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Top 10 Gifts For Bernese Mountain Dog Fur Parents

So an event is coming up and you have no idea what gift to bring, but you also don’t want to show up empty handed. You turn to your closest family and friends for tips, but you know in your mind there’s no one better to ask than the celebrant herself… but that ruins the element of surprise. What do you do?

You can do one simple thing: find out if she has a dog. If luck favors you and it turns out that she does, your seemingly unending search has to come to an end. Fortunately for you, if she is a proud parent of a Bernese Mountain Dog, we’ve looked into some of the best gifts she can receive on any occasion.

Bernese Mountain DogFrom lanyards to paintings, we’ve taken the luxury of compiling our own list of favorite gift items for Bernese Mountain Dog fur parents that can make your search for the best one so much easier. If you’re unable to sit through the entire article, you can read about my absolute favorite here.

If you’re also curious, you can read about the Bernese Mountain Dog breed further along the article. You’ll be interested to know more about the breed because it makes choosing the best gift a lot easier and more hassle-free.

Here are the top 10 gift ideas we’ve gathered for Bernese Mountain Dog fur parents:

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Bernese Mountain Dog Themed Etched 12.75oz Libbey Wine Glass

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Who doesn’t fancy a wine night after a long day at work? For someone who’s head over heels in love with a Bernese Mountain Dog, having his face etched elegantly on her favorite glass is a treat.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Lets you also include your pup’s initial
  • Easy to clean – 100% dishwasher safe
  • Great value for your money

The perfect gift for the avid wine drinker and the occasional wine drinker alike. Great for regular use or for display purposes – this wine glass is the best way to immortalize her love for her Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby. Who’s to say she won’t be head over heels in love with this wine glass the moment she opens your present?

You’ll be surprised how much this item will be immediately loved, and how much appreciation will come your way. It’s also made of high quality material, making it a durable kitchen accessory she can enjoy for years. The etched image also stays in place so it doesn’t defeat the purpose.

GUND Randle Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffed Animal Plush, 13″

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She already has a best friend, giving her another one won’t be ideal… unless it’s this fluffy plush Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed toy.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s made by the biggest name in soft toys in America
  • Huggable, fluffy, cuddle-worthy – one of the best stress relievers (aside from the real Bernese
  • Mountain Dog fur baby of course!)

Giving someone a plushie sounds an awful like a cliche, but there’s actually more to it if it’s been thought about. It’s like giving someone a warm hug anytime she needs one, or a cuddle buddy she won’t ever have to lose. It’s the perfect gift if given with enthusiasm, and with care.

You’re definitely in for a surprise with the reaction this plushie will get. It’s even named Randle, which makes it more adorable. It’s soft, huggable, and comes with the GUND standards, so you’re sure to not disappoint. She will be absolutely psyched and even show this plushie to her real fur baby as soon as she sets her eyes on it.

Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Mug For Her Coffee Mugs For Women

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Who says giving someone something to make her laugh is a thing of the past? Novelty gifts have never been out of style, and this one is the best example.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Will definitely give a hearty laugh – an awesome gift idea
  • Made from high quality ceramic to ensure its durability
  • The print is on both sides – no need to choose which side should be favorite

There’s no better way to start your day than with a cup of your favorite coffee. If you’re giving a present to a coffee lover with a Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby, well, it’s a no-brainer. Giving her a coffee mug with her fur baby’s image: an awesome idea!

To top it all off, this coffee mug not only showcases the grandiose Bernese Mountain Dog stance, it’s also accompanied by a funny “quote” that sums up what you wish for her: a fun-filled day and one filled with laughter and warmth. It’s effortless and clever, and you can definitely make someone happy and delighted, showing everyone how amazed she is with your gift the very moment everyone’s looking.

Dog Breed Lanyard (Bernese Mountain Dog)

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If you want to go with something that can be worn with anything at all, keeping the fun and chic intact, this lanyard is the best way for you to go.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s super comfortable to wear with its silky material
  • Durable – doesn’t snag
  • Vibrant colors as pictured – your lucky recipient is in for a surprise

Wearing her favorite four-legged friend’s face to work everyday, because why not? You know how happy you’ll make her if you can make that possible: she’ll be jumping for joy! Everyday she’ll be reminded of her amazing fur baby, and everyday she’ll get a chance to be proud that she’s a fur parent to an awesome breed.

