Top 10 Gift Items To Give A Shetland Sheepdog Owner


The happier the pup, the happier is the owner. This is the perfect way to describe giving a gift to someone in your life who loves a dog. If your loved one is the owner of a shetland sheepdog, you are in exactly the right place. We have organized the top 10 gift items for shetland sheepdog owners and lovers right here.

If you need the list quickly, you can refer to my top three favorites.

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If you have the luxury of time, you should go through each of the 10 items and decide which one is most suitable for you to give.

Very much like parents, dog owners do not want anything for themselves when the occasion of gift-giving comes around. They will not spill the beans when asked what they want. You have to realize by yourself that getting them something related to their dog’s breed is the best way to go. 

When you think about it, this is quite taxing. You would have to check numerous pet shops. They might not have anything related to the specific breed your loved one has. It is your luck that we have compiled a list of the top options you can choose from.

Top 10 Gift Items For Shetland Sheepdog Owners

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Sheltie Car Decals

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This pack of 2 stickers with the face of a Sheltie made by Dean Russo is going to get your pal excited. It comes in very colorful hues and a vibrant design that represents your pup’s fun personality to a tee. This eye-catching piece of art transcends beyond simply being a sticker. It is your Sheltie immortalized. 

Why You Pick This
  • It is very easy and simple to apply and remove. Anyone can do it by following the given instructions.
  • Because of its multi-color design, it suits your car no matter its hue.
  • Whether it’s summer or winter, this will stay strong amidst snow, storm, sun, and even the constant of windshield wipers.

Someone who owns a sheltie would be very proud to drive around with such a stand-out piece of art right on their vehicles. It is a declaration to the world of their love for their Shetland sheepdog.

Shetland Sheepdog Throw Pillow Covers

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Printed with a Shetland sheepdog on a fine spring day, this throw pillow cover brings nothing but good mood to the room. It measures 45x45cms, perfect for cuddles or simple playtime with family members and canines at home. 

Why You Pick This
  • It is made of cotton and linen materials that wick humidity and sweat away.
  • The make and material are durable to withstand mild action and banters. It comes with an invisible zipper for a clean finish.
  • No extra effort required for cleaning and drying. It can be machine-washed and line-dried.

Your pal who owns a sheltie will definitely enjoy having his dog on display on this pillow cover. He gets to show off his pet to guests, too, even when the sheltie is not available to meet them personally.

Whispy Plush Stuffed Animal

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Douglas Cuddle Toy’s Whispy is all about being a Shetland Sheepdog. It is the answer to the kids’ need for seemingly unlimited hours of cuddles and plays. It replicates the Sheltie breed with its coat color, black sculpted nose, tipped ears, and expressive eyes. It stands 16 inches long and is surface-washable.

Why You Pick This
  • It is made of high-quality plush material and soft polyester fill that creates a soft yet durable playtoy.
  • Any kid 2 years and older can play with this version of Sheltie.
  • The design is created by Douglas Cuddle Toys based in Keene, New Hampshire.

If your buddy has kids and a Sheltie, then this is the perfect birthday (or any other occasion) gift. He might not be the one to enjoy this toy, but he will be very happy for his kids to play with their own version of his Sheltie. 

3D Sheltie Dog Coffee Mug

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This mug from WEY&FLY is perfect for coffee, milk, tea, or any hot drinks for your Sheltie-loving buddy. It is made from ceramic and glazed and fired at 1200 degrees Celsius. This makes it very durable and resistant to both cold and hot temperatures. It is very easy to clean, too.

Why You Pick This
  • It is made with excellent craftsmanship with each shape formed, sculpted and painted by hand.
  • Created from heavy ceramics exposed to very high temperatures to make this mug ready for both sides of the thermometer.
  • It is uniquely designed with smooth edges and an output that is all about your Sheltie’s cuteness.

Coffee and Sheltie is one of the best combinations for someone who owns a Shetland sheepdog. He will be excited to receive such a gift and giddy to wake up the next day for a cup of his morning drink in his favorite dog breed mug.

All-You-Need-Is-Love-And-A-Sheltie Wooden Sign

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This wooden box measuring 5 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick is a clear declaration of one’s love for his Shetland Sheepdog. Its rustic design allows for it to easily blend in well in whatever setup. It is perfect as an additional decor to any parts of one’s abode and can also be a photoshoot prop.

Why You Pick This
  • There are two options for utilizing this decor; hanging it on the wall or letting it stand on a shelf or table
  • It is made of high-quality wooden material that fits well as a home interior decor.
  • With a distressed dark background, the printed words come out clearly and in a simple style.

Receiving an item that declares the love for Sheltie is an utter delight for your pal. He will be on his feet right away to check where it is best to add this lovely piece.

Shetland Sheepdog Unisex Socks

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Whether in the winter or summer, cool nights call for the warm feet that only socks can bring. These unisex socks are printed with the favorite dog breed, doubling the warm feelings it brings. They are machine washable and colorful.

Why You Pick This
  • Made from fine quality cotton, these socks are soft to the touch and comfortable to use.
  • Each sock comes printed with 20 to 24 Sheltie faces. 
  • It is made using 200 needle count machines instead of the usual 144 needle count.

