Best Indoor Dog Beds for Large Breeds

Pup snuggles! It hasn’t been long, but you can still feel the excitement you felt when you finally decided to become a parent… well, a fur parent, but what difference does it make, right? And it was everything you hoped it would be- happiness!

But then your pup started growing too fast, and oh how you wanted to slow him down, but in little to no time, he’s going to be bigger than you. The very dilemma that led you to this page, so we’re not complaining.

When he outgrows you, so will he outgrow his space on the bed. Is it now a question of who gets kicked off the bed and who stays? How about one bed for each of you so everyone’s happy? We both know both you and your lovely, snuggly but surprisingly now huge fur baby deserve a good night’s rest to prepare you both for a fun-filled day ahead, and it’s safe to say you’re here because now that’s starting to be a struggle.

Fortunately for you, there are now a multitude of options when shopping for dog beds. Even the largest breeds can enjoy a comfortable snooze, and getting your hands on the best ones out there is now right at your fingertips.

As easy as it is now to shop online, it is still important to keep in mind the considerations that will make or break your pet-friendly deal. Choosing what might seem nice at a whim might make you end up with an utterly useless bed your fur baby is likely to push away. The next thing you know, she’s back beside your bed hogging all the space. Aww but that still sounds so adorable- but we know, she needs her own bed now.

Best Indoor Dog Beds

Best Indoor Dog Beds for Large Breeds Content:

Large Dog Breeds: What beds are best?

Best Indoor Dog Beds Review

So let’s look a little deeper into the best dog beds available for large breeds.

Types of Dog Beds For Large Breeds

Orthopedic Dog Beds.

We’re here to debunk the common misconception- orthopedic dog beds and/or memory foams are not just for elderly dogs.

Of course, we acknowledge the fact that this type of dog beds is the best choice for elderly dogs, however, we’re also here to let you know that they’re also the choice of beds for most large dog breeds.

Orthopedic dog beds are chosen because they can relieve joint pain and can offer improved mobility- something your large breed dogs need. Memory foam is for everyone, your dogs included.

Elevated Dog Beds.

Aside from the cool, breathable fabric that help them during the warm summer months, elevated dog beds also make great beds for large breeds because this type of beds also offer relief from joint pain and their bodies are likely to fit better in them.

When it is especially challenging to get your large dog breeds a bed (e.g., having a St. Bernard, a Siberian Husky or a Great Dane), it is often wise to go with breathable elevated dog beds. These beds are proven to be sturdier than any other type, thereby providing unparalleled comfort.

For obvious reasons, elevated dog beds also make getting in and out of bed easier, and helps prevent slipping. These beds are also easy to wash and maintain.

Pillow or Cushion Dog Beds.

It sounds unlikely, but your large dog can actually benefit from the soft, squishy cushion that these beds provide, provided they are dense enough to support your dog’s weight.

You may even throw in some memory foam, considering how memory foam can be a bit more expensive than the regular cushion dog beds. These beds are usually made waterproof or water-resistant, providing a clean and safe slumber partner for your large dog.

Bolster Dog Beds.

A bed with walls or bolsters are often preferred for large dog breeds because of the extra comfort and support for aching joints the bolsters provide, especially if your dog likes to sprawl out during rest.

The bolsters also provide some security, especially if your large dog tends to roll around and stretch out a lot, making nap time a constant falling off of the bed and getting back in process, which, obviously, can be stressful.


Are you ready to start shopping for your 85-pound snuggle buddy? Before you end up with a dog bed that will be of absolute zero use because your dog would rather sleep on the couch, let’s avoid making bad decisions by taking a look at some of the considerations to take before taking off and buying a bed.

They might be scared of it at first

No matter how much you think your dog will like the bed, it is important to know that they will be scared of it at first. Don’t expect your dog to absolutely love the bed as soon as you get home. Although some dogs might, it is safer to assume that most dogs will go through the process of steering clear of it, and then falling in love with it (hopefully, that is, provided you chose the right bed of course.)

Give them time and allow them to explore and settle into the new bed before concluding that they’re not liking it at all and choosing a different one. Remember: change is good, but for some, it may take time.

Determine the right type of bed for your dog.

Fur instance (pun intended), your dog’s coat thickness, sleeping habits and preferences, toilet training, chewing habits and age are some of the things you need at the top of your head before deciding which bed suits your pet best. Typically, large beds can fit large breed dogs weighing up to 60 – 120 pounds. Traction can be of utmost importance if your dog tends to move a lot while sleeping.


Of course, a sturdy choice is often the best choice, provided all other considerations have been looked into.

Choosing a cheap dog bed that will likely need to be replaced within days or weeks will likely cause more stress than comfort to your dog, which, honestly, defeats the purpose. Make sure your dog can relax and will only adjust when there is an absolute need to.

Looks Good?

Who says the right dog bed can’t be aesthetically good as well? When all considerations have been taken into account, there are color and design options you can look into that will suit your interior best.

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to style and comfort as you can definitely get both, especially with all the options available. The best looking bed can be reliable, too!


Before purchasing a bed, you might want to determine where you’re going to be training your dog to sleep. Can he sleep near your bed? Is it going to be near any corner? Will it likely be near the stairs and therefore should be kept from sliding? Do you want to also be able to use it outdoors? These considerations are super important to ensure your dog’s safety and provide the most comfortable sleep possible. Otherwise, why get a bed?

What To Look For In Dog Beds

It’s wise to know what you’re looking for before you start shopping for the best indoor dog bed for your pup. At the end of the day, you’d still want him to be comfortable as he sleeps.

