The Best Dog Beds Under $20

Whether you’re training your best pal to sleep in his own bed, or he has been and needs a new one badly, you’ve probably thought about how much a good bed can cost you. Or how much you’d have to shell out to get the best quality bed out there because you’re not willing to sacrifice comfort for savings.

We’ve all been there, and we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to. We’ve chosen some of our favorite beds for our canine pals that do not cost more than $20, but give the exact same amount of comfort, if not more, as the expensive ones would.

Let’s look into some of the best beds in the market for your pup.

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Common Questions & Queries, Answered

The Top 5 Best Dog Beds Below $20

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How much does an average dog bed cost?

The average cost of pet beds depends on the size, material, and overall durability of the bed. Just as there are cheaply made beds, which can still be durable by the way, there are also luxurious beds that let you splurge. Typically, beds can cost between $10 – $40. Higher quality and branded ones can cost up to $70- $350.

What is the most comfortable dog bed?

The most comfortable beds for larger dogs can differ from the most comfortable beds for smaller dogs. The level of comfort will also depend on the season. For example, larger dogs may find a higher level of cushion to be more comfortable because it can accommodate their weight without sacrificing comfort. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, may find smooth or furry beds more comfortable.

What size dog bed should I get?

That depends entirely on the size of your dog. A large breed dog will not fit in smaller beds, and will therefore not be a good choice. The same goes with a smaller dog. You should also take into consideration your dog’s sleeping habits, i.e., if he tends to curl up, etc.

Materials Of A Good Pet Bed

dog bed under 20With all the available options on the market, choosing the best pet bed can be a struggle. You’re likely to come across false claims as you’re exploring your options, and not knowing what to look for can make your search for the best bed for your pup futile. Believe me, you don’t want to be in that position.

Your foremost concern is the comfort it can give your best pal during slumber. After all, he deserves just as good a rest as you do. For comfort, quality foam does make a big difference. Don’t be surprised when you see everyone looking for memory foams, never mind how expensive they can be.

If you are on a budget, any good quality foam will do. Look for something that is around 4 – 7 inches thick, especially if you have a large pup.

What covers this foam is a different story altogether. Ripstop nylon, canvas, microfiber and sherpa fleece are excellent in making the bed durable and comfortable at the same time, and allows easy washing and drying without breaking or tearing.

Does Price Make A Difference In The Quality of A Dog Bed?

The Best Dog Beds Under $20Most of the time, when buying something, we tend to think we get what we pay for. That’s not always the case in dog beds, but it can be a factor.

If you’re eyeing two similar beds, and have concluded that the materials used are exactly the same but have different prices, chances are the difference is due to different branding. A well-known brand may have a steeper price than one that is brandless or with an unknown brand.

Checking the materials and reviews is always a good idea before concluding that the more expensive one is better in quality.

That said, some beds can have better quality because of the meticulous amount of details that guarantee the durability and comfort of the bed. This is important to factor in when choosing a good bed for your pups. If this makes the price of the bed a little bit higher, it would be an investment you can make to provide your pups with the best comfort.

Top 5 Best Dog Beds Below $20


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Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Sofa-Style Dog Bed

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  • Egg-crate foam base helps to evenly distribute body weight
  • Pups love the plush faux fur cushion
  • Soft, comfortable and sturdy


  • Memory foam is too soft for heavier dogs
  • Smells of a strong chemical when first opened
  • Takes up to 2 hours to extend after opening

This perfect cuddling bed for your furry pal is therapeutic, comfortable and sturdy, and can provide him with the highest quality of sleep you can hope for. Aside from an improved circulation, it also provides plenty of headrest space for whenever he needs it, as well as cozy corners if he likes snuggling a lot.

Your pup will be welcomed by the plush faux fur cushion and silken suede bolster, instantly drawing him to what can only be maximum comfort for him. He’ll be drawn to this bed in no time. If you have an elderly dog, the egg crate foam base and memory foam will allow even distribution of his weight to help ease aching joints, thus making it a therapeutic bed as well.

There’s nothing like giving your canine companion an ultra cozy, soft, plush, comfortable and relaxing space he can call his own for naps and a good night’s sleep. This bed comes in small, medium, large, jumbo and jumbo plus size options and 23 color options so you can easily match any existing interior.

