The Top 10 Gift Ideas For a Cocker-Spaniel Owner

The Top 10 Gift Ideas For a Cocker-Spaniel Owner

Is it your friend’s birthday soon OR your parents’ anniversary next month OR your sister’s graduation from business school? If they love cocker spaniels more than any other breeds, then you do not have to go anywhere else because….

We have the list of the top 10 gift items for people who own a cocker spaniel.

If you’re short on time to go through the top 10 items I’ve picked out to help you, here are my three favorites.

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Otherwise, have a wander through the full 10 items I’ve picked out for cocker spaniel owners, you’ll know they’d love them all, but you get to choose.

You will also find some information about the cocker spaniel breed further down the article. This is to help you understand your friend, family member, or colleague and their preference for the cocker spaniel breed (they do have some quirks!).

That way you do not have to be tongue-tied when chatting with them during the gift-giving and know that you’ve “nailed it” with the perfect gift.

PS. It would make them feel good also to talk with someone who knows a little bit about cocker spaniels and understands why they love this type of dog.

Top 10 Products For Cocker Spaniel Owners

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Battat’s Pucci Pups

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Made up of a pink purse (size in inches:8x6x9) with a gold strap and printed with gold dots, a medium-sized Cocker Spaniel stuffed dog toy, and a plastic pink comb, this is the stuff that every girl dreams about.

The stuffed pup stands at a  height of eight inches, soft enough for cuddling yet sturdy enough for standing up or sitting down on its own. It can pop out of the carrier easily through the zipped mesh front.

Why You Pick This
  • Recommended for girls aged 3 years and up, it is just the right size for your baby girl who loves to play house and dog-keeping.
  • Your little girl can play anytime and anywhere. She can bring it wherever she goes as the carrier is convenient and comfortable to carry around.
  • This toy gives her a chance to practice independence, being responsible for another creature and keeping things organized.

This item is your ideal choice if you are looking to give something to a little girl who loves dogs and cocker spaniels to be exact. It is also a good option to give to a cocker spaniel owner who has a young daughter who can play with this toy set.

Parents appreciate the things that people do for their children. You can be sure of how happy and grateful your friend or sibling will be if he or she loves cocker spaniel and will receive this gift for his or her daughter

Cocker Spaniel Ceramic Coffee/Tea Mug

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This cup is the ideal vessel to that hot beverage that opens up everyone’s day. It is 100% ceramic with the design printed in the USA with a glossy finish and zero lead content. It can hold up to 11 ounces of liquid

Why You Pick This
  • Its ceramic material is of the highest quality, ensuring safety for both hot and cold drinks.
  • It comes with vibrant and long-lasting colors printed with the use of a heat press, so you do not have to deal with the colors and prints fading or coming off
  • It can be used in microwaves and dishwashers without causing any risk or potential harm on anyone’s health

For someone who loves cocker spaniels, the next best thing to their own cocker spaniel pet is waking up to a cocker spaniel printed mug that contains their morning coffee. This cup is a great gift idea for anyone in your life who loves this dog breed specifically.

Kissing-Cocker-Spaniel-In-Teacups Magnetic Salt And Pepper Shakers Set

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Probably one of the best conversation pieces a home will ever have, this set is a delight for all cocker spaniel lovers.

Made up of two very cute representations of the real-life cutie pups, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

You have the functionality you need out of salt and pepper shakers, and then you have the added visual value of two fun fur babies.

Why You Pick This
  • The material is of the highest quality ceramic, which is not only durable but also completely safe for direct contact with food.
  • Its lovely and unique design is packed nicely to be the ideal gift item for any occasion
  • It is an amazing addition to your kitchen countertop or dining table setup, a conversation-starter, and a visual delight.

A cocker spaniel owner would definitely love seeing his pet anywhere and everywhere. There is, therefore, no better way to lift up their appetite than having their beloved pet represented on the dining table.

Giving them this set as a gift will surely make them enjoy being in their dining area more, probably second to the couch where cuddling with his cocker spaniel pet is more comfortable.

All-You-Need-Is-Love-And-A-Cocker-Spaniel Wooden Standup Sign

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This wooden signage can serve as a wall decoration to hang in any room, in the living room for everyone else to see or in the bedroom to serve as a personal reminder. It can also stand up on its own on the shelves or your side table.

