Cat Door Flaps Your Feline's Personalized Access To Home

Cat Door Flaps: Your Feline’s Personalized Access To Home

As an animal lover, you consider your pet to be a part of your immediate family. Because of that, you definitely want to give them everything they want.

Some people might think of a cat door flap as a luxury. Only those with pets at home can understand how necessary it is.

Isn’t it sometimes a hassle to the point of extreme frustration when your cat is so adamant to go out and you are unable to open the door just yet? Of course, you want him to be able to do what he needs or wants to do outside.

You are doubly annoyed if he wants to go out again after coming in a few minutes back. This is why think about getting your pet their own entrance to your home.

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What Is A Cat Door Flap

Also referred to as a cat door or cat flap, a cat door flap is basically an opening that allows entrance to and exit from a building. The size of the opening is enough for the feline to pass through. With this, your pet is able to go out of the house and come back in without your help. It currently comes in a variety of designs, features, and additional benefits.

Presently, most homes with domesticated animals like dogs and cats are equipped with this facility. It has become one of the essentials in pet keeping.

The Origins of The Pet Door Flap That We Know Today

The use of the phrase has been determined by etymologists to date back to the 1950’s. Since cat domestication goes back as far as Ancient Egypt, you can easily guess that the idea of door flaps is not that young as well.

One of the most common references to this pet door is its use in farms and residences in the rural areas. It is originally just a hole in the door, roof, or wall of barns or any other storage spaces where flour and grains are kept. It is created to facilitate easy access for cats into the stores, so they can hunt rodents and other pests that feed on the stored items.

Evidence of holes for pets in homes is found in the Canterbury Tales’ Miller’s Tale from the late 14th century. There are also references in varied passages about Isaac Newton’s life which mention two holes in his residence’s door that an adult cat and a kitten can pass through.

In the modern home, such small doors exist even in urban areas. North American suburbs have holes leading to fenced yards. In some homes, the garages are attached, so the hole is usually designed to lead to the garage where the litter boxes are commonly placed.

Why You Should Get A Cat Door Flap

There are several reasons for getting a specialized mini door in your house’s door for your feline friend.

A Happy Cat

It is impossible for you to know what is in your pet’s mind even after being together for so many years. If you give them the ability to do what they want when they want, they are sure to appreciate it more than you think. This includes going out of and coming into the house at any time of the day.

More Free Time For You

The doors in your home are designed for human use. Their material and structure are made for the convenient and comfortable use of the people living in the house. They are not accessible nor easily manageable for your four-legged family members though. Therefore, you have to lend a hand every time they need to get out or come in.

If you have taken the time to provide your cats with a door flap, you can save a lot of time. You do not have to take your pet out nor bring them in. you can just imagine how hassle-free this arrangement is. You do not have to leave what you are doing or go to the other side of your house to be your cat’s personal doorman.

A Healthier Pet

Cats want to go out for a number of reasons, which can be very serious or a mere desire to play under the sun. Giving them easy access to the outdoors will encourage them to spend time out in the open air and benefit from that. Also, the outdoors offer a larger and wider area for physical activities.

A lot of cats can become overweight and eventually obese, and the majority of such cases are due to  always being indoors. They are unable to exercise as they have less places to move around inside the house. The outdoors also have an impact on animals’ mental health. Their boredom is eliminated, and they get to interact with more and different stimulus including their fellow animals.

Assurance Of Safety

With a cat flap installed in your door, you do not have to worry about your pet’s safety and well-being. When it rains or any forms of bad weather starts, your pet can easily get back to the comforts and coziness available indoors. There is no need to wait for you or any other humans to do that for them.

In the same manner, your pet can easily evade other potential dangers that abound outdoors. Be it the presence of other animals that prey on cats or fellow felines who simply like to fight, yours has the advantage of being able to go behind strong and safe walls.

The Different Types Of Cat Door Flaps

The Traditional One

Aptly titled as the classic variety, this can be described as a moving door that flaps in and out of the door surface. It is opened through the force exerted by your pet when trying to get in and out. It is usually hinged to the main door.

While it does achieve the basic functionality behind the idea of a pet door, it brings some safety risks. Because of how it works, any animals with roughly the same size and physical power as your feline friend can actually get into the house through the flap. This means your home becomes available to other cats and raccoons.

The Automatic One

This variation is a cross between the traditional and motorized ones. Your pet would still need to push the flap to get through. However, it does not remain accessible after your pet has passed. It is equipped with a control panel that unlocks the door once the cat key is registered and recognized. This panel is powered by electricity through an AC adapter or batteries.

The cat key communicates with the panel through infrared signals, electromagnetic signals, high-pitched sounds, or radio frequency identification (RFID). These can come from a cat collar. RFID though is also available through a microchip with a special code. It is inserted into your cat’s skin and read by the panel, unlocking the door. Some cat doors that operate with RFID can help set an outdoor schedule for your pet as they are equipped with a timer.

The Motorized One

Looking most like a human door, this variation is equipped with a motor, which powers its movements. It slides up whenever the cat needs to pass through. It is activated in the same way as the automatic door.

In this case, your feline does not have to do anything except stand in from of this door. Some might think that this can make cats lazy. However, it is quite advantageous in times when your pet does not have the physical power to push through their doors such as when sick or injured. This is actually the best option for disabled and very old cats.

