Top 10 Gift Items To Give Your Pomeranian Owner Friend

There is no denying the fact that a dog lover’s life revolves largely around their pet. They are quick to justify that their fur babies are family members and not just another animal.

Because of this, you cannot make them happier than giving them something related to their pets on their special days. In fact, you should not go any other way.

For your pomeranian-owning pals, we have listed down the top 10 gift items that they would surely appreciate. This will make shopping and gift-giving easier for you.

If you are tight in terms of time though, you can go directly to my top three favorites below.

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With the many options available out there, you will surely get a headache going through them. This is why today is your lucky day because we have rounded them all up and did the cherry-picking for you.

You will find the top choices to pick from. Your buddy will love all of them, but you get to choose which one is best.

Further on, you will also be given some useful tidbits about this specific dog breed. You should know a few important information about the pomeranian to start a conversation about it. Imagine your friends’ surprise to find out that you actually know more about their favorite breed than they expected.

Top 10 Gift Items For Pomeranian Owners

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Pompom Pup Plush

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This plush version of the cutie pomeranian is a favorite of many, especially for the little girls. It comes with a specialized hang tag that lists down this dog breed’s information. It is suitable for girls of varied ages.

Why You Pick This
  • It is 9 inches tall of hand stitching and 100% care
  • It is styled to be completely realistic and made of superior materials and with impeccable attention to detail
  • It comes with a silky plush and is a soft and huggable toy.

This huggable toy will bring delight to a young girl. If you are giving it to an adult with a Pomeranian dog and a young daughter, he will always look at you with grateful eyes.

Unisex Pomeranian Crew Socks

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Nothing beats quality time with family and cozy socks on winter nights. Adding a pomeranian to the mix makes it perfect. This novelty crew socks are made with the pomeranian-loving people in mind. You get to enjoy quality, comfort, and style all in one pair of foot covers.

Why You Pick This
  • Printed with your adorable pom-dog’s cute face and available in exciting colors, you get to be stylish even with your socks only.
  • It is pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so you have a pair of socks that fit great and suit everyone’s size to a tee.
  • Knitted with a 200 needle count, the stitching is denser, so these socks are finer yet stronger.

Whether a family person, a bachelor, or a kid who owns a pomeranian, your friend will be so keyed up when receiving this gift. It will make him look forward to the cold wintertime.

Pomeranian Tote Bag

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Whether it’s for a quick run to the grocery store or a simple stroll at the park, this tote bag is the perfect accessory for any pomeranian-loving human. It measures 14×15 inches without a gusset and is low maintenance for a carefree existence. Made from light to medium weight canvas, it is durable to be one’s daily companion, very much like the beloved pompom.

Why You Pick This
  • It is hand-printed in Austin, Texas with original work of art based on real rescue dog models.
  • It is amply-sized to accommodate dog treats and a couple of snacks for the humans.
  • It is the perfect accessory that is functional and at the same time showing off the love for one’s pet.

To receive this gift is a delight dedicated for special days only. Whether it is your family member or a friend, they will be torn apart between getting touched with your generosity and excited to don such a fun and cutie tote.

Pom Mom Decal

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Anyone who owns and is raising a pomeranian will always be happy to share such a fact to the world. There is no better way to do so than with these simple yet impacting decals. It is a declaration of one’s love for his beloved pet and at the same time a statement of pride for being a dog parent.

Why You Pick This
  • Made with premium-grade vinyl, it will stick around for 5 to 7 years.
  • It is made to be resistant to UV rays and harsh weather conditions, not fading even after prolonged exposure to strong elements like the sun.
  • It works with cars and other vehicles as well as laptops and other gadgets and equipment.

Driving around town with this decal is a pom mom’s sweet delight. Your mom, sister, girlfriend or any female friend will be more than pleased to receive this gift from you.

Pomeranian Salt And Pepper Shakers Set

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Cooking or making a salad is never going to be more fun than with your pompom’s miniature version around. These shakers are not only bringing salt and pepper to the dish but love and care, too. They are attached together with a magnet, so they get separated only to give some taste to the dish on hand.

Why You Pick This
  • It is functional and fun, a necessity for cooking activities, and a pleasing kitchen eye candy.
  • It is made from ceramic that is proven to be safe for food contact.
  • It makes for the perfect decorative piece for the kitchen counter or the dining table.

Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other occasion, the celebrant will be ecstatic to be given this gift. It’s a 100% perfect fit if he is into the art of food preparation, too.

All-You-Need-Is-Love-And-A-Pomeranian Wooden Standup Sign

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What better way to declare your love for your pom-pom than putting it in print? This wooden signage is a superb add-on to your pomeranian-loving abode. Measuring 6x5x1.5 inches, it fits most living room display fixtures.

