The Best Cat Water Fountain

The Best Cat Water Fountain: What You Need To Know Before Purchasing One

Having a water fountain for your cat at home brings a number of benefits. It is good for your pet as well as yourself in many ways. Since there is a lot of options in the market nowadays, it will be easy for you to find one.

Before going out there though, you should get yourself equipped. You must determine why you wish to purchase one. You need to be aware of the different specifications to be considered for your new water fountain. You should also be knowledgeable about its installation, maintenance and possible repair required.

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Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

Best Cat Water Fountain

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How Do Water Fountains Work

A cat water fountain comes with a submersible pump. It is operating from under the water. It works by drawing the water in and ejecting it out for the cat to drink from. The fountain is designed to recirculate the water. The pump, driven by electricity, is manufactured to work safely in the water.

Types Of Cat Drinking Fountains

The three types of water fountain for your pets are the following:

Charcoal Filter System

This cat fountain comes with a carbon filter. We all know how carbon works quite well in removing toxins. It eliminates the impurities in the water that leads to unpleasant odors and taste. As the water circulates in the fountain, it is going through the filter where the bad elements are removed.

The bad thing about this though is how tricky it is to clean. Bits of black charcoal get stuck easily to the reservoir. You also would have to spend on the filter replacement regularly.

Gravity System

This works using gravity flow technology. The water is drawn to the fountain’s lowest point while air pressure builds up and then pushes it back up.

This fountain type can be really messy. It does not come with a valve to turn off the storage unit. As a result, you are unable to control any spills when refilling. It also comes with a noise that you and your pet will not appreciate.

Bubbler Type

The bubbler fountain works by oxygenating the water in the fountain using its bubbling function. Its bubbling action fascinates most cats, so they love this type for that.

However, there are cats who are timider. They get scared of the bubbling action instead of enjoying it. Also, bubbling does not clean the water as much as filter systems do.

Advantages Of Having A Cat Water Fountain

Better quality drinking water

A cat water fountain equipped with an effective filter system is free from any debris and dirt. Your cat will have safer and tastier water to drink. The water is also cooler as it is constantly moving. The presence of oxygen in it also adds to its cooler temperature.

Practice predator skills

Moving water will appear like prey in action to your pet. The ripples created by the water’s movement will indicate the presence of fishes. This will stimulate the predatory instincts of your pet and encourage them to drink more water.

A healthier cat

Cats will be motivated to drink a lot of water. This means they will have an ample supply of fluid required to have a healthy body. In addition to that, you are sure that your pet is consuming bacteria-free water. This lessens, if not eliminates, the possibility of dehydration, kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, and other ailments.

Easy maintenance

Keeping the water fountain clean is not a daunting task. These fountains are designed to be disassembled easily. You can then take the parts out and clean them thoroughly.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cat Water Fountain

Size of reservoir

Larger reservoirs mean less time spent refilling it and fewer chances of drying up. It is, however, essential to think about the length of time the water will remain in the reservoir. The longer it is there, the bigger the chances of bacterial growth.

Tiers and depth of bowls

The bowls in the fountain should be according to your cat’s requirements as well. Older cats and small kittens will have a hard time reaching into higher bowls. A multi-tiered fountain is a good option for households with more than one cat.

Number of spouts

Logically, more spouts will serve more cats. Therefore, fountains with more than one spout is recommended if you have more cats at home. If your pet is alone though, it matters very less which one you will choose.

The material of the bowl and spout

Usually, the bowl and spout come in different materials for you to pick from. They each come with good and bad sides, too. Plastic is durable, easier to move and lighter but scratches easily. Ceramic is safe to use in the dishwasher and can be cleaned easily. It is easy to break and quite heavy though. Stainless steel comes with durability, ease in cleaning and being lightweight but affects the water taste. You need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which option to go with.

The filter system

An essential part of the cat water fountain is its filter system. This keeps the water clean and safe to drink. If your cat is more sensitive, you can opt for a dual filter system for greater security. It is also best to pick a removable filter as it is easier to clean.

Water Source For The Fountain

It is okay to use tap water for your cat’s water fountain. However, you need to make sure that it is clean enough. The basic rule is that if you drink the tap water in your home, then your cat can do the same. It is also good to know that the fountain is equipped with a filter to purify the water further.

