How To Choose A Dog Crate Tray Pan In 2020

How to Choose a Dog Crate Tray/Pan in 2020

How to Choose a Dog Crate Tray/Pan in 2020

So you’ve read somewhere that having their own fortress otherwise known as a den is one of the things that would make your furry friend really happy.

A little bit of research led you to crate knowledge, and although it might seem sufficient, you’re always welcomed by more questions.

That’s okay. It’s a common misconception- using crates for pups. Unless you own a kennel and have to house so many, it’s difficult to understand (at first) why allowing your pup to stay inside a crate is actually not cruel if done right.

Let’s talk more about crates and hygiene.

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Common questions & queries, Answered

Top 5 Dog Crate Trays/ Dog Crate Pans

A Final Word

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How can I keep the hygiene in my dog crate tray / dog crate pan?

The first step is remembering to use protective gloves before cleaning starts.

Using a hose, spray a generous amount onto the pan and use cleaning solutions designed to eliminate germs and bacteria, which can then make the dog crate tray odor-free.

Remember to dry metal dog crate trays to avoid rusting.

Why should I have a dog crate tray / dog crate pan?

Aside from the obvious reasons of holes being present in what the crate has as floors, dog crate pans help keep the crate clean and hygienic by providing a designated spot for dirt, including poop and pee.

Dog crate trays do a great job of maintaining the cleanliness of your pup’s fortress, making it an acceptable base or den that is their own.

Five Crate Training Tips

A crate is basically the equivalent of a house for our dogs.

One of their instincts is being a den animal, thus crate training, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t give them the “imprisoned” feeling. Instead, the crate becomes their own “home” where they can rest, stay safe, and even be with their own family.

Giving your canine pal a crate does not end where you can get him to go in there, lock it, and leave him be. Trapping him inside the crate is where he will feel imprisoned, and consistently wanting to go out can frustrate him even more. Successful crate training can make him feel more secure in his den and even relieve anxiety.

Crate training is a crucial part of teaching your pup how to be independent and responsible, and as an effect improve his overall behavior. But since crate training takes a lot of time, a lot of fur parents have shrugged the idea off in hopes of an alternative. It can take up to six months, but the results if done correctly are substantially good.

Let’s look at some of the steps in crate training that might make it easier for you and your pup.

1. Find the right equipment.
Space and comfort from the crate you choose will be deal-breakers for your crate training.

2. Be patient.
Patience is the toughest part, but the proper mindset entails the right amount of patience you need during crate training. It might sound scary to have to endure training for the next 6 months, but hey, nothing comes easy. Especially the awesome results you’re bound to get.

3. Positive reinforcement works.
Getting your pup to go inside the crate will be a challenge at first, so utilizing positive reinforcement will make it easier. Give him a treat or two to establish a good crate-pup relationship.

4. Make it worth his while.
If you want him to stay in his den for longer periods of time, and do it gradually by the way, give him something to enjoy while staying inside the crate. Something to play with which will associate fun and enjoyment while staying in his den will make him like coming in and staying.

5. Don’t get him out of your sight.
Keeping the crate clean is essential in making him like it, which is unlikely to happen if it becomes untidy and soiled. Even a bad smell can set him off instantly.

Crate Hygiene & Its Health Benefits

The challenge in starting to use a crate for your pup doesn’t end in crate training. Keeping the crate immaculate is next to impossible, but maintaining a healthily clean environment isn’t nearly as undoable. It can be challenging, but since your pup doesn’t like a dirty den, you’re going to have to keep it as clean as possible.

As mess can unlikely be eliminated altogether, keeping the crate spotless is something you have to ensure. The use of vinegar and baking soda can eliminate any unwanted odor, while bleach and other cleaning solutions can get rid of the bacteria and sterilize the area again, making it safe for your pup to take refuge in again.

Hygiene plays an important role in keeping us healthy, our four-legged best pals included. A clean crate eliminates any possibility of them coming into contact with germs and bacteria, which can in turn keep them healthy and smelling good. A clean crate also helps keep them from stress and anxiety, and as they learn to love their crate more, they’ll be happy puppers.

The Top 5 Dog Crate Trays/Pans

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Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate

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  • Leak proof keeps the area clean
  • Easy to clean
  • Multipurpose


  • Has big edges that hang over, making it too big for the corresponding crate size
  • A little flimsy
  • Durability is questionable

One of the biggest advantages of this dog crate tray is how it’s super flexible that it can have other uses within the house as well. Its function as an efficient dog crate pan does not at all fall behind as it’s one of the most preferred dog crate trays in the market.

Keeping your pup safe and clean when he’s in his crate is not at all impossible with this replacement dog crate tray as it’s leak-proof and doesn’t move around. This dog crate tray is made of durable, odor-resistant, polypropylene plastic that provides leak-proof protection for your pup. The slide-out design makes cleaning easy in the event of an accident.

This dog crate tray is compatible with all single door and double door metal dog crates from MidWest, but it has proven to also work well with other brands if the size is checked carefully. Examples of these brands are the Ultima Pro model # 736UP, small ASPCA crates from Walmart, and many others.

Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets

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  • Three-layer system makes clean up easy
  • Safe and non-toxic grass mat looks and feels just like real grass
  • Can fit in a 48-inch crate and still leave room for a bed and water bowl


  • Unnatural smell
  • Grass is not secured- not for heavy chewers
  • The grass takes hours to dry after rinsing

Potty training is crucial but can get the best of us- it’s never easy! This artificial grass bathroom mat is a great tool in toilet training your canine pal as it instantly becomes a spot especially for that… even indoors.

Underneath the grass mat is a collection tray for all the unwanted liquid, helping in minimizing odor from pee and poo. This is a wonderful alternative to the usual dog crate tray/dog crate pan with the same benefits plus a little bit more.

It comes in three layers – the synthetic grass mat on top, a detachable grid tray in the middle for draining, and the collection tray at the bottom. The best thing about this bathroom mat is that it can be used indoors or outdoors, giving you a solution to weather restrictions in the summer and winter.

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

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  • Can work as a standalone bed or when used in dog carriers & dog houses
  • Super comfortable
  • Great for large breeds


  • Sizing may be off
  • Tends to form lumps over time
  • Needs more padding

Crate training may be made a lot easier if you create a fun, comfortable environment that can make him feel excited to get in there. Their crate can instantly become a safe haven that offers them relaxation and anxiety relief, among others.

When not used in crates, these beds are also perfect for use in carriers, vehicles, and more. The funky and neutral color options allow you to personalize their crate based on their personality, which can make it even more homely for them. With the correct measurement for your crate, you can choose from the 9 sizes available to fit it best. When traveling, you can also easily fold and pack this bed.

If dog crate trays are not an option for you or is hindering you from starting crate training because of how uncomfortable it looks, this bed can easily change your mind. The bolsters are neither too high nor too low to ensure proper accommodation of the neck and/or legs if your pup tends to prefer such sleeping positions. With its affordable price, it’s making its way into the competition.

PRECISION PET Dog Crate Replacement Pan

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  • Superior quality and durability
  • Untextured surface makes it easy to clean and disinfect
  • Great fit


  • A little smaller than the size specified (about 1 inch)
  • Slightly slippery
  • A little flimsy

– Crate dimensions: 35.5 x 22.2 x 1.5 inches
– Designed to fit 4000 Great Crate and ProValu 2-Door 36-inch Crates
– Also fits 36×22 precision pet wire kennel

Keeping your pup clean and organized while in his crate is exactly what this dog crate tray is for- and a whole lot more. It’s made of a non-porous material that helps repel food and water, which in turn prevents the build up of germs, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. It’s also very easy to clean, all it takes is sliding it out.

As a replacement dog crate pan, it does the job, and it does it longer as it’s proven to be more durable than the ones that came with the crate. The untextured surface makes cleaning a breeze. It also provides enough space and be home to up to two large dogs who can’t help but share.

Overall, it exceeds expectations given the higher ranged price tag. Your pup deserves only the best you can get for them, so they’ll thank you enough for giving their den a homey feel minus the unhygienic practices.

Hero Dog Anti Slip Dog Crate Bed Mat

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      • Slip resistance keeps them safe
      • Good for scratching
      • Washer safe and easy to clean


      • Not chew-proof as advertised
      • Sizing can be a bit off
      • Could use more padding

You can be the hero that your dog needs you to be, and start with this Hero Dog Anti Slip Dog Crate Bed Mat. This durable orthopedic crate bed features durable plush fleece that allows your pup to scratch whenever he feels like it, aside from providing optimum comfort because of its super soft surface.

When used outside of the crate, such as on hardwood floors or tiled floors because the floor is just where they shouldn’t be sleeping in, its non-skid base will protect them from the dangers of a slipping bed. He can nap on it during the day or spend the entire night’s slumber curling up to his favorite position, while you enjoy your peace of mind because you know he’s secure.

If your pup is shedding, it has grey, blue, brown and red color options that will help you hide the shedding – only up to the time you clean it because it needs to be kept clean to keep bacteria off. Also, its breathable material makes it paw friendly and safe for his bones, joints, and can even aid in relieving it.

This bed is elegant, portable, relaxing and secure. What more can we ask for? Perhaps a better sizing guide (which you can contact the seller about before purchase) and a little bit more padding to make it thicker. But overall, it gives you great value for your money that can even make for a great home decor piece.

Sizing Guide:

  • X-small 21 x 14 inches
  • Small 27.5 x 19.7 inches
  • Medium 36 x 22 inches
  • Large 42 x 28 inches
  • X-large 47 x 33 inches
  • XX-Large 55 x 39 inches

A Final Word

Understanding that your pup’s instincts, no matter how domesticated they have become, will remain and can only be accepted, can mean a lot to them. By simply allowing them to do what they’re born to do, and to experience what they probably thought they can only dream of, you’re paving the way for a well-mannered pup to emerge.

It’s a win-win situation that only requires a little bit of patience, investing in high-quality equipment, and a little bit more time. In return, you’ll have a happy pup who loves you beyond your imagination, and a healthy, well-behaved part of your family.

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