Why You Pick This
  • Equipped with the hardware for hanging, it gives you the option to keep it standing on the shelves or side table or attached to the wall.
  • It comes with a distressed and rustic style that easily fits the overall indoor theme in one’s home.
  • Designed simply with direct-to-the-point words, it imparts a special meaning to someone who owns a Pomeranian.

You will surely make your pal teary-eyed with this gift. It will bring out the sentimental side of being a dog parent, which is really all about being the world to their pets.

Pomeranian Tag Metal Keychain

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Holding the key to your home or office or any place for safekeeping, it is another opportunity to have the favorite breed close by. This keyring comes with a tiny version of the pomeranian measuring 35x28mm.

Why You Pick This
  • It can be used as a keyring to organize all your keys or as a purse or bag charm.
  • Though it is a  pretty small item by nature, it is dainty and fashionable.
  • It is made from metal weighing 25grams, about as heavy as 5 nickels.

A hardcore pom-pom lover will be beaming with delight when presented with this gift item. This will surely go to his primary and most important set of keys.

Pom Mom Wine Glass

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It is never a bad time for a glass of wine, even when your fur baby is around. The pomeranian silhouette and Pom Mom text are in a durable decal that does not tear off easily. However, it is best to wash this by hand and keep away from the dishwasher to maintain its quality.

Why You Pick This

It comes in the perfect size to hold 21 ounces of your evening drink.
Made with commercial-grade vinyl film, the design will last as long as cleaning instructions are followed.
The print is simple but cute and poignant.

She does not have to be an alcoholic to appreciate wine, and she does not have to drink to enjoy having this glass. No matter which female pomeranian-loving pal you give this to, you should be ready for a warm hug of gratitude.

Pomeranian Kitchen Towels

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Another addition to the Pomeranian collection in the kitchen is this off-white towel. It is a lovely piece that comes with a functional value and an aesthetic flavor. No one can do any household chores in the cooking area without needing the assistance of a cleaning cloth after most of the tasks.

Why You Pick This
  • It is made from 100% cotton.
  • For convenient and comfortable maintenance, it is machine-washable.
  • It measures 18×26 inches, not too big nor too small.

Anyone who is handling the kitchen chores and owns a pomeranian will absolutely love this gift item. They will probably want more and will ask you to tell them where you got these towels from.

Pomeranian T-Shirt

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Wear what you love. This shirt is all about your pom pom. It is a great conversation starter and a sign of pride for dog owners. With its cool design and quality material, it can be worn for any casual occasion and in any venue.

Why You Pick This
  • It comes in six different sizes for men and women fit.
  • The cool print features the favorite pomeranian breed in varied shirt colors.
  • The material is lightweight, and the shirt is fixed with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Anyone who is raising a pompom is already proud of having such a cute pup. They would even be more proud to wear their fur baby when going out. They will undoubtedly treasure this gift from you.

All About The Pompom

A combination of a small build and a big-dog personality, the pomeranian is loved by many. They have thick double coats in numerous colors and different marks and patterns. These dogs can be trained easily, so they can become really good watchdogs.

  • The Pomeranians are prone to obesity, mostly resulting from too many treats, so their calorie consumption should be closely monitored.
  • The Pomeranians’ double coat makes them a very special breed, so this has to be maintained by frequent and proper brushing.
  • Because of their size, they can easily escape through small holes and can also be mistaken as prey by predatory breeds, so you should keep a close eye on them when outdoors.
  • Early training is required for Pomeranians to abide by house rules as they are very active and can injure themselves in the process.
  • Pomeranians, in general, are healthy dogs.

They are an active breed but can easily be maintained by short walks and indoor playtimes. They can learn tricks and play games, and they aim to be a good company to their humans at all times.

The Pomeranian In The Past

Hailing from Pomerania in northeastern Europe, the Pomeranians are the miniature version of the Arctic’s spitz sled dogs.

  • They were bred from their bigger and bulkier cousins hundreds of years ago.
  • Also referred to as Zwergspitz in other countries, they are the tiniest of the spitz breed, but they have this natural elegance and regal presentation. This quality gets them easily related to royalty.
  • One of the first pomeranian breeders that catapulted them into the height of fame is Queen Victoria. She fell in love with them in Italy and went home to Britain with Poms in hand. She is also responsible for making pom poms smaller. Turi, her favorite one, was reported to keep vigil by the Queen’s deathbed in 1901.
  • Other famous figures who owned a pomeranian include Mozart and Marie Antoinette.


Giving your pomeranian-owner friend a gift item that bears relevance to his dog is the absolute way to go. They will definitely appreciate receiving anything that has their dog’s face on it.

My Personal Favorite

As a fan of anything functional, I like the No products found. a lot.

It is very useful to carry my pet’s belongings when going for a walk or the park. It is definitely something I would like to give to any friend of mine who owns a Pomeranian.

Next in line is the No products found. simply because I enjoy lounging comfortably at home during cold nights. The No products found. is also nice to have as I would definitely be proud to wear my pet on me when out and about.

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