Best Location For The Cat Water Fountain

It is best to keep the water fountain away from the food bowl and the litter box. It should be in an easily-accessible area yet away from human traffic. Cats might feel disturbed by passersby while enjoying a sip.

It should be placed on a hard surface to keep it in place. Ideally, the said surface should be easy to clean in case of spills. You can also keep a waterproof mat under it. Since the pump needs electricity to operate, the fountain should be near a power source.

Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

Cat It Flower Fountain

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Measuring only 9.0X8.3X7.7 inches, it takes up very minimal floor space while holding up to 3 liters of water. You do not have to refill it constantly, so you have more time for other things in life. The water flows to your cat in three different ways; gentle, bubbling and streams.

Your cat will not have to sacrifice on his preferences for drinking water. It is equipped with a Triple Action Filter takes out calcium and magnesium along with the usual bacteria, dirt, and debris from your pet’s water. The first two elements can cause urinary tract diseases if accumulated in the cat’s lower urinary tract.

The material is completely free from BPA, and the fountain comes in an interesting design. You are assured of your pet’s health and well-being. It is also stress-free for the cat to use since it stands at a height that both adult cats and kittens can reach easily. It comes with a modern look and is easy to clean. You simply have to take the parts apart and clean them by hand with water and soap. There is no need to use any abrasive and chemical solutions.

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain

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This fountain actually is more like a waterfall. It comes with a stream of water that falls freely into a basin. Your pet has the choice to either go for the falling water or be contented with the one that has reached the ground. It comes with an activated carbon filter that removes unwanted entities in your cat’s drinking water. Your pet ends up with water that is clear, clean and free from bacteria and microorganisms. The filter also helps eliminate unpleasant odor and taste.

The whole fountain system is made up of BPA-free plastic material. This means it is safe in case your pet goes on a licking, scratching or biting spree with the fountain. Its parts are all dishwasher-safe, so you do not have to hand wash them unless you really have the time and energy to do so.

Veken Pet Fountain

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Equipped with three water flow settings, this will solve the problem with your picky pet. You can check your pet’s preference. The options are steady stream, steady stream plus bubbling surface and gentle bubbling surface. It comes with a compact design, taking very little space while holding 2.5 liters of water. It has a triple filter system with each of the filters made up of activated carbon, a cotton layer an ion exchange resin. Its pump’s sound is very minimal at less than 40dB.

The material is durable and free from BPA. The fountain comes with a silicone floor pad to sit on. You do not have to worry about water splashing all over the place. It is operated quite easily, and cleaning it is a piece of cake, too. All you need is warm water, some soap, and two free hands.

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Water Fountain

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This fountain comes with two bowl levels, making it ideal for households with more cats. Two bowls mean two areas to drink from. If your cat is alone, this is still a great option as he can use whichever side to drink from. The elevated bowl is at a height perfect for older cats and those with arthritis. It is equipped with a low-voltage pump submerged in the water. It operates quietly, so you do not have to worry about scaring your pet. Holding 100 ounces of water, it can help always keep your pet hydrated and safe.

BPA-free and dishwasher safe, you are left with nothing to worry about for your pet. When washing in a dishwasher though, you should keep it on the top shelf to avoid any issues.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

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Made of stainless steel, this raindrop-shaped fountain is an easy addition to any room in your home. It comes with a modern look that your guests will never think about its non-aesthetic function. Its water capacity is at 60 ounces, which your cat will definitely not finish in one sitting. It comes with a UL approved underwater pump to keep the water flow going at all times. It also has a charcoal filter for water purification, so you do not have to worry about your cat’s drinking water at all.

The two-piece assembly is easy to build up and disassemble for thorough cleaning. You can also run it through the dishwasher. If there are any buildups over time, you simply have to soak the non-electrical parts in a white vinegar solution. Probably the best thing about this model is your ability to adjust the flow in levels. There is a level on the front side of its pump which can be adjusted according to your preference.


Before going out there to get yourself a cat water fountain, you should make sure you know what you are looking for. With the overflowing number of options in the market now, it is very easy to make the wrong purchase. You and your pet will definitely not like that.

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