You certainly do not want your pet cat to have a hard time catching a troublesome pest. You would definitely love it if he is able to learn new tricks easily. No matter what your reason is for wanting a smart pet, it is good to know which cat breeds are intelligent.

Any cat owner can easily volunteer about his pet’s level of intelligence, owning up to a high IQ, of course. This is expected of family members supporting each other, and pets are part of the family. There are, however, certain qualities that signify being intelligent, which are inherent in some breeds.


Cat Breeds With The Highest IQ Levels

Numerous experiments dating back to as early as the latter part 1800’s have been conducted about cat breeds and intelligence levels.

These resulted in the conclusion that felines have some level of cognition about time and quantity. They are also observed to be with the concept of object permanence as they do search for things that they have seen and are later on hidden from their line of vision. In fact, it has been determined the brain structure of cats have a high similarity, around 90 percent, with that of the human brain.

Below are the cat breeds with the highest IQ levels.

The Abyssinian

Originating from the olden times of Ancient Egypt, this breed of elegance and grace has achieved high scores in nonverbal communication. These cats are also impressive in being affectionate and compassionate. In addition to that, they are equipped with an excellent memory, too.

The Japanese Bobtail

Named after the fact that they are favorites of Japanese royalty in the past and because of their bob-shaped tail, the Japanese Bobtail can boast of elegance and being majestic. It does not end there though. Their survival in the harsh realities of the world stems from being clever coupled with being agile, strong, quick, and skilled in dealing with their prey.

The Korat

Looking all innocent and shy in their grey-blue coats, the Korat is a member of the oldest breeds of domesticated felines.

You should not be deceived though as they actually act with great caution and reservation. This kind of intelligence is equivalent to being wise after surviving centuries of existence.

The Siamese

Bestowed generously with confidence, Siamese cats are favorites of many. They can communicate well and have high levels of intelligence, strong memory, and advanced instincts.

The Turkish

This breed of cats is highly determined and self-reliant. They go for whatever they want and do not stop until they actually reach their goal.

They have maintained the level of their predatory skills over time. They learn things quickly and are instinctive. They are also into pranking other felines and their owners, so they find a way to get hidden food or knock items down playfully.

In Summary

It is actually impossible to decide on which breed is the smartest.

They have different characteristics that make them different from each other. If you have to decide and pick one over the other, it is best for you to take other factors aside from intelligence into consideration.

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