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Tom and Jerry: Will They Ever Be Friends?

Many people are puzzled about the relationship between cats and their lifelong foes. Everyone knows about the common notion about the animosity between these two species.

However, it is not really black-and-white. There is a gray area in their connection that can be positive or negative.

Cats and rats have had numerous experiences together. In such times, they might not have been the best of friends. They were able to live in harmony alongside each other. However, there were also instances where one or the other ends up unwell. Mostly, it is the cat who ends up attacking its smaller enemy. There are also times when the rat has the advantage though.

Looking Back At The Past

In Ancient Egypt, cats were appreciated by the human population. This is because they are able to deal with the rats who are found in the Egyptians’ storerooms. These rodents are simply looking for their next meal. However, they are considered as pests by the Egyptians.

Because of their valuable skills, they were brought into the Ancient Egyptians’ homes and domesticated. The purpose was to help keep households rodent-free.

There were repercussions to this action that were not expected. Domestic felines were not as active in running after their prey. Their preying instincts became soft. Their interest in rodents lessened significantly.

The Possibility Of Friendship Between Cats and Rats

Actually, it is sometimes possible for these two species to exist In harmony. You read it right. They do sometimes only. This is because of a number of factors.
The cat’s breed is one thing to consider. There are breeds that are naturally stronger hunters. In fact, this is true for mice and rats, too.

Many pet owners believe that a cat’s rearing and environment have a more significant impact than its breed. If your cat has food, then there is no need to look for it. As a result, hunting becomes a form of entertainment instead. The act becomes less valuable to the cats as it is not related to survival anymore.

It has been observed on several occasions that cats and rats are able to co-exist peacefully. With some training, they can even be made to live conjointly. In some cases, they even end up like siblings.

In short, cats and rats can be friends. They can be together without fighting each other. However, the different conditions in a specific situation can affect this significantly.

Therefore, you should make sure that both of them are okay with each other before actually leaving them to themselves. You do not want to deal with a messy outcome later on.

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