Your pal is sure to love this gift. It will make him think of happily lounging and feeling warm on the sofa bed in front of the TV on cold winter nights.

Shelties-Are-Like-Potatoes Shirt

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Because life is too short to spend time with only one Sheltie, this shirt says it all. It is perfect for people who are raising two or more Shetland Sheepdogs as part of their families. It is not only comfortable to wear, but a great way to shout their love for their Shelties to the rest of the world.

Why You Pick This
  • This shirt is available in different colors, fit types, and sizes. You can get it for your mom or dad or both.
  • The solid colors are made from 100% cotton while the heathers are from a combination of cotton and polyester.
  • It is Lightweight with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

There is no better way to shout to the world about their love for their Shetland Sheepdog than to wear this shirt. Your buddy will be hot on his heels on finding the next best occasion to don what you have gifted him. 

Sheltie Dog Dad Mug

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This is the ultimate gift to a Shetland Sheepdog dad. Drinking his coffee, tea or even milk will become a more enjoyable experience. It is all about his favorite hot beverage in his favorite cup, boasting simply about being the parent of the fun-loving Sheltie.

Why You Pick This
  • With the text printed on both sides of the mug, there is no way anyone will miss it.
  • It is safe to use in the microwave, which is a great convenience in times when the beverage is not as hot as it should be anymore.
  • Made of ceramic, it is durable and easy to clean.

A Sheltie dad will not love anything more than this drinking cup. This will undoubtedly be one of his favorite things next to his very own Shetland Sheepdog.

Beware Guard Sheltie On Duty Signage

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There is no need to shout a warning to everyone. This signage does exactly that without the noise and effort required. Visible to any naked eye, a clear message, and durable make, you got all you need to make the announcement. Everyone else should be careful when treading into your property without proper authorization.

Why You Pick This
  • Its striking color is ready to catch and take away one’s attention fast and easy.
  • The printed text is clear and direct to the point: The dog is present and ready to protect the family and property.
  • The cardstock signboard measures 8×4.75 inches and is perfect for any indoor setting.

This is an item that your friend really needs, so if he still does not have it, then he will deeply appreciate your gesture. You, therefore, need to check first if he has this signage at home already.

Shetland Sheepdog Figurine

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For a dog owner, having numerous items with the face of their favorite canine is never enough. The collection can go on. This figurine is a lovely addition to the pretty little Shetland Sheepdog items at home. It measures 10 inches long, 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

Why You Pick This
  • It is the perfect size for the open shelves or as a centerpiece for the side or center table.
  • It is perfectly sculpted to represent the Shetland Sheepdog breed. 
  • It is the miniature version to add to a dog owner’s collection.

The recipient of this gift item will be truly delighted. He will be ecstatic to add this to his assemblage of Shetland Sheepdog stuff. 

Shetland Sheepdog 101: All About The Sheltie

Nicknamed as Sheltie, the Shetland Sheepdog looks like, and is easily confused to be, its cousin Collie. Originating from the remote and rugged Shetland Islands in Scotland, he moves quickly, obedient, and very intelligent. He is affectionate to family members and reserved with strangers, which makes him the perfect watchdog.

  • The Sheltie’s calorie consumption should be monitored because it can cause obesity especially because treats are very effective in training him.
  • This breed sheds a lot but should never be shaved because the coat serves as protection from cold and hot temperatures. An occasional bath and regular nail trimming are a must.
  • They are naturally active, enjoying activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. They are flexible and can thrive in urban residences as long as there is plenty of exercises available.
  • Easy to train coupled with intelligence, they excel in canine sports without much effort. Keeping them fenced in if in the yard and on a leash when out for a walk are necessary for their safety because they are always interested to run after anything that moves.
  • Generally, they are healthy dogs but are still prone to common disabilities such as hip problems.

The Shetland Sheepdog stands at around 13-16 inches. Though smaller, they are energetic and flexible. They share the head shape, ears, and torso of Collies, making them appear like a rough smaller version of the former.  

Backtrack: A Quick Look At Their History

As their name clearly implies, the Shetland Sheepdog hails from the northern point of the UK. The Shetland Islands’ farmers were aided by these herding dogs in managing the sheep, ponies, and poultries.

  • They were referred to as toonie dogs as farms are called toons in Shetland.
  • Since they are smaller in size, they eat less than the larger herding dogs. This is very important because of how food is limited in the islands.
  • They were out of Britain’s radar until the early parts of the 20th century.
  • They were first included in England’s Kennel Club in 1909 under the name Shetland Collie, which was later on changed to Shetland Sheepdog.
  • The first Shetland Sheepdog registered in the American Kennel Club was in 1911. It was noted how smart and compliant this dog was.


Picking a gift item that is related to the Shetland Sheepdog will never go wrong if you intend to give it to someone who owns this dog breed. He will definitely be grateful to you and at the same time, he would adore the gift. There is no better way to please him than with a gift that is related to his pet dog’s breed.

My Personal Favorite

If I have to choose from the top 10 gift items for Shetland Sheepdog owners, I would go for the No products found. because of its functionality.  


Next one is the No products found. as I really like to keep my home organized and pretty. Lastly is the No products found. because of its really cool design.

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