Everything You Should Know About Cat Dental Health

Everyone is knowledgeable, if not an expert in, about oral health in humans. Daily toothbrushing is a must. Regular visits to the dentist should not be forgotten. Both can be applied to your domesticated felines.

However, we cannot leave it to the cats to take care of their dental well-being. They have a tendency to be quite careless when it comes to their paws and mouths. A lot of domestic cats actually have dental issues but are not able to get them treated. It is such a pity. Some of them even suffer from so much pain without you knowing about it. You should do your best for your pet not to get to such a sad state.

Your cat might not be out in the wild and preying on birds, mice, and other similar creatures. However, you should need to make sure that his gums, teeth and the overall dental condition is positive.


When Is A Cat’s Dental Health Unhealthy

What Should Be Done

When Is A Cat’s Dental Health Unhealthy

The presence of bad breath means there is a problem with your cat’s dental health or stomach. A visit to the vet is required to determine which is which. Gums should be firm and pink, and if they are not, then there are most likely some gum problems going on. Gums that are bleeding, red in color, or swelling are also signs of gum issues. You should bring your pet to the vet for a proper check, diagnosis, and treatment.

The building up of plaque and tartar is yet another indication that something wrong is going on with your cat’s dental health. While this might seem simple and harmless, this can actually lead to bigger problems. They can result in bacterial infection, which has the capacity to travel to the other parts of the cat’s body. This infection can get to the heart, kidneys, and liver. The most alarming thing is that this is actually a common thing. It has happened to countless felines.

What Should Be Done

To start off, your cat should be subjected to a dental exam annually at the minimum. During such time, their teeth are cleaned by the veterinarian, who also checks other aspects of your cat’s dental health.

A daily routine at home should be in place to take care of your cat’s dental hygiene. This is actually the fun part.

It is common for cat owners to think that all they need to do is buy a toothbrush and paste for their feline. If you do know your pet well enough, you will realize that this is never an easy thing. You have to be very patient. You have to wait for that time when your cat is not that strict about getting touched. You can then slowly touch the mouth and then one tooth after another. It is a process of working up to the actual process of brushing the teeth. Normally, the cat does not like it at the start.

You can consider yourself a success in this feat once you are able to brush your cat’s teeth a few times every week.

Dental treats and toys for cats are also very useful in this task. These things are equipped with substances that aim to combat and lessen plaques. You can also get some help from a cat dental rinse. This formula is effective for keeping your cat’s teeth and mouth in the best of health. This is very helpful in case your cat does not allow toothbrushing at all. This oral rinsing formula destroys the bacteria in your pet’s mouth and gives him a fresher breath.

The task might seem daunting at first. However, once you and your cat both get used to it, it will make your cat healthy and you happy.

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