Top 10 Gift Items For Your Pug-Loving Buddy


If you are looking for a gift for your family member or friend or workmate who likes or owns a pug, then you are in the right place. The idea of gift-giving seems simple, but it is definitely not an easy task. However, It is your lucky day today because we have exactly what you need.

Your pug-loving pal will definitely appreciate any of the top 10 gift items that we will present to you in this article.

In case you are in a real hurry and don’t have the time to read through the list of 10 top items here, you can check out my top three favorites.

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When looking for a gift to give to someone, you are going to be facing a number of challenges. Some people are picky while others will tell you that they do not want anything or do not know what they want.

If that person is a pug-lover or pug-owner, then all you have to think about is to read on. You will find out what the top 10 gifts that you can give.

In addition, you will be delighted to learn a little bit more about pugs further in this article. You do not have to be speechless simply because you don’t know anything about this dog breed. 

Having tiny pieces of information about these dogs can make way for a pleasant conversation. There are some interesting facts about them, too! 

Top 10 Gift Items For Pug Owners

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Loomiloo Makeup Bag


This makeup bag is printed with the face of the very breed that your buddy loves and the words I love PUGS in striking colors. It is made of soft polyester fabric. Measuring 8.65X5.35X.78 inches, it is the perfect purse to carry a  lady’s makeup or a gentleman’s shaving paraphernalia. Whether you’re giving it to a teenage girl, a professional female, or a traveling man, it is a functional item that will surely be appreciated.

Why You Pick This
  • This roomy bag has ample space for essentials of daily use or small items to bring out to the gym or for business and leisure trips
  • The outer material is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about getting your stuff wet and damaged.
  • Its pug design is fun and clear in 3D printing.

When this gift lands on the receiver’s hand, you are sure to receive huge appreciation. Your pal will be in gratitude for getting such a useful yet nice item that bears the beloved dog breed’s very face.

Pug Dog Wine Bottle Holder


A friend who owns a pug and fancies a bottle of grape juice occasionally will truly be excited to receive this gift. Shaped like a pug dog, this figure is designed to keep a bottle in place artistically. It stands 6-inches tall, 10.25 inches in length and 4.5 inches deep. With this interesting piece, keeping the bottles in any other way is just so boring.

Why You Pick This
  • This figure is made from resin, painted by hand, and individually polished.
  • It resembles a pug in every line and detail. It comes with the popular wrinkled face, tail in a curl, and all the extra flab right where they are supposed to be.
  • Coming from an exclusive collection, it makes for the perfect centerpiece for any parts of a home but especially for the dining table and anywhere in the wine cellar.

With this pug statue keeping the bottle in place, your pal will surely gleam with delight. He will feel the pride of having such a unique piece of art in his home. On top of that, his own real-life pug is immortalized in this figure.



If your friend loves a game of Monopoly and owns a pug, then you have hit the jackpot with this item. This is a game that even the kids can play with, using the most basic instructions and guidelines of the ages-old game of Monopoly.

Why You Pick This
  • This is the ultimate classic game that everyone knows but with a twist of pug that your friend will be excited about.
  • It can be played by two people for a one-on-one battle or between 6 players for the whole family’s game night.
  • There is the option for either traditional play or the one-hour version of the game.

Whether it is someone in your family, social circle or the workplace, a pug-love is going to be delighted to be gifted with this item. It is not limited to that person only as he can share it with his family. Above it all, it’s all about pugs all throughout the game. There is no better reason than that to be above the clouds when given the Pug-Opoly.

Flopsie Pug-Ger


Who does not want to sleep in with their beloved pug? When that is not possible for one reason or another, a fluffy alternative is always more than welcome. This is where the plush Flopsie Pug-Ger is the best gift you can ever give. Measuring 12 inches ready for cuddles, it chooses no specific age.

Why You Pick This
  • This is made from high-quality materials that make it fluffy to hug and soft to touch.
  • Filled with beans, the toy naturally remains stable and undamaged despite all the tight hugs and playful deeds
  • It comes in a natural pose that real pugs  take and have life-like colors for a genuine feel.

When your friend’s pug is away, he will be able to enjoy the cuddles with this realistic toy. He would be missing his dog a little less. If he has kids, this is also something he can share or hand over to them.  

Pug Home Slippers


This is another ideal gift for the ladies in the house. Whether it is your wife, girlfriend or simply a female friend who are into pugs, they will be very glad to be handed this soft and plush home slippers. They might even want to use this outdoors, but it is best for keeping the feet warm on a winter night after a long day.

Why You Pick This
  • This slippers set offers the ultimate comfort to tired feet with its soft material and wool-like lining. It accommodates even extra wide feet.
  • Its soles come in a wraparound design and contrast stitching, so you get the anti-skid protection.
  • The pug design replicates how cute and fun this dog is known to be.

Your mate will have nothing but appreciation for this gift. It is not only a lovely depiction of their beloved canine but also a very functional item. They will definitely have fun wearing it around their own pug, who might be wondering about its lookalike in the house.

Pug Life Water Bottle


Keeping the kids healthy and hydrated does not have to be an arduous task. If the little ones have pet pugs, they are definitely going to like this water bottle that comes with their dog’s replica. With its size perfectly fitting their backpack side pockets, they are assured of clean drinking water anytime. Whether they are headed for school, sports practice, or any other activities, their pug’s face, and water supply are always available. This is an ideal gift for kids and teens with its 24-ounce capacity. It is equipped with a carry loop that fits two fingers conveniently and also carabiner-attachable as an additional option. Its ice guard chug cap is perfect for adding ice cubes to the water without worrying about them hitting the face when drinking.

