Best Gift for Mastiffs

Best Gifts for Mastiff Fur Parents

A special event warrants a special present, but days from the event and you’re still struggling to find the best gift. This can leave you distraught, tired and frustrated. There’s also an awfully good chance you’re going to choose to skip attending the event because of this.

Best Gift for Mastiffs

We’re here to tell you the absolute horror can be totally avoided by just learning about one thing: the breed of his or her favorite four-legged friend. If you do find out more about this breed, you’re on your way to finding out the best gift that can successfully generate smiles, appreciation, and a warm hug. Or you can check out the items we’ve listed.

We went ahead and covered all bases for the best gifts to give your friend or family who is a proud parent of a Mastiff- from coffee mugs to cotton socks- to give you more ideas to choose from. If you’re unable to read through the article because of time constraints, you can check out my absolute favorite here.

Towards the bottom you will find a little bit of information about the breed including a short discussion about its history. Midway through your search for the best present you’ll find that knowledge about the breed will make it easier for you to determine which gift you’d go for.

Here are the top 10 gift ideas we’ve gathered for Mastiff parents:

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Funny English Mastiff Mug

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Coffee mugs are one of the most common gifts one can give. If you’re worried about giving the impression that your gift is one that hasn’t been thought about, or that you’ve likely gone to the safest, last resort, then it helps to know that coffee mugs are the easiest gift items to personalize.

It’s super easy to have a coffee mug suited to your liking, or to your recipient’s liking. Personalization can mean you’re able to add names, photos, favorite quotes, important dates, the list goes on. Adding these personal touches can mean that you went through the hassle of immortalizing special events and memories, plus the mug will look and feel awfully familiar.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • This mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction that’s sure to last for years
  • Features a clever text
  • Cute Mastiff sleeping image will make anyone giggle

For guaranteed laughters and giggles in every pour of coffee or tea, this clever coffee mug can deliver. The funny text that says, “A Wise Woman Once Said, Fuck It, I’m Getting An English Mastiff. And She Lived Happily Ever After” depicts exactly how a Mastiff parent feels about their fur baby.

The design on this mug is printed on both sides, so expect the fun to be shared however the coffee mug is held. It’s the perfect way to start someone’s day, and making someone’s day is already a gift in itself. You can almost see this mug being used on a daily basis, becoming one of the favorites amongst hundreds of gifts easily.

Dog Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art

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Tote bags? Who doesn’t love tote bags? They’re lightweight, stylish, portable, extremely affordable, convenient, and can be personalized easily. What’s there not to love?

When thinking of giving someone a tote bag, think of all the benefits it can give her. Picnic? Not a problem- a tote bag can carry lots of your stuff. Road trip? Tote bags provide easy access to essentials while on the road. Going camping? Place all similar items in separate tote bags to easily find them!

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • The hand printed design is too lovely to miss
  • The perfect tote bag for when going out with your Mastiff- carry your treats, snacks, water bottles, and a lot more
  • This tote bag is super easy to clean

Giving this tote bag to a Mastiff parent is like giving her an expensive, designer bag for her pup’s needs. It’s very convenient to carry his stuff around that she’ll be just as delighted to have this bag as she would find the adorable Mastiff print on the bag itself. There’s no better way to be a proud Mastiff fur parent than to be able to show everyone that you are.

She’ll be showing this tote bag to her fur baby the moment she unwraps it, and they will both be in love with it. The original artwork designed by Pet Studio Art is nothing short of perfect it will surely leave a mark.

JennyGems – All You Need is Love and a Mastiff – Wooden Stand Up Box Sign

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Helping someone in decorating has never been easy. You can easily go wrong with your choice if it’s nowhere near the design she’s aiming for. Giving your friend a wooden stand up box sign sounds like a great idea if your friend or family is in the middle of decorating her house, or could use some more decorations.