How To Choose The Perfect Door Flap For Your Cat

Going through the huge selection in the market can prove to be exhausting if you do not know what you are looking for. You should take note of the following details when finding what you are looking for. It is going to save you a lot of time and energy.

Where To Install

Like most human homes, your house surely has a minimum of two doors for the entrance to and exit from your abode. Deciding where to install your cat’s mini door entails a lot of considerations. Do you have a bigger yard in front or back? Is he able to access both yards from one side only or both? How secure is your backyard from stranger animals in case you decide to have your pet’s flat in the backdoor?

The make of the door is another factor. A wooden one is generally easier to deal with. However, other materials are still doable, but you might not be able to do it yourself, in case you are considering that option.

How To Install

Everyone is on board the DIY bandwagon nowadays. It is not only cost-effective but can actually be fun and worth the while. There are a number of cat door flaps that are simple and easy to install, so doing it yourself is possible and even effortless. Most of them are packed with guides, instructions, or manuals.

If you are looking at a more complex installation though, it is best to check with a professional. You do not want to ruin your own doors in the process of installing one for your little friend.

How Big It Should Be

You certainly do not want to redo the installation of a pet’s door flap. It can damage your door and home in the process. You will also end up spending more than what you wanted. It is hard to say which one of these two is more painful.

How Much Will You Spend

You definitely have to have a budget. The selection of pet doors in the market is endless. Without certain expectations from the start, you can end up with holes in your pocket as you purchase unnecessarily. A quick research of the usual costs in buying this door, getting it installed, and probably adding a few features can help you determine your budget.

Top 5 Cat Door Reviews

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

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This is an automated cat door equipped with a system that can recognize up to 32 entities. All you need to do is add your pet’s microchip ID details into the system. You can add 30 more pets to the system, so your cat does not end up without friends. It works with microchips from all over the world. In fact, you can also opt for a collar tag and program its details into this door’s system.

The door measures 4 ¾ inches in height and 5 ⅝ inches in width. This makes it ideal for any regular-sized domesticated felines. It can be installed in walls and windows as well, so you are not limited to your doors. It is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, which can last to a year. When the power is low, you will be conveniently notified through a red flashing light.

This is a great purchase for pet lovers and a nice gift if your friend has a newly-acquired cat. It is easy for you to install and simple for your felines to use.

PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door

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This is one of your best options if you have sliding doors leading to the yard or patio. Very quick to install, it gives you the ability to handle it on your own. You simply have to follow the instructions that come with the product. The panel itself can be adjusted between 75 ⅞ inches to 80 11/16 inches, fitting your door snugly and safely. It is detachable, making it the perfect solution if you are simply renting an apartment. You can uninstall and bring it with you when the need to move arises.

Its flap is flexible and has a magnetic closure mechanism. It is also tinted, so it stops the cold and heat outside from coming into your home. Once your little one is inside, you have the option to restrict his exit, especially at night by sliding in the closing panel. The door is made of aluminum and glass that are resistant to shatters and the natural impacts of the weather.

It comes in three common hues of bronze, satin, and white. You can choose the best shade that works well with your patio and doors, maintaining overall harmony while satisfying your pet’s desires.

Cat Mate Large Cat Flap

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If you have a pet who is on the larger side, you do not have to worry because Cat Mate’s got your back. With its cutout size at 8 ¼ X9 inches, your feline will not have any trouble finding his way out and in even if he stands at 10 inches tall. Its lining is 2 inches thick, and it comes with a template to help in easy installation. It can be fixed on panels or walls, too, so using this product is not limited to your main doors.

Its locking system comes in four ways, so you have four different options. You can keep it at open for in and out, for in only, out only, or completely locked to keep your pets in and other animals out. It is also fitted with an external seal that keeps the rain from coming in.

To top it all, purchasing this product gives you a guarantee of three years from the manufacturer itself. This is certainly an assurance that you get your money’s worth and your pet gets to feel your love.

PetSafe Interior Cat Door

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This is an indoor-only product that you should consider if you have a home with numerous rooms and doors. It can be installed to give access to your pet’s personal space where his food and water bowls are kept. You can also fix it on the door leading to the garage where it is ideal to leave his litter box for hygienic reasons. It comes with the 2-way or 4-way lock options to suit your and your pet’s preferences.

It is also quite easy to install. Equipped with a cutting template, you will not have an issue when cutting your own door. You get to cut out the exact size for the snug fit of your pet’s door. The opening measures 5 ¾ inches by 5 ¾ inches and can accommodate up to around 15 pounds.

With this product at home, you are sure about your pet’s wellbeing without the need to be there for him 24/7. He can come and go as he likes and needs. You will be a happy owner of a happy pet in a happy home.

Ideal Pet Products Fast-Fit Pet Patio Door

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Perfect for aluminum patio doors, you can fix this without any tools at all. The height can be adjusted from 77 ⅝ inches to 800 ⅜ inches, so it can be used even if your home turns into a multi-cat household.

It has a transparent flap, giving your pet a view of the outdoors before actually stepping out. This gives your feline assurance that it is safe to go out. It also comes with tempered glass, lessening the chances of breakage.


A happy and satisfied pet means a peaceful home for you and all your family members. Since it is not possible to be always there for all your pet’s minute needs, giving them the independence to move in and out is essential.

After all, they also need a breath of fresh air and some sunshine every day.

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