Here are some of the things you can look for in choosing your pup’s new sleeping nook:

  • If your pup tends to stretch out and move a lot while sleeping, you will need to look for the perfect size that allows him to do this. If you have a small dog who just curls up during sleep, you can base the size on this as well.
  • Make sure to address your dog’s special needs, if there are any. For example, if you have an elderly dog, you’ll definitely want to be looking into the memory foam or orthopedic beds to assist their joints and neck.
  • Depending on the season, you will need to ensure that your dog will not be too cold (in winter) or too warm (in summer). Choose the bed that will suit your dog’s needs during each of the seasons to ensure he is safe and comfortable.
  • Check the materials carefully. If accidents are to be expected, you can look check out dog beds with waterproof covers. This ensures that your dog does not wake up smelly. There are also cedar-filled and hypoallergenic beds that help reduce odor.

Best Indoor Dog Beds Review

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Now that you’re ready to look at the best available beds for your large dog/s, let’s explore your options.

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

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  • Increases air flow as it elevates your pet 7 inches off the floor
  • Air flow to your dog’s fur coat especially during summer is an absolute relief
  • Accessible for elderly and disabled dogs


  • This bed now comes with non-sturdy plastic connectors that keep the frame together
  • Screws tend to rust over time, especially when occasionally washed
  • Cover is not as strong, but replacement covers come cheap ($9)

Elevated dog beds are becoming one of our favorites, and for good reason. With air flow increased on all sides, maximum comfort ensues. That’s a guarantee. Dogs of large breeds can benefit from these beds in that the impact on their pressure points and joints is ultimately reduced.

This bed also features a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that is mildew resistant, keeping uncomfortable situations when accidents happen at bay. It has been proven to stand up to hot/dry climate, proving its durability over time, and that’s even when used outdoors.

Assembly of the Original Elevated Pet Bed is a breeze – if you have a Phillips head screwdriver and some patience, you’re all set. This bed is accessible for elderly and disabled pets as well, not to mention it’s portable and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Choose the large variety with dimensions 51 x 51 x 8 inches for your large breed dog/s.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

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  • Features plush faux fur and silken suede bolsters which are both gentle on noses and paws. Makes for delightfully cozy snuggles.
  • Contoured edges are perfect for your dog’s hips
  • Super light, and the jumbo size can accommodate 2 large dogs without sagging


  • Can’t hold constant pressure in one location. Dents may be evident if your dog tends to occupy a specific location for long periods of time.
  • Does not actually use memory foam, instead it’s egg crate and foam
  • Can take up to 2 hours to fully expand after opening

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed lives up to its name – it provides a haven for your dog that makes nap and sleep time something they can definitely look forward to at the end of each day. It features an L-shaped design with bolsters on two sides for maximum comfort and head/footrests as they get cozy.

As for its base, you can rest easy knowing that your dog’s weight is evenly distributed for proper circulation thanks to the egg crates and memory foam materials. Any aching joints can also get support from the walls/bolsters. Nothing beats the sight of your dog snuggling into cozy corners and headrest spaces effortlessly, resulting in a comfortable night’s sleep.

Keeping your dog’s haven clean is also easy breezy – it’s completely machine washable. This bed provides a great fit for your large dogs and can fit two at a time.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

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  • This bed has been proven to provide comfort for dogs with hip dysplasia and can also ease Wobblers syndrome which causes back and neck pain
  • Non-skid bottom keeps your pup safe from slipping
  • Can easily hold large breed dogs- this bed was made for them


  • The zipper tends to snag over time and might require replacement if cleaned often
  • Fabric seems to be thinner than expected
  • Odor upon opening might be uncomfortable but it goes away after a few days

For superior overall comfort for your large breed dog, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is your best choice. It is a fusion of maximum comfort and durability.

Your pup will absolutely love this bed when curling as there is plenty of space left inside the bolsters. This results in better sleep quality, thereby improving your pup’s health and energy. It has also been proven to be calming for dogs with anxiety.

Washing the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a breeze as each part is removable- from the memory foam base, bolster, liner to the cover. With its water-resistant liner, accidents will less likely bother you or your pup- simply wipe with a cloth and it’s clean again.

One of the few things to note about this bed is the odor upon first use- it’s best to remember that it does go away in 2-3 days. If your dog seems to dislike it and pushes the bed aside, it’s better to keep it away until the odor disappears before offering it to your dog again.

Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet

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  • Best for large breeds, even a 103-lb St. Bernard or 150-lb Great Dane will feel comfortable
  • Resembles the couch, which makes it easier to keep your pup off the couch and sleeping in it instead
  • Can be larger than it looks in photos


  • The fill has been reported a few times to be loosely spun
  • When used for a few weeks, you might notice a decrease in the padding in the middle
  • Washing doesn’t redistribute the batting once it gets loose

Our favorite features of the Super Value Dog Bed are its affordable price and the options available in terms of aesthetics, making it ideal for fur parents who are wanting to match their interior decor. With over 40 designs available, you’re bound to find one that suits your home.

But that’s not to say it doesn’t come with awesome features you’d want to consider in choosing your pup’s sleeping quarter. It’s stuffed with environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic Premium High Loft Polyester Fill. Unlike some cheaper alternatives, you can expect its high loft despite multiple washings and continuous use.

If you want a bed your pup will love more than the couch instantly but aren’t looking to spend more than $40, this is the best choice for you. Its durable material will ensure your pup is safe and comfortable for a long time before having to replace it.

There you go, a sneak peek into some of the best indoor dog beds for large breeds. If you feel your bed of choice isn’t listed here, don’t worry! If you’ve taken a considerable amount of time matching the bed’s features with your pup’s needs, you’re on the right track.


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