just turn out to be one of his favorite toys. That’s hitting two birds with one stone, to be honest, which is a win-win situation for you.

Enjoy It Dean Russo Golden Retriever Car Sticker

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If you were to get a car sticker for a special occasion, would you feel happy? Surprised? Delighted? Car stickers are not common gifts, and this probably is the reason we don’t pay much attention to them… unless we want to end up giving a gift that didn’t seem to go through a lot of thoughts.

It’s a common notion, but that doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. Car stickers are adorable and lovely, and not just for car enthusiasts. They add color to simple days, and sometimes, going through all the trouble to find a more personalized design can be highly appreciated.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Can be used on other objects – laptops, windows, fridge, furniture, walls, electronic devices, etc. the sky’s the limit
  • Attractive vibrant color splash makes it look extra cool
  • Cute Golden Retriever face

Any Golden Retriever parent will be delighted to see a colorful decal that will look good on his car and let everyone know he is a proud German Shepherd fur daddy. Dean Russo’s artwork is definitely a delightful sight that can easily catch anyone’s eyes. You can easily turn the celebration around by shifting everyone’s focus to your colorful gift.

These vinyl stickers will also stick on laptops, electronic devices, refrigerators, walls, and other surfaces in and out of his home, constantly reminding him of the unconditional love he has for his Golden Retriever. It’s one of the most thoughtful and delightful gifts you can give to a Golden Retriever parent.

Golden Retriever Gift Cork Drink Coasters Set 4 Pack

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Coasters are not common gifts, but no one should be embarrassed when these are the items on top of their gift ideas list. Coasters are great to have – they keep your furniture safe from spills, and are easy to keep. They also look nice, especially when the design can be modified to suit your liking.

Giving this gift to someone who likes to have a drink or two before bed, or have coffee a few times a day beside their favorite furniture piece can no doubt put a smile on their face. It’s not everyday that someone thinks of your beverage habits during the day and how you should keep your furniture safe from messes.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • These coasters are absorbent
  • Very affordable
  • Adorable design

Whether it’s for a big event like Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or Mother’s Day, or smaller gatherings, these coasters will steal the show easily. These coasters feature an awesome Golden Retriever design that can easily catch someone’s eyes, and, if they’re Golden Retriever parents or fans, their hearts.

Random gifts for dog lovers are always the sweetest one you can receive. These coasters made from cork will ensure her furniture is kept safe from spills, while having her favorite canine companion’s silhouette constantly with her. She’ll be thanking you and showing her appreciation endlessly on the special occasion.

Animal Neck Gaiter/ Warmer/ Windproof Full Face Mask/ Scarf for Ski

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Novelty items are the bomb if you want to make a mark during a special get together for someone’s special day. There are novelty items that can make them laugh, be nervous, or be excited, or all at the same time.

A full face mask… have you ever received such an item? It’s not common, but it’s not entirely useless, especially if you’re one to drive a bike around. If you don’t have a bike, it will make for a great costume for parties and Halloween, or a full face mask for skiing come winter. Regardless if there’s an occasion you can use it to or not, it’s a novelty item you can have ready for the perfect timing to use.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Mask feature a unique design that any dog lover will get really excited about
  • Made from 100% polyester fleece, making it comfortable and durable
  • One size fits both men and women

Whether it’s winter or not, this windproof full face mask will still make a great gift because it’s not only used for skiing or for the brutal winter season in your state, it’s also a full face mask that he can use while driving his big bike, or during Halloween. The prints on these masks are so adorable it’s hard not to appreciate it instantly.

TRUE Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder, Set of 1

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Wine bottle holders are considered random, novelty gift items that are either well thought of, or became a last resort. On the contrary, they make gift giving more exciting, and can convey thoughtfulness, making giving something that is out of the usual an interesting light.

This wine bottle holder can also double as a figurine to add to any collection, or to add to any decor ensemble. If you are giving this as a gift to a Golden Retriever parent, you’re guaranteed to get all smiles, a massive thanks, and a ton of appreciation.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Doubles as a figurine
  • Made from detailed polyresin and felt base all to protect your tabletop or countertop
  • Can hold a wine bottle and still look fun

It’s not all for the laughs- this cutesy wine bottle holder does make looking at it generate laughs, but it’s also a functional decor piece and can hold a wine bottle with ease and safety. It can turn any occasion around just by being the functional and cute piece that it is, and can easily become your friend’s favorite among all the gifts to her on that night.