This is a constant reminder that love and cocker spaniels are on the same level of importance for someone who owns and cares for a cocker spaniel.

Why You Pick This
  • It is made of sturdy wood with measurements of 5x6X1.5 inches, perfectly fitting the areas for decoration in your home.
  • The printed text presents the fun tone of Beatles’ popular tunes All You Need Is Love followed by the meaningful line of how cocker spaniels are as valuable as love itself.
  • Its rustic design makes for the perfect base to highlight the love for a cocker spaniel. In addition to being an everyday home decor, it is also a great prop for your cocker spaniel’s next photoshoot.

A must-have for every cocker spaniel lover, your family member, or friend will surely tear up when receiving this gift. It can bring about an emotional reaction with love and cocker spaniel on one page, so you should be ready with a  relevant line or joke to break the ice.

This is a gift that will touch the sentimental side of any cocker spaniel loving person.

Cocker-Spaniel-Dog-Mom Mug

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This is another option to give your family member, friend, or colleague who loves both coffee and cocker spaniel. This is more specifically suited to pet moms though as the print points out.

If your mom, sister, girlfriend or any other ladies in your life owns or simply likes cocker spaniels more than other dog breeds, then this is a gift item that you should seriously consider giving. You can choose between the 11-ounce vessel or its bigger 15-ounce counterpart.

Why You Pick This
  • Its ceramic material makes for a glossy and attractive finish, which is also easy to wash and keep clean.
  • The image is printed on both sides of the mug, a proud declaration of being an owner, lover, and mother of a cocker spaniel.
  • The mug is manufactured in the US, giving you an assurance of its quality.

For the ladies in your life who own a cocker spaniel, there is no better title than the text printed on this mug. You will surely make her happy, whatever the occasion may be. She will treasure this gift as a representation of her designation as a cocker spaniel mom.

Cocker-Spaniel-Dog Black-And-White Figurine

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An independently-standing figurine, this features the cocker spaniel dog breed that is a favorite of many.

This three-dimensional representation of the dog is created by hand-painting on a resin material, resulting in a realistic version of your relative’s or friend’s canine pet.

Why You Pick This
  • It is created with attention to the most minute details, resulting in a very authentic illustration of a cocker spaniel
  • Its size is approximated at 4inches by 5 inches, making it the perfect addition to home decor highlighting the love for this specific dog breed.
  • Representing one of the most loved and interesting breeds, this is truly a personalized item to be treasured by a cocker spaniel lover.

For someone who treasures a cocker spaniel dog in his life, there is nothing more touching than receiving a replica of that beloved pet.

Whether we are talking about a family member, a close friend, or a distant relative, they will definitely appreciate receiving this as a gift from you.

Checkerboard Blue Cocker Spaniel 2 Cup Holder Car Coaster Set

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Driving with their favorite pet might not always be possible for some cocker spaniel loving people because of one reason or another. Having them around for the drive is still possible with these cocker spaniel designed coasters for their cars’ cup holders.

They come in different colors like yellow, blue, and pink, to name a few. The checkered print adds a playful hint which reminds the owner of his pet’s personality.

Why You Pick This
  • The set contains two coasters made from sandstone material, which comes up with sturdy and fully absorbent protection from the impacts of spilled liquids.
  • It is designed with a cutout portion for ease in removing the cup from its holder. This helps eliminate the worries of creating a wet mess in your car.
  • This product is 100% made in the USA, specifically coming from its storage in Mobile, Alabama.

Your sibling, buddy or workmate will truly feel how special they are for you when you present them with this gift. It means that you have really thought about them when purchasing the item as you did not only consider their needs when driving but also their love for their pet dog.

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Unisex Socks

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Probably most ideal for gifting during the Yuletide season, it still works for other occasions though. Your cocker spaniel loving pal will surely still love every bit of it.

It offers the comfort and coziness of home, right beside their beloved pets. This is highlighted even more with the 24 faces of the favorite dog breed woven on each pair.

Why You Pick This
  • It is the product of stepping up the game as it is woven with the use of 200 needle count machines, which is way beyond the common norm of 144 needle count.
  • Made up of 65% cotton of the best quality, it is very comfortable and soft to the feet.
  • They are completely safe to be washed in a machine, eliminating the worry that comes with the thought of handwashing.

Whether he is indoors lounging with his pet or outside wearing his shoes, it is almost as if his cocker spaniel is tattooed on his skin with this pair of socks.

