Best Raised Outdoor Dog Beds

The Best Raised Outdoor Dog Beds

Best Outdoor Raised Dog Beds

Orthopedic beds, memory foam mattresses, thick faux fur donut beds. They all spell out comfort, but do you sometimes feel like you need a bed that’s more outdoorsy?

You’re not alone. Many fur parents are wondering if a cot can be used as a good bed for their pawsy companion, since it’s not as soft.

Of course, his comfort and a clean environment should not be overlooked. Other things to look out for in a bed include joint pain relief, easy maintenance, and durability.

We’ve reviewed the top raised outdoor beds that live up to our expectations, which, quite frankly, many of us share.

Let’s have a look.


Top 5 Raised Outdoor Dog Beds

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Q:Why do dogs like to sleep elevated?

A: Aside from the obvious reason of being off of the cold floor, dogs especially love sleeping elevated because it keeps a good amount of air circulation, provides good support by distributing their weight evenly, and because it’s very hygienic as it’s usually easy to clean.

Q: What are the best types of beds to take to camping trips?

A: Since your canine pals are expected to have high amounts of energy exploring the outdoors, it is necessary for you to take the right type of bed for a comfortable rest. The best beds to take with you when camping are breathable, raised beds, sleeping bags, self-inflating beds, and elevated cots. These beds will stay cozy, comfortable, and withstand the elements of nature that might endanger your pup.

Q: Will my dog be comfortable sleeping in a raised bed?

A: The temperature is extremely comfortable when your pup is on a raised bed. The air flow that goes through the top and underneath the bed makes this possible. His weight is also evenly distributed, and it’s easy to get on and off a raised bed. It is actually extremely comfortable for him.

Elevated Beds: Are They Better?

The thing about beds is there’s one to fit your every need. It’s good to know that different types of dog beds also exist to tailor fit their needs. Sounds awesome, I know.

Outdoor fun time isn’t always just about adventures, play time, and exploration. Be it a camping trip, a fishing trip, or a day at the beach, you’re bound to get tired before and at the end of the day. The same goes for your pup. Resting an inevitable part of your activity.

Nap time and bed time outdoors can mean trouble if you aren’t well-equipped. Elevated beds and cots for dogs provide better temperature control. Be it a hot summer sun or a cold winter breeze, elevated beds got your back. In the summer, it provides a better circulation underneath it, making it cooler for your pup. In winter, well, it keeps him off of the cold floor.

Compared to regular beds, the comfort one can get from an elevated bed would be the same, except it’s better in some areas. For instance, it provides better and firm support because of the even weight distribution. This is especially necessary if you have an aging or elderly pup who needs joint support.

Other benefits of elevated beds include much easier cleaning, no stuffing to get lumps and bumps from, no danger of getting chewed, optimum hygiene, and superior durability.

Are they better? That depends on your pup’s needs. In so many aspects, yes, they are better.

Best Beds For Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis, fatigue, hip dyspepsia, and other chronic diseases can cause joint pains, and your canine pal needs more than a soft, cozy bed to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why choosing the right bed is critical for your pup.

Dogs with arthritis need beds that can provide joint relief, be it memory foam or orthopedic foam, or a raised bed. These types of beds distribute his weight evenly, and this helps in relieving joint pain. These beds also make getting in and out a lot easier for them.

Warming beds also help dogs with arthritis because these beds can relieve pain. Go for beds that either retain their heat or those that are self-warming. And since getting out of bed might not be an option in the middle of the night, it’s important to also make sure that his bed is water resistant, otherwise it will be smelly and uncomfortable, not to mention wet.

Top 5 Best Raised Outdoor Beds

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AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

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  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Durable iron makes it longer lasting
  • Smoother fabric


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Retains water in the middle in cases of rain. Drainage is therefore required
  • Not for extra large dogs

Going back to basics isn’t such a bad idea after all. Having this bed will only make you wish you had gotten it sooner. Its durable iron poles can stay strong for your pup, even after years of service. Comfort-wise, it also surpasses expectations with its smoother, breathable mesh fabric that provides enhanced overall comfort and relief.

When your pup is 7 inches off the ground, you can expect better air flow, providing cooling comfort and relief, especially in the hot days. The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to have this bed available for use indoors and outdoors, but more importantly, it can withstand weather conditions when left outdoors.

Overall, its price, durability and the amount of comfort it offers are enough to make this bed a tough competition for all other raised beds in the market. If you want something you can use long-term and can stay cozy and safe for your pup, this is the bed for you.

K&H Pet Products Elevated Pet Cot

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  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfy mesh fabric
  • Easy assembly


  • Does not hold up to 200 pounds
  • Mesh fabric is not too durable
  • Unpleasant smell when taken out of the box

Outdoors is exactly what this bed from K&H was made for. It has a removable and washable cover that can withstand weather conditions so that it can continue to provide unmatched comfort come nap or sleep time. It comes in sizes as follows:

  • Small – 17 X 22 X 7 Inches
  • Medium – 25 X 32 X 7 Inches
  • Large – 30 X 42 X 7 Inches
  • Extra Large – X-Large 32 X 50 X 9 Inches

There’s nothing like a bed you can assemble within minutes, and that’s been proven true for this elevated bed. You don’t even need tools to get this up and functional. It’s also safe because of its non-skid rubber feet. That can only mean your pup isn’t going anywhere but his spot when he’s asleep.

