The Good And Bad Things About Sleeping with Your Feline Pet

Since sleeping is a basic necessity for everyone, you should invest in comfortable sleeping space for your cat. However, some pet owners do admit that they let their felines share their beds.

The big question is whether this is a good practice to recommend or a bad one to be avoided.
Generally, spending time with a pet animal has some positive impacts on their human owners.

This includes sleeping hours. There are some situations though where certain risks come up as an issue. You should read on and learn more about this to guide you in deciding whether your feline friend sleeps with you next time or not anymore.

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The Positive Impacts Of Sleeping With Your Cat

The Negative Impacts Of Sleeping With Your Cat

The Health-Related Concerns


The Positive Impacts Of Sleeping With Your Cat

Sleeping on the same bed with your felines can feel natural and even comforting to some point. Curling up in bed with your pets fosters a feeling of affection especially considering how sweet and cuddly they can be. A couple of benefits have been determined to result from such an arrangement.

These include an obvious decrease in the stress level, lesser anxiety, and better sleep quality. Snoozing with a pet cat beside you do result in a calm and relaxing day’s end.

The Negative Impacts Of Sleeping With Your Cat

A common issue about sleeping with your cat is how different their body clocks are from yours. They are technically crepuscular, so they are at the peak of their active selves during the dawn. They are bound to bother your sleepy self as they start to go about with their day.

This results in disrupted and even lack of sleep for you. The ray of sunshine in this situation is the tendency for most cats to adjust to their owner’s sleep patterns. After some time, they become used to your cycles and will follow it as well.

On the opposite side, you might end up copying their patterns, and it is not a healthy thing for you.

The Health-Related Concerns

Another important issue is the health problems that can arise from the situation.

Topping the list of medical issues related to cats is the allergic reactions that people develop when in contact with these felines. One of the effective solutions to this is to keep certain parts of the house inaccessible to your pets. They can be made to sleep elsewhere instead.

In addition to that, cats are all over the place all day. They are bound to unknowingly carry dirty particles in their body hair and paws. Some debris from their litter box can end up on your bed. You definitely do not want such things to be so near your body.

To top all of that, cats usually serve as breeding grounds for parasites that can range from simple fleas to worms and other bacteria. These are harmful not only to your pets but to you and your family members as well.

You should work on eliminating them right away. Even though animal to human transmission is quite low, it is still possible. You do not want to put anyone’s health in danger, especially the kids and elderly people in the house.


The answer to whether sleeping with your cat is safe or not is not black and white. Incorporating common sense in the equation can lessen the possible problems though. Regular pet grooming, daily home cleaning, and constant handwashing should be enough.

You can add a monthly vet clinic visit for your pet to ensure everyone’s well-being. After all, a healthy cat means no negative effects of sleeping with your cat. You will end up with the benefits of doing so.

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