Best Small Sized Dog Crates

Best Small Dog Crates

Considered as den animals, dogs long for their crates as a source of comfort, especially when it is introduced and used properly.

Early crate training can be helpful especially for small puppies suffering from separation anxiety.

Choosing the right size of crate for your little paws is an extremely important part of early crate training. The crate should not be excessively huge, but should be big enough for some space to stretch, stand and run around.

Among all the crates there are, we have handpicked some of the best ones for your small furry pals based on materials and variations. Let’s take a look

Q: What are the best materials for a dog crate?

A: Different materials such as plastic, soft-sided or wires make up most crates. As each offers different levels of comfort, you need to assess the kind of comfort your pup needs. Depending on the needs of your canine pal, choose a crate that’s sturdy, safe and efficient all at the same time.

Q: Are dog crates important in toilet training puppies?

A: Crates can be a useful tool in pee training as they usually wouldn’t want to soil their den, prompting them to look for an alternative. This alternative can be a separate pee pad or a piece of cloth, whichever works for you. Pee training with the help of a crate can be highly successful.

Different Types of Dog Crates

Plastic Crates. These crates are sometimes referred to as “sky kennels” and are enclosed. Some would say this is the perfect crate for your pup if he enjoys more alone time. Plastic crates are travel-friendly but have the danger of overheating when stored in enclosed spaces, because of the limited airflow and ventilation.

Soft-sided Crates. These crates are cooler and relaxing, and are perfect for a humid environment and outdoor activities.

Wire Crates. Wire crates are sturdy, collapsible and adjustable, making them easier to store when not in use. These are also great for traveling since you can stash them away in your car. What makes wire crates more popular is the visibility it offers. From outside, you can easily spot an accident or anything that needs immediate attention.

Furniture Crates. These crates easily double as functional furniture for your home. They usually come with a crate pan, and can add a chic flair to your interior. The trouble with these crates is that they’re not for crate training and should only be used if your pup has had potty training and has been introduced to crates.

Dog Crates vs Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in dogs and is usually brought about by a change in routine, a different environment, or mere genetic traits passed on to them. During separation anxiety, they are in distress and can develop behavior problems and can cause panic attacks in dogs.

Trainings and therapies offer relief from panic attacks caused by separation anxiety, as leaving them to work it out on their own will likely only make it worse. Therapies target improving their self-discipline and self-control, and are usually part of a long process that will require extra patience and a lot of your time and commitment.

Crate training is known to focus on overcoming separation anxiety by way of positive obedience (reinforcement) and discipline training. Here are some ways you can try:

  • Set up a routine.
  • Exercise.
  • Make the crate look cozy and inviting.
  • Be patient in letting your pup get used to his den.
  • If the need arises, try to go with natural calming supplements to help with their anxiety.

Perfect Crates for Small Dogs

Once you decide that crate training is the way to go for your pup, one of the first important things to think about is the type of crate to get. We have listed some of the best crates we found to be most functional for you and your little furry pals.

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MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

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  • Easy to set-up
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy cleaning


  • Top latch opens easily
  • Sharp edges have been noted on some
  • Not recommended when leaving your pup alone

This crate is an all-in-one deal since it comes with a free divider panel, a durable dog tray, a useful carrying handle and four roller feet to protect your floors from scratches. It’s easy to install and carry around while traveling. The convenience one can get from the removable plastic tray is very pleasing, as it is extremely useful for cleaning up any little puppy pees.

It may look small but this crate provides more room than it seems to. It can easily provide your pup with all the space he needs for comfort, plus a lot more for other extras such as plush toys, and even a water/food bow.

We would suggest extra caution if you’re planning to leave your pup alone in your home for a long period of time because the latch does tend to be easily opened, which might cause harm to your furry friend. As any crate, it is not advisable to leave your pup alone at all.

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

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  • Easy loading
  • Convenient
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble


  • The latching mechanism does not stay closed
  • Handle is attached to the panel, causing it to be unstable
  • Plastic material is too thin

AmazonBasics does it again as it offers this two-door top-load carrier, a convenient carrier offered at the best price. This crate is made from a highly durable plastic and comes with a strong steel-wire front door that also offers optional nuts and bolts if you prefer to have a more permanent assembly.
It can also be considered as the new cozy “hideout” for your fur friends especially with the innovative top load design that allows your pup to sit up instead of crawl all day. This can be extremely helpful on long road trips where they have to stay in the crate.