Your pal will surely have a quirky smile of gratefulness not only for your generosity but more for your thoughtfulness in giving something that reminds him constantly of his cocker spaniel.

I-Love-My-Cocker-Spaniel Bone Car Magnet

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This magnet measures 2 inches by 7 inches, sticking on anything that is made of metal. It is made in the US and of top quality material.

Shaped like a large bone, it is the perfect symbol of someone’s love for a dog. It has a very strong magnetic pull, so it lives up to its function and purpose.

Why You Pick This
  • It is made of 0.30 weight magnet material, so it sticks to anything metallic. Aside from the car, it can also be used on refrigerators and metal mailboxes.
  • With the printing in high gloss UV ink, the output is a nice declaration of love.
  • The design is simple but striking and cool to the eyes.

Having this magnet on their car or mailbox will bring around a feeling of pride over their pet dog. Since it is made with durable material, they get to have it for a longer time around.

This is a great alternative to the common car stickers. Your friend does not have to deal with sticky spots that stickers leave when they fade away. This magnet can withstand strong winds and even snowy days.

Cocker Spaniel Funny Shirt

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This gift item is all about wearing what you love for your cocker spaniel loving buddy. With easy maintenance by machine wash and low heat drying, it is all about being comfortable and chilling.

It is the perfect conversation starter among pooch-lovers and even with others who are not really into dogs. The witty print is a great pick-up line.

Why You Pick This
  • It is available in three different fit types, five varied colors and a wide range of sizes to suit the person you wish to give it to.
  • The print is a clever and cool line coupled with an exciting combination of hues that is sure to catch anyone’s attention.
  • Made of lightweight material, it comes with a bottom hem and double-needle sleeve

Receiving this gift will surely bring about emotions of the positive type. Any pup mom or dad will be very happy to don such a fun tee.

All About The Cocker Spaniel Breed

Holding the top popularity spot in the US for many years, the cocker spaniel flaunts a lovable image with its big eyes and lush ears.

They are playful and cheerful by nature, which is why they are a favorite of young dog-lovers. They have become very able companions for many but can also be trained to engage in sporting activities

  • Size is big enough with a sturdy and solid body to support its energetic disposition
  • Compact enough to be easy companions even for long travels
  • Very flexible, adapting to limited spaces as much as to larger lawns
  • Affectionate to human owners and friendly to fellow canines
  • Smart and easy to train

A Look At The Historical Background Of The Cocker Spaniel Breed

Spaniels, which were believed to come from Spain, were helpers of bird hunters during the time when the activity employed the skills of hunting dogs and the use of nets.

They were initially classified as either land spaniels or water spaniels until the 19th century when specific breed classification started.

  • A specific breed was assigned as a cocker spaniel because it resembled the woodcock.
  • Cocker spaniels were determined to be in between the English Springer Spaniels and the English Toy Spaniels in terms of size.
  • In America, the cocker spaniel breed was further divided into two groups, the American and the English.
  • The latter is taller and has a longer head and less profuse coat.
  • In 1940, the American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel were registered in the Kennel Clubs of Canada and England. The American Kennel Club followed suit in 1946 with the American Cocker Spaniel registered as Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel as English Cocker Spaniel

The popularity of the cocker spaniel started in the 1940s when a representative of the breed was awarded in two consecutive years as the Westminster’s Best in Show.

The breed was further highlighted in the following decade after being cast in the popular Lady and the Tramp plus Vice President Richard Nixon’s pet cocker called Checkers.


It is not easy to buy something for another person no matter how close you are to each other. For people who have developed a deep connection with their pets though, the answer is obvious.

They will not be as easily pleased when receiving a gift for themselves than they would be when you hand them something that is relevant to their favorite animals.

My Personal Favorite

When it comes to family, friends, colleagues, or even mere acquaintances who love cocker spaniels or own one, I would choose to give them the No products found..

Nothing beats the sentimental value of this gift item as it highlights their role and importance in the lives of their pups. As they say, to the world a mother is simply someone but to her children, she is the world. This applies to pet moms, too.

The No products found. is also a great option as I would definitely be proud to shout my love for my pet to the world. Since the kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house, I would also love to have the Kissing-Cocker-Spaniel-In-Teacups Magnetic Salt And Pepper Shakers Set with me while doing my chores.

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