If that doesn’t make this gift impressive, I don’t know what will. As a bonus, it comes with a great quality- it doesn’t snag or wear quickly, plus the vibrant colors won’t disappoint. You’re sure to give the best gift of the day, even seeing the lanyard being worn by her Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby in an instant. Of course, she’ll be just as excited to wear it herself.

Caroline’s Treasures BB1423MAT Bernese Mountain Dog Welcome Indoor or Outdoor Mat

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It’s not a “How To Make Someone Feel Welcome 101” thing. It’s just a welcome mat to greet guests with. Not a gift material? Wait til she sees the spitting image of her fur baby smiling.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Super cute smiling Bernese Mountain Dog face to greet guests
  • Easy to clean – just use a garden hose or a power washer

Sometimes when shopping for a rug, we think less of it. We end up picking up something causing the least eye strain, or whatever is nearest. Giving someone a thoughtfully picked out rug can be surprising, so what better way to surprise your recipient than with a rug that has her fur baby smiling back to her?

She’ll definitely be surprised, but in a good way. In no way would she be expecting something from someone, and her fur baby’s adorable face closes the deal altogether. She’ll be thanking you for the thoughtfulness and show it to everyone, including her fur baby, as she marvels at the well thought out design.

Hokkien BlueViper Oil Painting Bernese Mountain Dog Double Sided Yard Flags

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An oil painting/yard flag? Who wouldn’t be impressed? This yard flag features a majestic portrait of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Now that’s even more impressive.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • The design is on both sides – no dull side!
  • It fits most garden poles – hanging is a breeze (and so is cleaning)
  • It’s so adorable it will easily touch anyone’s heart

This flag has two identical designs back to back, featuring the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog’s portrait on each side. What’s there not to love about this flag? It’s a carefully selected gift that can melt anyone’s heart – especially a Bernese Mountain Dog fur parent’s.

It can easily be attached to any pole, so as soon as the present is opened she’ll be running towards the yard to hang this flag and showcase her love for her fur baby. She’ll be thanking you non stop and will forever appreciate the effort that went into this gift. Also give her time to show this flag to her beloved fur baby and to everyone else in that matter.

JennyGems Bernese Mountain Dog Sign, All You Need Is Love And A Bernese Mountain Dog

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Well, it’s a wooden sign. Everyone loves wooden signs. If your friend or family fur parent is redecorating her house or just simply adores anything Bernese Mountain Dog – related stuff, there’s absolutely no going wrong with this one.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Quality wooden sign with the perfect size
  • Can be used as shelf decor anywhere in the house
  • Lightweight and can be hung as well

It’s a pleasant thing to have around the house… something that will remind Bernese Mountain Dog fur parents that their fur baby deserves all the love he’s receiving. And it’s black and white so it pretty much makes for a great accent in any ensemble or interior decor.

The rustic and shabby chic design of this wooden sign makes it an instant classic decor material that can complement your interior design. And this is before taking note of the print that says “All you need is love… and a Bernese Mountain Dog” which can easily make any Bernese Mountain Dog fur parent fall in love with it and thank you heaps for the thoughtful gesture.

Pure Country Weavers Bernese Mountain Dog Robert May Blanket Throw

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It’s hard to think of anyone who absolutely hates blankets. They’re lightweight, multi-purpose, easy to clean, and are very useful in keeping us warm during cool nights. What’s there not to like?

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Made of cotton, cotton and cotton – super comfy!
  • The design is woven and not printed, making it extra special
  • The lively colors are to die for!

The Bernese Mountain Dog on the tapestry resembles most Bernese Mountain Dogs, so it’s hard to not hit the spot with this blanket. It’s also super comfy in keeping them warm during cool nights, and can be a precious gift right then and there.

Don’t worry about pleasing your receiver, there’s nothing that can make her feel anything other than special when you give this gift. It can also be used as a hanging wall accent, or as a picnic mat. It’s also priced just right, so no budget cuts are required to give the perfect present that can make her jaw drop and smile from ear to ear in delight.

