Choosing A Small Dog Bed

Choosing A Small Dog Bed

Choosing the Best Small Dog BedWhen we talk about small dog breeds, the first thing that comes to mind is how fragile, tiny and helpless they are. The little knowledge we have about them might contribute to us putting their lives in danger unnecessarily.

Sleep is one of the most important functions each of us is entitled to. Yes, that includes our furry little pals. They might be small, but their love and affection are worth more than any preparation you can have before welcoming them into your home.

Let’s talk about sleep in general for your small, often referred to as toy, pup’s sleep necessities.

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Common questions & queries, answered

Top 5 Small Dog Beds

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Q: Are thick beds safe for small dog breeds?

A: Since smaller dogs weigh significantly less and will therefore not be causing too much, if any at all, dents on a foam, there is no need to choose a thick bed for your toy or small breed pups. You may, if you feel you must, but when you do go for a thick bed, ensure that they are safe from falling off of the edge (side rims or bolsters help), especially at night when you’re both asleep. Thicker beds will also help them avoid the cold floor in the evening or in winter.

Q: What are sleeping needs specific to small dog breeds?

A: Small dog breeds sleep relatively less than large breeds. It is estimated that they need about 12-14 hours of sleep per day. This is attributed to the less activities they can and will have and cover. They need beds that aren’t too high up, or if inevitable at least with safety side rims or bolsters. otherwise risk falling and getting hurt.

Small Dog Breeds & Sleep

You know your new furry, fluffy friend needs sleep just as much as you do, but you don’t know just how much. You also don’t know what to expect, so you don’t know what to look for.

Before you start panicking, know that you’re not alone. The first thing you probably need to know is that dogs sleep more than we do. If your small dog seems to be sleeping a lot, it’s not something that should get you to start worrying. The 12-14 hours of sleep daily is as normal as your 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

Studies will show you that larger dog breeds sleep more than smaller ones, which will probably align with the amount of activities they have, and since obviously smaller dog breeds can’t cover as much activities as bigger dogs can.

Calming Beds For Toy Breeds

If your pup has anxiety, that may make you anxious too, but surely not as frustrated. Since anxiety in dogs can be caused by a lot of factors, the first step you can take is focus on helping them relax.

Besides you, sleep is also your cuddle buddy’s best friend. Sleep is where they can recharge and relieve themselves of all the negative feelings they might be having, and that includes anxiety. The reasons why your pup may be having anxiety is something your vet can explain to you better, but the one thing you can do is ensure that sleep remains a big help. And you can start by choosing the best bed they can take naps in, or spend the entire night cuddled in.

Calming beds for smaller dog breeds are a great help in providing relief to your dog’s anxiety. orthopedic dog beds, cuddler beds, and a cozy, warming bed can all be great choices if you need something that will deal with his anxiety. Of course, since these are rather small beds, they also tend to look fancier and cuter, which is something we all love.

Top 5 Small Dog Beds

We’ve taken a look at some of the best selling small dog beds in the market and chose our own top 5 according to features, comfort, durability and how they can help with anxiety. Let’s have a look.

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Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

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  • Eases joints and relieves anxiety
  • Headrest is super comfortable for pups
  • Water resistant base makes it safe and secure


  • Not washer friendly
  • Could be thicker
  • Hardly stays in place

The ultimate snuggler’s absolute haven, this extremely comfortable personal cuddling space is an absolute delight for your furry friend. With all the support and security it offers from its high walls both on the sides and even on the back (which is higher, by the way), to the front walls acting as a headrest, they can expect deeper, longer slumbers and comfortable naps.

Comfort is also high up on its list, and that can easily be experienced through its extra cozy design and soft top. You’re guaranteed to also love this bed despite not being able to use it yourself because of how comfy and cuddly your pup will seem while using it. Whatever his sleeping position is will be easily accommodated by this versatile and comfy bed.

Overall, the rating for this bed is very much well deserved, and it’s worth every penny. The only struggle you’ll have is keeping your pup off of it, and keeping him awake while in it. It’ll keep him comfy and relaxed while just sitting or sleeping beside you as you do your daily tasks, and throughout a cold night. The deep dish design is perfectly executed.

BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

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  • Orthopedic gel memory foam is very therapeutic
  • Waterproof cover is great especially during accidents
  • Helps with hip dysplasia and arthritis


  • Low quality zipper- need to be careful
  • Can be thinner than it looks
  • Not suitable for chewers

If you’re looking for something plush that’s cozy and relaxing to look at as well, you might as well add this to your classic or modern ensemble and it’ll easily blend in. Of course, that’s not to say its comfort, durability and convenience features are set aside, because they’re totally not. This therapeutic bed is not just nice to look at, it also lives up to its name: a therapeutic bed.

