The Way to Pet Your Feline Properly

Cats do not come with a manual. When it comes to petting them, you have to know the difference between the right and wrong way to do it. Since there is no handbook on cat petting, some people are lost in the process. The goal of proper petting is to make your cat happy and your hand safe. 

Everyone who owns a cat knows how moody they can be. When they are feeling grumpy, it is best to steer clear of them. However, there are also times when they appear to be so endearing, but when you start stroking them, they get on their feet and aim to bite. You are caught off guard and might end up getting hurt.

So, how should they be handled?

Things To do

Every cat is different. Each one has their own likes, choices, and limitations. We cannot judge this as this is true for humans, too. You, as a cat owner, must know these preferences and use them as a guide in how you deal with your pet. However, it is a good starting point to accept the fact that no matter their varied preferences, cats generally love being scratched by their hoomans. The special spots for scratches are on the cheeks, behind the ears, under the chin, and at the tail’s base.

You can observe your pet as they go about their day and see how they rub their faces against the couch several times a day. They enjoy it. Actually, the act is not about the couch but about getting their faces in contact with something. They get pleasure from the act and also leave a scent behind. The small secret is that cats enjoy getting stroked in the parts of their bodies where their scent glands are located.

You can engage in a little trial and error as long as you keep your focus on the mentioned areas below the chin right where the cat’s skull meets the jawbone, behind their whiskers on the cheek and behind the ears. You have most likely seen at least one of the signals from your pet but did not pay attention to it. A good example is how a cat curves the backbone when touched on the back in order to guide the hooman’s hand to their tail’s base. This is how they want it.

Things To Avoid

If you do not wish to get your hand in peril, you should avoid one thing when petting your cat. You should not rub their belly. It is a vulnerable part of their body, and they hate it. You have to understand the fact that cats are natural predators. It is in their system to protect and fight, so they are always quick in fighting for protecting their weak spots.

There is no denying how cute cats are when they start rolling on their backs as if inviting you to give them a scratch on the below. You should remember to expect getting gnawed. This is part of their nature. There might be some expectations at one point, but in the end, it is all just about the quality time you get to spend together.

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