Knowing The Basics And Buying The Best One

Cat Litter 101: Knowing The Basics And Buying The Best One

One of the basic needs of domesticated felines is good quality litter. This is especially true for pets who have limited or no access to the outside world.

If you intend to keep your cat inside your home, you should have a basic knowledge about cat litter and how to get the best one for your pet. It is not only for your pet’s good but for your whole family as well.

It is one of the pet-related products that are present in any pet supplies store. Buying one is easy if you know what you need exactly. Otherwise, you might get lost in the myriad of choices out there.

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The History Of Cat Litter

In their past, cats were living in the wild. The domesticated ones have been found to belong to the wildcats in the Middle East. Because of this, they have been genetically engineered to efficiently process the fluid content in their body.

As a result, their urine is generally more concentrated. As residents of the wilderness, they have developed certain behaviors related to their daily functions. For one, they have toilet specifications and will not defecate just anywhere.

The common practice in the earlier days was to fill a box with sand to mimic the feel of nature while indoors. In 1947, Michigan businessman Edward Lowe accidentally discovered another material for that purpose.

It was used by his father to absorb both grease and oil. The said material was small clay chunks, which he marketed as kitty litter.

While it was originally made of clay, kitty litter is currently available in other makes. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons. You should take the time to learn about these before purchasing your pet’s next litter supply.

Three Different Types  Of Cat Litter

There are a lot of different options when it comes to cat litter. However, they are categorized into three main categories based on their main material.

Clay-Based Cat Litter

Traditional and the oldest one, clay cat litter is still a popular option for many pet owners. Its greatest characteristic is being absorbent of liquid. In addition, it has certain odor control abilities as it is able to separate a cat’s urine.

However, its absorbent nature does not last forever. After constant exposure, it gets soiled and loses the ability to absorb, which results in bad odor. It also does not clump, so removing the feces is not possible without throwing the clay. This means you have to empty the box and remove the litter more often. Otherwise, you will end up with a breeding ground for bacteria and a home that smells really bad.

A variation of clay litter is the clumping type, which basically clumps when wet. This variety contains bentonite, which is a special kind of clay. The benefit of clumped litter is that they can be scooped out, leaving clean litter for use. You only have to refill the box or tray as per your pet’s preference.

Silica-Based Cat Litter

Made from silica gel, this cat litter comes with odor control and absorbent quality. Its advantage in comparison to its clay counterpart is how it causes a lesser amount of dust. You will have fewer worries regarding the effects of dust such as coughing and sneezing.

It is actually very much like the desiccant that you usually find in pouches declared as preservatives in food products, medicines and other consumables that are sensitive to excess in moisture.

The biggest disadvantage of this material is how dangerous it can be if consumed in huge amounts.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

For pet owners who are concerned about the dangers of ingesting clay and silica, a more natural alternative does exist. There is a wide range of materials that can be used to come up with biodegradable litter. These include food plants like beet, corn, pine, soybean and wheat.

You do not have to worry about filling up landfills and contributing to the demise of Mother Earth.

The only negative thing about this is how some cats dislike certain elements such as the smell of pine.

Reasons Why Cats Like To Have Some Litter

There are two main reasons why your feline pets need some litter to do their business.

Covering For Their Waste

Cats are one of the most meticulous and persistent groomers in the animal kingdom. They like keeping themselves clean. This makes them very uncomfortable to simply leave their feces lying around in the open. With the help of some litter, they can cover their waste and maintain their dignity.

Hiding Their Tracks

As animals of the wild, they are aware of the dangers that predators bring. Their waste is sufficient proof of their presence. Because of this, they take the responsibility of covering their feces before leaving. It is their effort to keep their tracks hidden, which has been implanted in their genetic imprint.

A Clean Place To Do Their Business

You have to remove soiled litter right away for the sake of your pet and your own family. Because of this, your cat gets access to a toilet area that is always clean and comfortable to pee and poo in.

Reviews Of the Top 5 Best Cat Litter Available

Now you have all the basic information about cat litter. It is time to check out the best options there is in the market to see which one is the top choice for your feline friend.

Dr. Elsey’s Hard Clumping Cat Litter

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Formulated by feline-specializing veterinarian Dr. Elsey, this clay litter is one of your best choices in the market today. You end up with medium grain litter that stays compact for easy scooping. It absorbs your pet’s urine and the moisture content of his feces.

This means that no liquid gets to the bottom of your litter box or tray. You can keep it clean for a whole week simply by removing the soiled litters and replacing them with new ones.

The litter granules are non-tracking as they do not stick easily to your pet’s feet. This is reassuring for cats who are concerned about not leaving any tracks to survive their life in the wild. It makes them comfortable to go anytime they feel the need to do so.

You also do not have to deal with allergic reactions for your pet, yourself and your family members. It is made of natural materials and free from accumulating 99.9% of the dust in its surroundings.

Coupled with effective odor control technology, you are able to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home. There is no need for any deodorants or perfumes at all.

Purina Tidy Cats Performance Clumping Litter

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This natural clay litter comes with a deodorizing system, so you do not have to worry about bad smell stuck indoors. It is equipped with a tidy lock technology that keeps the unpleasant scents of ammonia, feces, and urine locked up.

This gives you 7 to 10 days of odor-free litter that your cat will feel happy to go with. They also clump with great strength, so scooping is a piece of cake.

After removing the clumped litter, you simply have to refill the tray with about the same amount as what you have removed. Your pet will definitely find its way back. The material is also 99.9% free from dust. You do not hear unnecessary constant coughing and sneezing from both animals and humans in your abode.

Arm And Hammer Clump And Seal Litter

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Offering a fully odor-free home for at least 7 days, this cat litter contains 10% more of the Arm And Hammer special odor eliminators. It uses completely pure baking soda as the natural and effective power behind its odor-eliminating ability.

It has micro-granules that are activated by the moisture from urine and feces. These granules work by sealing the cat’s wastes tightly. Once the waste then gets in contact with the baking soda, its odor is destroyed right away.

The litter also comes with particles from plants that help it clump into strong rocky solids. You get to scoop out the soiled litter with so much ease.

The product is also formulated to be 100% dust-free. This means you and your family members do not have to deal with the coughing and sneezing that usually take place when dealing with cat litter. There is no dust cloud, so your floor, walls, and furniture will not gather additional dust because of your pet’s presence.

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

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Made with particles that are larger in size than the usual, this litter aims to eliminate crumbles all over your floor. You do not have to worry about dirty paws and bacteria traveling in your home. This composition leads to less, if not completely zero, tracks.

It is equipped with extra strength to deal with the needs of cats with multiple households. Its clumping formula locks in the moisture content from your pet’s feces and wins over the odors upon contact. You end up with at least 10 days of protection for bad odor.

This litter is 99.9% free from dust, so you have cleaner and fresher indoor air. Your cat and the rest of your family will all benefit from this product.

World’s Best Cat Litter

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Armed with the ability to clump fast, you do not need to deal with dirt getting stuck on the litter tray walls. The clumps do not stick to the box nor break apart. You will literally enjoy how easy and quick it is to scoop the soiled litter and discard them in a jiffy.

The surrounding litter does not get affected, too. This concentrated strength means you end up with more litter for a longer time. You use less litter and spend wisely.

Free from any silica dust, it keeps everything in your home free from common allergic reactions. You also get to keep all the surfaces, fixtures and furniture clean and void of dust substances.


These are just some of your options. Be sure to take some time knowing your pet’s preferences, so you get what is best for him. If a product seems to cause allergic reactions of any form, you should stop using it right away. You can get some recommendations from your local vet to be safe.

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