It does also make a great gift if you can find the perfect addition to any existing decor, but mostly if you can personalize it to ensure it does hit the spot. In this case, it’s the Mastiff theme she’ll surely love.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Meaningful sign that can captivate any Mastiff parent’s heart
  • Makes for a great prop during pictorials with Mastiffs
  • Adds a rustic feel to any room

This meaningful sign can easily transform any room and give it a rustic feel, but most importantly, the sign means more to a Mastiff parent than you would have thought. That’s why it’s a great idea – it is the perfect representation of the love she feels for her Mastiff. She’ll be very thankful for this gift, no doubt about it.

This sign also provides a great way to show that she’s proud to be a Mastiff parent during photo shoots. As it is a lightweight and portable sign, she can take it anywhere with her. Aside from that, it also makes a great accent whether in the car, in the bedroom, in the hallway, or in the living room. There are boundless possibilities where this sign can make a mark- the very reason you can be assured your recipient will love this gift and show it to everyone.

Dog Yard Sign Caution Area Patrolled by Mastiff Security Company

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A yard sign can easily be overlooked as a great present for special occasions, but they actually get more appreciated than you think. They’re novelty gifts but hit the spot sometimes, and when you know what to look for, you’re likely to get an appropriate one.

Outdoor activities are a great part of a dog’s life, and if you’re giving a Mastiff parent who wants to keep his yard safe while he’s inside or away, he’ll surely appreciate a sign that will keep potential perpetrators off… or just let them there’s a Mastiff guarding the yard from them.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s one of the perfect gifts for a Mastiff lover
  • Great quality sign that can last through bad weather
  • Can be mounted on the gate

Whether it’s in the yard, on the gate, on the driveway, this sign can be an attractive detail that can also send bad guys away. Letting the whole neighborhood know that he has a Mastiff with this sign can also be a way to show that he’s proud to be a Mastiff parent.

No dilly-dally, direct to the point. Despite not knowing much about Mastiffs, he can’t really tell. All he knows is that this sign looks perfect and can last through bad weather, which makes it one of the perfect gifts out there that can guarantee a healthy laugh and a warm smile.

3dRose Mastiff Mom Mug, 11 oz, Black

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A ceramic mug doesn’t only please the elderly. Everyone likes a cup of coffee. The perfect coffee mug can turn any day around, so why limit the possibilities to just what is available? Everyone seems to be personalizing everything nowadays, making it easier to find exactly what we are looking for.

Even so, for a proud Mastiff fur parent, it can still take a lot of time until you can come across the perfect design to give. Unless you’re lucky to find this ceramic mug before heading to this article.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Black and white color combination is to die for
  • The Mastiff Mom and paws design are also to die for
  • Its ceramic quality is also to die for

It’s not always you can get your hands on something as special as this coffee mug. It may sound simple- just a coffee mug… what’s so special about that? The answer is everything about this mug! It’s especially made for Mastiff moms, there’s that. Did we also mention the print is so adorable that it can melt any Mastiff mom’s heart?

And since it’s melting her heart, you can already guess why it’s a great choice. It’s guaranteed to make her smile the very moment you hand this mug to her. She’ll be reminded of the special title she has in her Mastiff’s life, as well as of the thoughtfulness that went through the selection of this precious gift.

Imagine This Bone Car Magnet, I Love My Mastiff, 2-Inch by 7-Inch

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Have you ever wanted to buy a fancy magnet, always just postponed it for the next trip, but never really got your hands on it? A magnet is rarely something you’d go out, get to the car, drive to Walmart, pick up and go back home. It’s hardly something you’d remember buying unless you come across it while doing your regular shopping.

When you give a car magnet as a gift, contrary to what you might start to think, doesn’t feel at all like something you didn’t think over before purchasing, especially if you get that pretty clear in the message.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Also sticks to mailboxes, refrigerators, lockers, and many more
  • High gloss UV ink gives it a chic modern appeal
  • Super cute!

This bone magnet makes it possible for a proud Mastiff dad to remind anyone that he is a proud Mastiff dad. Its simple yet profound design is not so subtle and can reach anyone who sees him in his car. As magnets can be taken off and put back on easily, it can be pretty easy to keep it looking pristine. It also provides him with the options to use the magnet in other places such as in his kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere he wants to see it.

