According to countless researches, it is never safe for both humans and animals to be exposed to secondhand smoking. This is true and irrelevant to the level of exposure. An estimate of more than 50,000 people in the US dies due to secondhand smoking.  More than 4million young people are exposed to it. Almost 30% of the population of pet owners are either smoking or living with someone who smokes. The figures are alarming considering how deadly it is to be exposed to smoking. There are studies also showing the health-related risks among animals as a result of secondhand smoking. These include allergies, lung or nasal cancer, lymphoma, and respiratory problems.

One of the topmost toxic substances for pet animals is tobacco. The nervous systems of your domesticated felines are impacted negatively by the nicotine coming from secondhand smoking. Basically, there is a compound in the smoke from cigarettes that can result in cancer. Therefore, pet owners who smoke or live with someone who does should make an effort to keep the pet separated while the smoking sesh is on.

Effects Of Smoking On Felines

A study in 2002 showed the risk of cancer in pets due to smoke. Since cats or dogs do not smoke by themselves, they get the toxins from their humans who do. Based on the results of this study, it was determined that cats who live with smokers have a higher tendency of developing malignant lymphoma than their pals who live in smoke-free abodes. This condition is a type of cancer in cats. It can kill 3 out of 4 cats who have it.

Felines are highly vulnerable to toxins because of their natural behaviors. They are constant and thorough groomers. When doing so, they end up licking their fur that has just been recently exposed to tobacco smoke. As a result, they easily intake the toxin and get their internal system in contact with it.

In addition to that, there is the subtle inhalation of carcinogen-laden air. There is also the possibility of ingesting cigarette butts, which come with high nicotine content. Some people extinguish their used up a cigarette in water, which cats drink up.


With all these scenarios bringing negative and even deadly impacts on your pet, you should make an effort to avoid these possibilities. Your cats are dependent on you being your pets, so it is your responsibility to ensure that they have a safe and smoke-free place to call home.  

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