Why You Pick This
  • This is a BPA-free water bottle made from Eastman Tritan premium plastic, so there is no worry about chemical dangers.
  • Safe for the Earth and environment, this water bottle is reusable, lessening the amount of non-biodegradable waste. 
  • Made by a family-owned business in Ohio, this product comes with the assurance of excellent craftsmanship and customer service. 

This is your best choice to give to a kid who likes or owns a pug. They will surely be so giddy to receive this item from you, no matter what the occasion is. 

Pug Fleece Blanket


There is no better way to stay close to one’s pet pug than getting comforted by a replica of their looks. This cozy, lightweight and soft piece of cloth bearing the pugs and hearts prints is perfect for any occasion. It helps you spend quality time with family by the living room fireside or get a good night’s sleep. It is pretty easy to clean with the basic washing and drying instructions. The cloth does not shrink or wrinkle, and the prints do not fade easily. 

Why You Pick This
  • It comes in four different sizes; twin and throw for lounging in the living room while queen and king for deep comfortable sleeping in the bedrooms. 
  • The fabric is made from 100% polyester, which is safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Its pugs and hearts prints are the perfect last touch to making this blanket a coveted gift item.

Whoever receives this will love it. He will definitely be very glad to have an image of his beloved pug with him even in his sleep.

Snug-As-A-Pug Pajama Set


Snuggling up in pajamas that are printed with your favorite pet is simply delightful. It is not something only the little ones will enjoy. Whether lounging around in the house or seriously sleeping, this pair of jammies is the best outfit for the occasion. It is comfortable and soft, giving your body a nice and warm feeling to get it all relaxed. 

Why You Pick This
  • It is sold as separate top and bottom pieces, so you can pick each one separately and get them in the sizes that fit perfectly. 
  • For optimal comfort, it comes with a room design, a plush-backed elastic waistband, a pocket, and a drawstring to keep it secure., 
  • Make of 100% premium cotton, which means topmost quality material and no worries about the possibilities of shrinking clothes.

This pajama set is for women, so it is best to give to your female family members or friends who have pugs. Since ladies are emotional beings, they would love how you take note of the detail. You will surely have their heart with this simple yet valuable gift item.

Pug Women’s Crew Socks


Who does not need or want at least one pair of crew socks for themselves? It is a must-have for everyone. For those who love pugs, this is one of the best things they would have in their lifetime. It is made with 63% cotton, 34% nylon, and 3%, and sold in a pair.

Why You Pick This
  • It comes in different colors and adorned with adorable pugs printed all over each sock.
  • It is easy to maintain through the cold-water machine wash and dry low tumble.
  • Its crew cut is designed to sit right at the calf and it has a welt cuff that adjusts by itself.

Whether you intend to give this to an adult or a youngster, it will be received with great appreciation. It is not only functional but very pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to wear.

Loomiloo Hemp Backpack


Made for the girls because of its color and design, this backpack can hold a schoolgirl’s daily stuff or a lady’s overnight items. It is 8.26×4.72×9.84 inches in size and comes with 1 main pocket with one compartment, two side pockets and one front zipper pocket.

Why You Pick This
  • This bag, including its zippers’ heads, is made with 100% polyester of high quality, making it completely durable and persevering.
  • It is ideal for any season of the year, for girls to ladies, for cosmetics and accessories to books and clothes.
  • It is flexible and can serve as a mini backpack for adult women and kids backpack for young girls.

Your pug-loving lady friend or younger sister will adore you for giving them this gift. Aside from being a really useful item in their daily lives, it also bears the printed version of their favorite pups.

Everything You Need To Know About Pugs

You cannot go into battle without proper weapons. You cannot hand that gift without engaging in a lovely discussion. Below are basic information about pugs that will go a long way in keeping the conversation lively.

  • Small but full, they are the perfect house dog no matter where you reside, who you live with or how many pups are in your home. 
  • They are adorable in their facial expressions that convey a range of feelings from being happy to surprised to simply curious.
  • Born with a penchant for food, they need to be monitored as the tendency to be obese is quite high.
  • Easy to train, charming and generally outgoing, they easily capture anybody’s attention and heart.
  • One of their assets is their eyes, but these are also one of their weaknesses as they are prone to eye-related illnesses.

Pugs are small yet muscular and characterized by a big round head, huge sparkly eyes and wrinkling brows. They thrive in moderate climates.

A Quick Look At The Pug’s Past

The Pug Dog’s ancestry is traced back to 2,000 years ago. Together with its fellow flat-faced friends, the Pekingese and Shih Tzu, the Pug is a favorite of ancient Chinese royalty.

They entered the global scene when the Dutch traders went home from the East bearing a few pugs in the 1500s. Holland’s Royal House of Orange is represented by the pug as its mascot. This is after a pug saved the life of the Prince of Orange by warning him of the Spanish troops’ attack. The pugs of  William and Mary of Orange were with them when they came to England to take over the monarchy. This started the trend of owning pugs among the British population.

Pugs are known by different names in different places. Below are some of them.

  1. Lo-sze in China
  2. Mopsi in Finland
  3. Doguillo in Spain
  4. Mophonds in Netherlands

The name pug, however, has no confirmed origin. There are theories though that it is derived from “pugnus”, the Latin word for fist, which the pug’s face resembles as reported by many.


Getting a gift for your pal who loves or owns a pug might feel like a daunting task with the many options around. If you focus on their affection for this breed though, then you will surely find one that would make them happy.

My Personal Preference

If I have to choose between the 10 items, my first choice is the No products found.. It is such a unique piece of art, and nothing would make me happier than seeing a lifelike version of my fur baby.

My next preference is the No products found. for its functionality and the chance to flaunt it. Last, but definitely not the least, is the No products found. to help me keep myself constantly hydrated and always healthy.

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