The simple design consisting only of the text I Love My Mastiff means all the world to him because it speaks of the truth. It only weighs .30 kg, which makes it easier for him to carry him around, especially because during carwash it has to be taken off. He’ll be absolutely psyched to receive this gift and will thank you immensely for the thoughtfulness and effort put into finding such a special present.

Cane Corso T-Shirt Italian Mastiff Dog Head

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A black shirt with a splash of color? Why not! Shirts make great gifts because who doesn’t wear a shirt? It can be worn anywhere, and whatever is on the shirt will help it make a statement- be it a photo, a map, a text, etc. it’s easy to personalize shirts, too, so if the perfect print does not exist, you can have it printed easily.

Placing the Mastiff’s portrait on a shirt is another story. It makes the shirt a lot more special for the Mastiff parent because it allows him to show off the stunning beauty of the Mastiff. The shirt will almost immediately be a favorite, no doubt about that.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Colorful splash of colors makes it look even more attractive
  • It looks like an artwork pinned on a shirt- an absolute head turner!
  • Available in five different color options and three sizes to fit men and women

It doesn’t matter if he owns tons of black shirts, this one will be an automatic favorite. You’ll probably see him in this shirt more often than you would care to think. And that’s just because he can easily show off how he is a proud Mastiff parent.

The colorful Mastiff portrait makes it more special for him because it lets everyone know of the love he has for his fur baby, and how the breed is most special for him. Expect this shirt to steal the spotlight the moment it leaves its wrapper. He’ll be showing it to his Mastiff soon enough, and they’ll both develop a liking to it that no one will understand.

Premier Kites Petite Wind Spinner for Patio, Lawn, Garden

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A fun wind spinner for the garden or yard will instantly transform any outdoor time with family and friends. If you’re attending a party or an event that is going to be help outdoors, you can put your gift on a pedestal if you go with one that can be shown off and used the moment it is opened.

If your friend and his fur baby are likely a pair that won’t go anywhere without the other, there’s a great chance they enjoy the outdoors more than you do. A Mastiff wind spinner that he can see from inside the home will be highly inviting, not to mention it can set the mood right anytime. Nothing can go wrong with this well-thought of gift that can mean the world to your recipient.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • This petite spinner has just the right size to make it perfect for the yard or garden
  • Comes with a strong support pole to keep it glued to its location even with strong winds
  • Has been aerodynamically shaped to catch the wind every time

The wind provides so much energy, it’s impossible to catch it all. For your friend and his Mastiff fur baby, the wind is a source of joy when they’re having fun outdoors. Having this Mastiff petite spinner can strengthen and lengthen the fun for them, casually adding excitement to whatever activity they may have outdoors.

Its Mastiff design makes it fun and lovable, especially for a Mastiff parent. It also has strong support to ensure it stays in place despite strong winds or a heavy rain. That’s a guarantee it’s not going anywhere, even when staying outdoors is not an option. He can look at it from inside and still feel wonderful. You shouldn’t wonder if he thanks you profusely for it and makes it his all-time favorite gift.

Bull Mastiff Socks – Soft Combed Cotton – One Size Fits Most – Perfect Gift for Bull Mastiff

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Socks provide comfort in many more ways than we may think. The most comfortable socks can be a source of joy for some, keeping their feet warm during cold days and nights, and safe during short or long walks. Any type of sock feels like it’s been made just for us, even when it’s been mass produced.

Socks may be a favorite gift item to toss into Christmas socks, but they are also great presents to choose if you want something that can have a more personal touch. With a multitude of designs out there, you’re bound to find one that suits the personality or desires of the person you’re giving it to as a present.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Super comfy cotton material
  • The patterns are very nice and eye-catching
  • One size fits most makes it ideal if you don’t know the size of the person receiving the item

These blue socks come with a nice twist – it’s adorned with portraits of a Mastiff. And who better receive this pair than a Mastiff fur parent who wants to be able to go anywhere with his fur baby- even where he’s not allowed. It’s a great way to express his love for his fur baby, and he’ll be totally psyched to find that you went through all the lengths just to find this precious gift.