The top-door design might be a bit of a safety hazard if it is not securely latched on together before lifting the carrier. Overall, this is still a sturdy and a conveniently designed carrier for your small canine pals.

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

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  • Lightweight, portable and great for travel and short outings
  • Easy to pack and collapsible
  • Great for a long drive


  • Not suitable for teething and chewing dogs
  • The top poles on both sides need to be forced together by a strong person
  • Sizes may be off

Petnation Port-A-Crate is a soft-sided crate made from snug inter-twined mesh fabric panels, finished with a sturdy metal frame. This soft-sided crate can be considered a “pack and play” type that sets up in an instant. With the two poles clicking into place, you are ready to go in a minute. It offers a great enclosure for your pups too, while providing the comfort they need.

We highly recommend this crate if you’re planning long hours of drive. Its design allows it to minimize dirt or hair that seeps into your car seats. It also offers the convenience of having a top zipper “sunroof,” not something you’d usually find in other travel crates.

Though the materials come in great quality, this might not be ideal for teething and chewing pups frequent biting and scratching can lead to unwanted holes on the mesh part. On a positive note, this type of crate is perfect for crate-trained pups and those who enjoy using them. Be sure to clip the zippers together before leaving your puppies to ensure they are safe and secure.

Sizes available:

20” – 20 x 13 x 13 inches
24” – 24 x 16 x 16 inches
32” – 32 x 23 x 23 inches
36” – 36 x 25 x 25 inches

IRIS Wire Dog Crate with Mesh Roof

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  • Spacious with 6.2 square feet of floor area
  • Can be used for crate training
  • Cool removable mesh roof provides better ventilation


  • On the pricey side
  • Velcro straps aren’t strong enough to hold the mesh roof
  • Tray has bad quality

If you’re one to not mind how much you spend on the crate, this crate is the perfect choice for you. This deluxe crate provides 6.2 square feet of floor area, giving your pup a lot more room to roam and play more freely while you’re finishing up tasks around the house. Its lock latch will ensure she’s securely kept inside whenever there’s a need to, preventing unnecessary accidents and mishaps while you’re looking away.

As proper ventilation must always be observed, the mesh roof acts as a great way to ensure that airflow is at its maximum while she’s inside that crate. Giving it added security are the non-skid rubber feet, giving you the peace of mind you need. It’s aesthetically superior, acting as a great chic functional decor that adds flair to your ensemble.

Although a little pricey, the quality and features of this crate still make it superior and therefore an awesome choice. It’s perfect for small or toy breeds who have either been crate trained or are still going through crate training, and even for elderly or injured dogs who need easy access and security.

Small crate dimensions: 24.80″L x 36.22″W x 23.62″H

ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

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  • Super stylish
  • Four equally stylish color options
  • Non-toxic materials


  • Only for crate trained dogs
  • Not for chewers
  • Not for large dogs

Nothing says elegant and function more than this crate slash end table from ecoFlex. It’s both a piece of decor that can go well with any theme you have in your interior, and of course a functional fortress (or den) your canine pal can retreat to for relaxation and rest. Its top is a functional surface for your books, lamps, etc.

If you have a crate trained pup who weighs no more than 20 lbs, you’re in luck. This perfect crate end table in one that can be placed in your bedroom or your living room, adding flair without much effort. It comes in antique white, espresso, grey and russet finishes.

The overall aesthetics and functionality of this crate exceeds expectations, offering maximum comfort to your pup as she retreats into her own private space for naps and a good night’s sleep. Its fabulous quality and unmatched convenience makes it an essential tool in granting your pup’s desire to have his own space where he can be himself.

A Final Word

Although crates are now widely used and recommended by a lot of professionals and handlers, it is topmost priority to understand the basics and essence of crates before purchasing your first one and starting crate training. A lot of fur parents have opted for crates in an effort to contain their pups because of the inability to either train them, or the mere lack of time to attend to them more often.

This is the first mistake. Crates should never be used in such occasions, or in punishing them for bad behavior. Understanding how crates work will result in a happy, content canine pal who has been allowed to be who they’re meant to be, while being loved unconditionally. We hope your search for the best crate for your small and cuddly pup has somehow been made easier with the help of this article.

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