If you have a four-legged friend who is pleased when he digs, chews or scratches, this bed can handle these habits. Most importantly, it’s relaxing and comfortable because it allows air to circulate underneath him when he’s on it, and this can be particularly appreciated during the summer and spring months. It provides support to heavy and long bodies and small puppies alike.

Overall impression for this bed: definitely worth its price. All the comfort and cozy, snugly bedtimes spent on it cannot be replaced. Your pup will be relaxing on it more often that you’d think he’d actually want to. If you have two large pups, sharing is definitely possible with the XL variety.

Best Choice Products Raised Mesh Cot with Removable Canopy

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  • Comes with a canopy top to block out excess sunlight or drizzles
  • Lightweight, perfect for travels
  • Easy to assemble


  • Rusts and stains the fabric with constant rain
  • Canopy can affect the sizing – you need to order 1 size larger
  • Lining isn’t durable

Want to give your pup his own pavilion? How about a relaxing cot as well? Well now, that’s a luxury that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The best part of this outdoor raised bed is that it definitely is best for outdoor use.

Its fancy-looking canopy makes the weather much more bearable for your furry friends when they want to rest after a fun-filled outdoor play. The canopy blocks the harmful sun’s rays, and even a little bit of rain and snow. Since it’s lightweight, you can take it with you to outdoor picnics, camping, beach vacations, or fishing trips.

Since it’s an elevated bed/cot, the airflow works wonders in cooling even on the hottest days. Your pup is guaranteed to love this bed more than you will. It’s easy to assemble and comes in 2 color options – grey and red, and in sizes 30 inches, 38 inches, and 48 inches. Dimensions are listed below:

30″(L) x 24″(W) x 28″(H) – 66 lbs capacity
36″(L) x 30″(W) x 35.5″(H) – 88 lbs capacity
48″(L) x 36″(W) x 45″(H) – 99 lbs capacity

Overall, we found this bed durable and worth its price tag. It’s something you can easily take with you anywhere, assemble easily, and give your pup cool, comfortable naps and bedtimes.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Elevated Bolster Pet Cot

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  • Convenient for travel, camping and more
  • Breathable mesh keeps dogs cool
  • Heavy Duty Canvas


  • Not ideal to toss in the washer
  • Large difference in sizes
  • Not chew resistant

Bolsters and a raised bed? Not a bad idea. It’s actually an excellent idea. This elevated bed proves that there can never be enough comfort a pup can get with one. Its fluffy plush bolster provides ultimate comfort and security, and improved air circulation comes from its breathable mesh.

With this bed, it’s always a cool, comfy and cozy nap time or bedtime for your pup- even when you’re outdoors in spring or summer. Your furry friend will surely appreciate its durable and breathable nature, and is sure to enjoy outdoor activities even more.

His nesting habits will not be jeopardized because he can freely do so with all the space he can have. Bolsters are firm to keep him secure as he lays in deep slumber, while the breathable mesh provides a relaxing slumber despite the heat of the sun.

If you’re planning a camping trip, a fishing trip, a beach holiday, or a day in the park, this raised bed can keep your rest and recreation balance intact as it is perfect anywhere. It will hold up well whatever size your pup is. Another detail of this bed that you will love is its aesthetically pleasing replacement covers.

As a whole, this bed is the complete comfortable, relaxing, secure and durable raised bed package that can give your pup the health benefits of a good rest. Definitely worth the cost.

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

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  • Portable design
  • Designed to maximize bone structure support
  • Water resistant


  • Strong chemical smell when opened
  • Top is too large for the legs
  • Not recommended for chewers

Raising the raised bed game, the Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed is super fancy, extremely comfortable, highly versatile, and extra durable- a combination you can hardly ignore, especially when it comes to your canine pal’s health and comfort.

This 28”L x 28”W x 9.5”H raised outdoor bed can hold up to 90 lbs of canine weight. Two petite pets sharing won’t be a problem. It’s also perfect for pups with joint problems, but that’s most of the raised beds’ advantage. Cleaning won’t be a problem- just undo the velcro and toss it in the washer. It’ll keep your pup and his own space clean and healthy easily.

This fancy bed also makes for a great special outdoor/camp bed for when you want to spend more time outdoors. He’ll stay super comfortable and relaxed in this bed after enjoying the outdoor sights and sun. This will easily make any trip something he’ll always look forward to. You’ll find him more excited than you’ll be for your trips.

Overall, this fancy, chic bed is more than meets the eye. It’s aesthetically pleasing appearance speaks volumes, but not as much as the comfort, security, and health benefits he can get from a great raised outdoor bed.

A Final Word

Keep in mind your pup’s sleeping habits before deciding on a bed to avoid getting a rather useless bed you’re bound to keep in your basement. However, a raised bed to use outdoors rarely becomes a hidden item you can’t use because of its versatility and simple comfort.

With all the benefits one can get from a simple raised outdoor bed, it’s harder to stop yourself from getting one, especially if you’re a pair who constantly loves the outside world. We hope our choices and recommendations provided a useful amount of insight in helping you decide which bed to get your precious furry cuddle buddy.

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