It comes in a black and blue combination that features Mastiff portrait printed throughout the socks. The 200 needle count machines ensure these socks’ comfortable wearing, which can mean he’ll be using this as often as he wants to without compromising comfort. That’s a gift he can only be thankful for, and you’ll find him showing this to his fur baby the moment he lays his eyes on it.

English Mastiff Picture Frame

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How many times did you dread finding a picture frame in a wrapped present? Did you ever like getting a frame for Christmas, your birthday, an anniversary, Thanksgiving, etc.? Though many would perceive a picture frame as a thoughtless gift that someone may have just picked up on the way to the counter because they totally forgot about getting you a present, some picture frames can actually make someone’s day regardless.

There are picture frames that suit the needs of the person perfectly, or ones that have been personalized and can definitely bring happiness to someone. Finding that kind of frame isn’t as easy as it seems, and that’s why when you do give this to someone, it’ll likely not go unappreciated.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • These frames are hand painted, making each one unique
  • One of the best gifts you can give to a Mastiff lover
  • Cute and appropriately sized so it doesn’t get overwhelming or underwhelming

This cute picture frame showing an adorable Mastiff holding a memorable photo is more than a picture frame – it’s also a way to show how much you love your Mastiff. Any Mastiff fur parent will definitely be amused by it and adore every inch of this frame. She might even show it off to her Mastiff as soon as she sees it, and then to everyone, and the place it in her favorite spot where she can easily see it.

The Courageous Mastiff

Mastiffs belong to giant breeds, standing tall at 30 inches and up, easily outweighing a full grown man. Despite their size, the Mastiffs are known for their patience and protectiveness of family.

These gentle giants are lovable and because of their protective instincts, it is important to train them early and allow them to socialize. They’re known for their wrinkled forehead which is indicative of their alertness and kindness.

Here are some fun facts about Mastiffs:

  • Mastiffs males grow up to 30 inches (76 cm), while females grow up to 27 inches (69 cm)
  • Mastiffs need to be fed three small meals a day to avoid bloating
  • Mastiffs need regular exercise to stay fit and happy
  • Mastiffs are average shedders
  • Mastiffs are considered gentle giants. They are strong, muscular and powerful, but will defend their family and can be very friendly still.

History of Mastiffs

The Mastiffs were first noted by Julius Caesar in 55 B.C., although there’s evidence that they have been known for thousands of years worldwide. British Mastiffs were brought back to Rome to defend the island against beasts and human gladiators.

14 Mastiffs survived World War II, and with the help of American breeders who exported their specimen to the U.S., the breed was rebuilt. The Mastiffs we know today are as courageous as their ancestors, but are notably friendlier and more docile. This is why Mastiffs have made great family dogs.

Here are some more fun historical facts about the Mastiffs:

  • The AKC acknowledged the breed in 1885
  • Julius Caesar has a description of the Mastiffs in his journal
  • There are drawings of Mastiffs that date as far back as 3,000 B.C.
  • The Mastiff was described as ‘large as steer” in Chaucer
  • The Mastiff was made to protect against lions, bears, tigers, and bulls, as well as human gladiators.

A Final Word

Having these gentle giants around can be a challenge, so there’s no wonder a Mastiff parent would be proud to have them in the family. This can be an advantage to you if you’re the one giving them a present, and whether or not you can find one that can hit the spot, you’ll likely end up melting his heart anyway.

Mastiffs are one of the breeds of dogs that people rarely understand. A plus factor to you giving a special Mastiff-themed gift would be an understanding of the breed, which you can display when interacting with his fur baby. He’ll appreciate that more than any gift anyone can ever give him.

My personal favorite would have to be the Cane Corso T-Shirt Italian Mastiff Dog Head because of the attractive splash of colors that perfectly match the black shirt. Also, the idea that there are other colors to choose from sounds like something I would be inclined to check out (and buy), probably ending up with 1 shirt per day to show my love for my dog.

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