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

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  • Crate and standalone options
  • Excellent to use in vehicles, couches, chairs, beds, or anything else you are trying to keep dog hairs or dirty paw prints off
  • Easy to wash


  • Reports of fuzz from the exterior of the product shedding but is not present in all
  • Not too sturdy especially for puppies or chewers
  • Fabric is thin

MidWest gives us the second pet bed in our list. This bolster pet bed can be used in crates or as a standalone bed, making it one of the most flexible options on the market. Of course, that’s taking into consideration the amount and quality of comfort it can give your pup.

Its main selling point, aside from the versatility, is its ultra soft synthetic fur that’s extremely comfortable for your furry pal. It also has a comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion where he can lay his head on after a tiring day. Whether it’s a short nap or a good night’s sleep, you can guarantee it’s as comfortable as you want it to be.

Washing is pretty easy with this bolster pet bed as well. You can throw it into your washer and dryer (on gentle cycle) and it doesn’t tear, get ripped apart, or lose its shape. You can choose from its five color options to better match your home interior, and choose from 8 different sizes if you have different sized pups that may share or have separate beds.

Furhaven Round Oval Cuddler Nest Lounger Pet Bed

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  • A perfect fit for most dogs
  • The outer wall is completely removable which is convenient for washing
  • Super cozy


  • The sides are a little stiff with a stiff foam liner
  • Requires constant re-configuring to stay snug
  • Lint tends to get stuck on it easily

Your cuddly canine pals will love how they can curl up and be comfortable as they sleep. It features a reversible tufted pillow for when they want extra cozy comfort, while its foam walls provide joint and hip comfort. This is especially handy if you have a recovering or elderly pup you’d want to be comfortable all the time.

If your pup tends to fall off of her bed a lot because of seemingly unending twists and turns, you’ll appreciate the soft walls that will keep her secure. It has fiber-filled base and thick sherpa covers that provide insulation, something that can be particularly handy in winter.

The cuddly paw print flannel exterior makes it even more desirable, and with 18 color options and small to jumbo size options, you can bet your pup’s size will find a suitable bed. The outer wall is completely removable, and it’s easy to maintain as it can be machine washed perfectly.

NOYAL Donut Soft Plush Pet Cushion

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  • Material is really soft and retains body heat
  • Sides support her head and keep out drafts
  • Faux shag fur is comfy, cozy, and perfect for snuggles


  • Has rough seams, which make it less pleasant to burrow into
  • Only best for small dog breeds
  • Better maintained if handwashed

Absolutely cute, cozy and comfy! This donut soft plush pet cushion will nest your little one best during slumber. The level of comfort is unbelievable for its price, and it even lets her burrow into and have some fun before she succumbs to the dreamy fairies and falls sound asleep. Plus, you can take it anywhere – camping, road trips, staycations, etc.

Don’t worry about your cuddly wobbly friend resting a little higher from the ground, this bed has a raised rim that provides security and even provides head and neck support. She won’t just look calm and peaceful when she sleeps, she will be calm and peaceful.

The beautiful colors add to the strengths of this bed, allowing you to accessorize effortlessly without sacrificing function, security and comfort. We love this bed and would love to have one for ourselves, and the canine pals can’t help but agree in its superiority because they just love it.

INVENHO Dog Bed Kennel Crate

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  • Soft fleece is super comfy and soothing
  • Design makes it versatile
  • Lightweight


  • Definitely not chew-proof
  • Soft material but relatively thin
  • Not anti-slip (as advertised)

Barely making it on our list, the Invenho Kennel Crate’s soft fleece is gentle on your furry pal’s vertebra and noses, providing joint, muscle and hip support and ensuring he won’t hurt his nose when he’s burrowing, stretching, or merely curling up.

It can be a bit thinner than you would expect, to be honest, but can provide comfort nonetheless. If you want something that will last you a long time, because of course comfort should not have an expiration date, this is sturdy enough to do the job. Since it’s relatively thin, handwashing would be recommended.

What we love about this bed is that it’s cheap and low maintenance, but does not overlook safety and security. It even has an anti-slip base, just in case your pup likes to move a lot and change positions when he’s sleeping. Overall still a good choice for cheaper beds our canine friends can comfortably sleep in.


Looking for a cheaper alternative to luxurious beds that provide the same amount of comfort is in no way neglecting any of your favorite paw pal’s needs. In fact, having to go through the trouble of researching just to make sure his needs are met while trying to save makes you an excellent fur parent.

We hope our suggestions can help you in making this important decision, otherwise you can also look further into the specifications of other beds that did not make it to our list. After all, no one knows your pup’s needs more than you do. At the end of the day, his comfort and safety are top priority.

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