The Costs Of Having A Dog

Dog Ownership 101: The Costs Of Having A Dog

It is unnatural and even awkward to put a price on those we love such as our pet dogs. However, it pays to be practical. Knowing and understanding the costs involved in owning a dog is essential for numerous reasons.

To start, there is the process of acquiring a dog. It is naturally worrisome to think about spending at least $500 to get a dog. Some people would suggest choosing a cheaper breed than one that you really cannot afford to pay for.

Having a dog that is healthy and well-bred entails cost a good amount. You are not just paying for the puppy in such a case. You are spending on its safe breeding and complete documentation.

As a matter of fact, the cost of getting a dog makes up for a tiny portion of the amount of money that you would be spending for a dog in its entire lifetime with you. Purchasing a dog unwisely means one that has gone through poor breeding and possibly suffering from allergies, hip issues, and behavioral problems. This can lead to more unnecessary expenses.

If you really wish to own a dog but do not have the financial capacity to afford a purebred one, your best option is an animal shelter. You have the chance of getting a healthy canine from there.

The dogs there are mixed bred but usually smarter than purebreds that are not really properly brought up. You do not have to worry about immunizations and corresponding documentation as they are available and updated for shelter dogs.

Dog ownership is a huge investment and responsibility. Having a canine pet requires spending both money and your time. You should refrain from getting a dog if you are not completely prepared to deal with its needs.

A lot of these animals end up living in misery due to unmet needs in terms of interaction with both humans and other animals, socializing, physical activities, and even the basic essentials such as a proper home. All these happen simply because they were taken in by people who are unable to provide what they have committed to when getting a dog. 

Knowledge of the costs of owning a dog leads to a serious understanding of the commitments that come with owning a dog. Nobody in his right mind will think of buying a car for $10,000 without knowing anything about the car like how to drive it or how it can be best used. Unfortunately, this is a very common behavior.

People are buying puppies without knowing a thing about its breed, its parents’ history, or its medical records. Young children are receiving baby pooches as gifts without enough information about their basic needs to the more expensive upkeep details.

Another consideration to think about when determining the costs of caring for a dog is your area of residence. Generally, a dog in the cities costs more in terms of acquiring and maintaining compared to a dog in rural areas.

You must also not forget about the several other things to spend for when you have a dog such as the fees for the veterinarian and the local licenses required from dog owners.

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