Any Golden Retriever fur parent will be happy to see a playful pup represented realistically, while being able to enjoy her favorite glass of wine. Don’t worry, if she has to open all her presents in front of everyone, yours will be an instant favorite.

Sutter Signs Clean Dirty Dog Dishwasher Magnet

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A dishwasher magnet for a gift? Sounds unlikely, which is what makes it perfect. This is another novelty item on the list, and one that we would never gladly take off. These are cute and gentle reminders you can hang on your kitchen wall near the sink and can definitely take the edge off whatever is stressing you on that day.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Sign is large enough to see from across the kitchen
  • Can make dishwashing fun for kids if you’re teaching them chores
  • Cute portraits of clean and dirty Golden Retrievers – reminds you of how playful they are

Here’s a cute reminder when it’s time to clean something! Get yourself a dishwasher magnet featuring a dirty and clean Golden Retriever to tell you what time it is. This magnetized reminder has a gloss finish and is large enough to notice when you enter the room.

Rotate it upward with the word “clean” to remind everyone that everything inside the dishwasher is clean and ready to be used. Rotate it downward with the word “dirty” if whatever inside needs cleaning. Easy as that.

It’s a clever and smart way to use this as a reminder on our daily chores. Golden Retriever lovers will really fall in love with the quality that comes with the design. Made with high quality materials that will guarantee it lasts longer and be a constant reminder magnet.

Primitives By Kathy 6″ x 2.5″ Wood Wooden Box Sign “All You Need Is Love…And A Golden Retriever”

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How sweet it is to be reminded by you.. A wooden box sign “All You Need Is Love…And A Golden Retriever will make your heart melt everytime you see this! A constant reminder that dogs are lovely and can help you get through the day.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Size is perfect and does not overwhelm existing decor/interior
  • Can be used in homes and offices
  • Can brighten someone’s day

This wooden box is a great piece as an addition to your corner stuff. The size might not be that big enough but the message is huge. The great thing about its size is that it won’t be taking too much space wherever you decide to display it, therefore not overwhelming your existing decor or interior.

A great gift and a unique piece that can lighten up your mood too. Once given as a gift, your Golden Retriever parent friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness as you’ve just made her feel like a special Golden Retriever parent- a feeling she will likely not want anyone else to have.

INSHERE Cute Golden Retriever Pattern Pack of 2 Throw Pillow Covers

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Can’t get enough of your Golden Retriever? How about decorate your throw pillows with these amazing Golden Retriever designs? It’s made with durable materials and with eye catching prints too. It’s a great way to show them how you love them in a special way.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Vibrant colors are perfect to brighten someone’s day
  • Durable materials were used
  • Perfect for use anywhere in the house

The vibrant colors are nice and look durable enough to last for some time. These throw pillow covers can go along with any interior design in almost any room in the house- whether it’s the bedroom, the living room, the hallway, the patio, or even in your walk-in closet. It’s also washable for easy cleaning instructions.

Your Golden Retriever parent recipient will love these throw pillow covers and thank you profusely for them as the design will surely lighten up the mood of any room in her house. It’s attractive and cute! It’s definitely another way of showing her favorite canine pals how she loves them so much.

Late for the Sky Golden Retriever-opoly

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Don’t we all love a classic board game? What if it’s one that features a cute Golden Retriever? Golden Retriever is a popular breed across the globe and they are known to be lovable, well-mannered, and charming soft-furred pals that bring joy to everyone.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Fun for the entire family- everyone loves board games
  • Golden Retrievers added to the game serve as constant reminders of how much they are loved and adored
  • A great mix for anyone who loves Monopoly and Golden Retrievers

You can recreate the classic game with this charming design and start the fun, featuring her best Golden Retriever pal. You’re sure to put a smile on her face every time- even when you’re not around to witness it.

It’s a kid-friendly game and a must-have for any dog lover. The designs are detailed and the quality of the materials are striking. Kids will certainly love this especially its design, but probably not as much as the person you’re giving it to. It makes a great holiday, party, hangout game for all ages.