First, it has an orthopedic gel memory foam that provides joint and hip relief and support, and provides unmatched comfort, allowing your favorite four-legged friend to slumber away deeply at nights, and even during naps.

While some pups are content with just a soft, clean bed, this bed goes beyond what they think they want- it gives them what they need. If your canine pal is elderly, a pup, or injured/recovering, this bed will feel like heaven to them.

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed

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  • Cotton, linen and polyester blended fabric combination makes it durable and extremely comfortable
  • Removable cover makes it easy to wash and maintain
  • Bolster sides provide security and accommodate any sleeping position desired


  • Not easy to wash
  • Difficult to assemble (too many compartments and pillows)
  • Quite heavy

Anything for your princess, right? With this bed from Blueberry, all you need is a tiara and a tutu skirt- it’s already very princess-y! There are, of course, color options (13 options to be exact) to choose from if you have a prince or simply dislike pink.

The external dimensions of this bed are 25″x 21″x 10″, and depending on her favorite sleeping position, you can add a little more (about 6-12 inches) for a little more room. Your pooch will definitely fall in love with sleeping and with this bed instantly because of how comfortable it is. It’s cozy, secure, and provides her with a relaxing space she can call her own, Well, better than your couch at least.

Its classy colors allow you to add it as a decor piece to your interior when not in use, and a chic slumber haven for your pooch when in use. A win-win if you ask us, and that’s why this bed comes highly recommended.

Overall, we love how this bed looks but absolutely love all the features as well. You don’t always get to find a combination of glamor and convenience, and this is one of the best ways to enjoy it. For your pup no less. Absolutely worth the price. It even comes with an extra cover to make cleaning a breeze.

AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

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  • Breathable mesh fabric is awesome in keeping air flowing
  • Convenient: easy to clean and transport
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Difficult to assemble
  • When one bar breaks, the rest becomes useless
  • Not weather-resistant

This basic from AmazonBasics proves to be more than a weird-looking cot for dogs. Believe it or not, your canine pal will be absolutely relaxed and feel very cool when in this bed. It may look like a tiny version of the cot you have, but comes with the same benefits. Even more when it comes to your four-legged friend’s needs.

The air flow is brilliant, since it flows from underneath him to right above him, leaving him feeling refreshed and relaxed. Since it’s an elevated bed, it comes with the same benefit of even weight distribution, allowing his joints and back to breathe and avoid unnecessary pressure. Getting in and out of bed is also extremely easy, and you can adjust it to his needs.

Your toy pooch will have the exact ease in moving on and off this bed as well, as it comes in extra small on top of its small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Its overall size comes down to 27.6 by 21 by 7.3 inches, while the mesh size is 22.4×20.9. To ensure that your pup will be able to comfortably twist and turn and curl when sleeping, ensure that these dimensions are enough, otherwise go for a bigger size.

SHU UFANRO Dog Beds for Medium Small Dogs Round

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  • Chic, classy look that can complement any modern interior
  • Super soft faux fur is super comfortable as well
  • Lightweight and portable – makes for a great travel bed


  • Not recommended for burrowing/chewing pets as it results in shedding of the material
  • A little pricey
  • Middle tends to get flat over time

This bed easily caught our attention because of how chic, sassy, and fluffy it looks: it almost looks like part of the ensemble in a modern home interior. That’s not to say its features are to be ignored, though, as it really is as fluffy as it seems.

It’s a luxurious bed for your cuddly, fluffy paw partner that spells comfort in the largest possible letters (although it can’t be cuter than your pup!). It’s orthopedic with nest-like walls to make them feel at home while enjoying the super soft and cozy faux fur touching their skin. It also has an anti-slip PVC to keep them safe along with the raised rim, even when they decide to play before sleeping.

This bed is thick to provide enough insulation with the surface beneath it, especially in winter when he needs to stay warm. The faux fur is not just wonderful to look at, it’s also gentle on his paws, nose and skin, keeping him comfortably safe and allowing long, undisturbed slumber every night.

Final Thoughts

Just as much as you want to find a relaxing, inviting, comfortable bed that will help you have a restful night after a long day, your pup does too! He’ll absolutely love having his own private space, an HQ if you will, where he can recharge and be his best self the following day.

A lot of our smaller furry critters are so tiny and cute it’s always difficult to find something that will take care of his tiny needs. Our bed choices will be a lot of help, hopefully, but the decision will always be from someone he trusts the most – you. We hope to have given inspiration in making this decision.

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