Picking the Best Automatic Cat Toy For Your Cat

Picking the Best Automatic Cat Toy For Your Cat

Having a feline friend at home does not only mean keeping them fed and clean. You might think that you can always keep them company. You think you can handle playing and keeping them entertained regularly.

However, you have your own human things to attend to at certain points during the day. Since you cannot have your cat always gnawing at you for attention, it is best to get something for your pet to have for playtime.

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Automatic Cat Toys

Best Automatic Cat Toys Reviews

Automatic Cat Toys

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Durable and safe

Seeing as you cannot be with your pet 24/7, an automatic toy needs to be durable and robust for the times you accidentally leave it on. Plus I’m sure you would like it to last longer than 5 minutes.

This does not always easily come to mind when checking out and choosing toys especially with the many varieties available. It is quite easy to forget about such a tiny but very important detail.

All the items that we review later are among the most highly-rated there are, so you know they are up to grade for your cat to punch, play with and “own it”.


The selection of cat toys on the market is wide. You have the ability to have fun with the options available by picking certain colors based on your pet’s gender, breed or assumed preference.

You do not have to be limited to dark hues if you wish for brighter colors for your girl kitten or suffer in silent discomfort watching your little boy cat play with girly pink toys.


You would probably think that you have a limited choice simply because most automatic toys, however, such toys are generally made of robust metallic materials.

Going through a fully-equipped pet store though will give you the chance to see the myriad of options available for your feline friend. While some parts might have to be metal in order to incorporate the toy’s automatic functions, it can be packaged to be as soft as your cat wants it to be.


There is no sense in giving your pet a toy that is larger than his own body size. It would just end up scaring or intimidating your cat.

Your feline friend is a member of a predator species, so they would love playing the part of a hunter. It is best to get a smaller toy to facilitate the hunting play session.


Very much like humans, cats also have their own personalities. While there is a generic set of characteristics among them, you will be able to determine certain specifics in what they enjoy doing.

It is good to take note of this and consider it when looking at your options of automatic toys for your feline friend.

Best Automatic Cat Toys

Choosing the perfect automatic cat toy does not have to be so taxing. While it might seem like one when taking a quick glance at the toy section of the pet store, you can avoid getting intimidated by learning about your options. Here are some of the best automatic cat toys you can consider checking out for your beloved pet.

1. Pet Qwerks Cat Babble Ball

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This toy makes six different sounds that mimic mice, birds or that of their owner. Your cat might end up talking or meowing back to it. With the ball rolling all over the place, your pet gets to unconsciously exercise while having fun on its own.

It is imbued with liquid catnip situated at the device’s speaker hole. You can simply add a couple of drops to recharge. Your cat will enjoy playing with this ball more. With a diameter of around 2 inches, it is bound to get your feline friend running around the house. You will not have to worry about your pet getting bored or unhealthy.

2. Pop N’ Play Interactive Cat Toy

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Shaped like a half-sphere, this interactive toy keeps your pet on his toes. It comes with 6 holes where a fake mouse or colorful feather pops out. Your pet is sure to get into its predator gear, trying to catch its prey. The colorful stimuli will catch its attention. Their sudden movement will prompt your cat”s quick movements, keeping him active mentally and physically.

It is a motorized peek-a-boo that will keep your cat entertained. You also do not have to worry about overplaying. The toy turns off automatically after 15 minutes of straight playtime. It is constructed out of ABS material, which is safe for both your pet and the environment. It also has rubber feet to secure it on the ground and prevent sliding. Made durably, it can withstand your cat’s weight as he plays on it.

3. Amankuft Electric Fish Cat Toy

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Another option for felines who like catnip, this fish-shaped toy is touch activated. It moves in realistic patterns when the tail is touched and stops after a few seconds. This will get your pet intrigued and will touch the toy again. You get to save power, and your cat does not get bored easily.

The fish is made of soft fabric that facilitates safe biting and kicking. It comes with a small pouch to store some catnip. It produces a small sound from the motor that will only keep your cat interested. If it does not work, you can keep the toy on top of a soft surface to lessen or eliminate the sound. It is rechargeable, so no need to worry about batteries.

If you have more than one cat at home, you can get the pack of 4 fishes. They are in different styles that your pets will definitely enjoy playing with.

4. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

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This device aims to help your pets enjoy their playtime while working on their natural hunting abilities. It comes with 6 holes where a feather pops out at varied timings. Your pet gets to hone their quick movements as they try to catch the colorful item that seems to move from one hole to another.

Since the toy comes with LED colored lighting, playtime is more fun for your feline friend. They can even enjoy the hunting game at night. The toy comes with free batteries that have an 8-minute auto-off feature to give you extended battery life.

5. Atimier Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

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Engaging your pet to interact and be active, this toy comes in a mouse shape. It moves in irregular motions mimicking the actual prey’s natural actions. It has five different horizontally-moving feather accessories to use separately or together. It also comes with a mouse’s squeak that replays every 30 seconds to attract the attention and keeps your feline friend’s senses in action.

To ensure safety and avoid possible damage, it has a built-in sensor that detects and avoids obstacles. One of its unique functions is a smooth 360-degree turnover.

It is rechargeable and has a special ability to turn off automatically after operating for 30 minutes. This saves on power use and also stops your pet from getting overworked. This toy works best indoors and easily moves on carpeted, tile and wooden floors. The best thing about it is the environmental ABS material, eliminating the need for you to fear about the dangers of your pet biting or scratching the toy.

Your family’s feline member does not have to be bored all day while you are at work and the kids are at school. They can be entertained on their own with the right kind of automatic cat toy.

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