Imagine This Bone Car Magnet, I Love My Bernese Mountain Dog

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Imagine having this car magnet, how would it change every drive? It’s easy to put on and take off, and can be used on cars, mailboxes, refrigerators, and mostly anywhere with metal.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s a strong magnet that won’t let you down
  • Do we need to mention it says Bernese Mountain Dog right there?
  • Not only for cars – it also sticks to other magnetic surfaces

Although you already know he loves his Bernese Mountain Dog, there is no such thing as over saying it. Having this magnet on his whip can easily let him be a proud parent to a Bernese Mountain Dog without as much as saying anything. How could he not appreciate that?

He’ll be running towards his car before you know it and thank you heaps for the thoughtful present. Every drive will be turned into an opportunity to show the world his immeasurable love for his fur baby. It’s made from high quality lightweight magnet and features high glass UV ink, so you can be rest assured it looks fancy and fine- the perfect gift you can give to the fur parent who can’t be more in love with his Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Mountain Adult 100% Cotton Bernese Mountain Dog T-Shirt (Black)

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She’s not a rocker chick, why give her a black shirt? Ah, quite the contrary. This black shirt is actually as adorable as it is black. And with her Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby’s face positioned right in the center of the shirt, it can’t get any better.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • This shirt goes through an exclusive printing process that ensures the print stays
  • The oversized relaxed fit is comfy
  • 100% cotton – super comfortable for anyone who wears it

Giving someone something she might not feel comfortable in would be such a shame. That’s why this shirt is a perfect gift – it’s made from 100% cotton to ensure comfort and dyed with ink that blends with cotton to ensure the print lasts long. Because without the print, it kinda defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Some may even say the shirt helps them communicate better with their Bernese Mountain Dog, but who’s to say that’s the only positive effect this shirt will have? It can be comforting seeing her fur baby printed so well on the shirt, it will likely become her instant new favorite shirt.

The Calm and Strong Bernese Mountain Dog

The good-natured Bernese Mountain Dog is known for its powerful stance, mistaking it almost entirely different from its sweet, calm and affectionate nature. Its trademark is its thick tricolor (rust, white and jetblack) coat. Because of its brain and brawn, the Bernese Mountain Dog is known for its multitasking roles in the fields of Switzerland.

As a family dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an expert with children, treating them gently. Of the four different types of Swiss Mountain Dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the sole type with long hair.

Here are some helpful facts about the Bernese Mountain Dogs:

  • The Bernese Mountain Dogs were developed originally for cart pulling, cattle herding, as well as to become loyal companions and watchdogs
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs develop undesirable behaviors if left alone for long periods of time
  • They are mostly aloof with strangers
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are affectionate and are very intelligent
  • Inexperienced fur parents who take a Bernese Mountain Dog as their first fur baby may have a difficult time in handling them because they shed a lot and require lots of exercise

History of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bern in Switzerland is the original home of the Bernese Mountain Dogs, and they were primarily trained to pull cattle and guard farmyards. In the 1800’s, a threat in the decline of the number of the Bernese Mountain Dogs was reversed by the efforts of Swiss fanciers. They made their way to the United States in 1926 and were recognized by the AKC in 1937.

Here are some fun facts you should know about the history of the Bernese Mountain Dogs:

  • In Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is known as the Berner Sennenhund.
  • Swiss fancier Franz Schertenleib attempted to breed the Bernese Mountain Dog in 1892 and succeeded
  • The breed was believed to be a descendant of the four Swiss Sennenhund breeds: Appenzeller Sennenhund, Entlebucher Sennenhund, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and Berner Sennenhund
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America was founded in 1968
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog was accepted as a new breed in the Working Class in 1937

A Final Word

Any event is made special by presents, but if you feel like you should have more than just a present, finding out a little bit about the person’s interests can make gift-giving a totally different experience. Or, you can find out if she has a fur baby she absolutely adores. Then the game is on for you.

As cherry on top, you can also read about the breed of her fur baby so as to make the gift more special. An interest in how her furbaby behaves does not only put you in a better gift selecting position, you are also likely to flatter her because you care enough to find out. It’s a win-win situation, to be entirely honest.

We hope you found this article helpful in selecting the best gift you can give during the upcoming event. I personally love the blanket throw not only because of its exquisite design and intricate details, but also because it makes cuddling with my pooch more special than it already is. It’s also durable, guaranteeing endless comfort and endless cuddles.

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