If you love the classic monopoly game, or you’re giving this to someone who does, then it won’t hurt to give this a try. Try it with kids and take the fun to its next level with interesting rules to play with.

Dawhud Direct Dean Russo Golden Retriever Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Blanket

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The golden retriever art design on this blanket is lovely! Period. And the blanket is really soft and cozy to touch because it’s made with 100% polyester. This beautiful piece is a great gift for someone who loves animals, especially dogs. The colors are bright and the materials used are durable too.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • This blanket is super soft and looks really entertaining and adorable at the same time
  • Super soft!
  • Can also be framed on the wall

Golden Retrievers are energetic, well-mannered, fun, adorable and it’s safe to say these are all present in the design of this blanket. It’s versatile- she can use it as a cover, a blanket, or frame it and display it somewhere in her house, bedroom, her pup’s room, leisure room, and more. It’s wide, soft, and comfortably thick, warm enough to give her comfort.

Do I need to say she’s going to fall head over heels in love with this blanket? You can also get this for kids who love dogs, or just simply make the day of your Golden Retriever fur parent. The design is perfect, the quality is good, and it is a truly comfortable and soft blanket to cuddle with.

MUGBREW Cute Winking Golden Retriever Ceramic Coffee Gift Mug Tea Cup, 11 OZ

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Personalized mugs are becoming a trend again.Novelty coffee mugs with cute, unique designs can be a perfect gift for any occasions. This ceramic coffee gift mug with a winking golden retriever design is making headlines. Perfect for any hot beverages or simple decoration piece is perfect.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Ceramic coffee mug features high quality and durability
  • The prints last
  • Provides tons of options

The quality is nice, and the designs are permanently heat pressed, so they don’t fade or come off over time as a result of daily use. This ceramic coffee mug can hold 11 ounces of liquid, hot or cold. There is no guarantee that the mug will last forever, but there is guarantee that her smile once you give this to your Golden Retriever fur mommy will.

With this ceramic coffee mug, she can start her day with a wink! Golden Retrievers are adorable, fun, and exciting, and incorporating her favorite cuddle buddies to the design of this coffee mug is a fail safe way to generate smiles and make her feel special. It’s undeniably simple but it gives a positive vibe the moment she uses it.

The Obedient and Playful Golden Retrievers

There is no denying Golden Retrievers have become one of the best family dogs, and this is because of their mild and well-mannered temperament. Golden Retrievers are known to be friendly, intelligent, and playful. They are awful guard dogs because they will greet any stranger with a wagging tail and a smile, ready for a fun play.

Here are some things you should know about Golden Retrievers:

  • Golden Retrievers live between 10-12 years
  • Golden Retrievers are ranked as the 4th most popular dog in the United States
  • Golden Retrievers’ beautiful coats require lots of brushing to maintain its condition
  • Golden Retrievers are great with kids
  • Golden Retrievers have three different colors: golden, light golden, and dark golden

History of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers were developed in the Scottish Highlands during the reign of Victoria by Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth. He spent 50 years, between 1840 and 1890, perfecting the ideal breed – a gun dog suited to the rainy climate and rugged terrain. It was a cross between the Yellow Terrier and the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel.

In 1908, the Golden Retriever was introduced to the world at a British Dog Show, and was brought to America and Canada, but it wasn’t until 1970 that the popularity of the beautiful and sweet tempered breed took off.

Some interesting facts about Golden Retrievers:

  • Golden Retrievers were first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1925.
  • Golden Retrievers ruled the big screen with the movie Air Bud and the TV show Full House
  • Golden Retrievers hold the title of “The first three dogs from any dog breed to achieve the AKC champion title”
  • Golden Retrievers are overly playful as puppies, but become more calm and lazy as they grow older
  • Female Golden Retrievers grow up to 20–22 inches, while the males can reach up to 22–24 inches

A Final Word

When you’re giving a gift to someone who is a parent to one of the world’s most gentle, docile indoor dogs, you may think that you need to spend hours after hours finding the best gift. You’re in for a surprise because of the availability of tons of products that have been modeled after, if not designed for them specifically.

My personal favorite is the car sticker because aside from being able to use it on walls, the refrigerator, and other electronic gadgets, the sticker also looks very appealing and the vibrant colors make it eye-catching, giving me the chance to be proud and show off that I am a parent to one of the gentlest creatures on the planet.

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