Top 12 Gifts for Havanese Fur Parents

Top 12 Gifts For Havanese Fur Parents

After careful outfit planning, your next step is picking out the perfect gift. To make sure everything pans out, you start the planning months ahead. It’s not unusual for you to end up empty handed days before the party as the perfect gift is extremely hard to come by.

Top 12 Gifts for Havanese Fur Parents

If you can ask the celebrant one thing to help you find the best gift, what would it be? It’s going to be a great help if you can do that, but in the event that you don’t want to ruin the element of surprise, you have to do well with what you have. Any piece of information helps. If he is a proud Havanese fur parent, you can use that to your advantage.

Knowing if the celebrant has a very special fur baby is a huge advantage. It’s a special bond they have between them, and hitting that spot instantly takes your present to the top of the chain. You’ll be surprised how easy it’ll become once you have this piece of information.

From magnets to bracelets, we’ve compiled our own list of favorite gift ideas for Havanese fur parents that can surely help you in your search. If you’re unable to sit through the entire article, you can read about my absolute favorite here.

If you’re also interested, you can read about the Havanese dog breed further along the article. You’ll be interested to know more about the breed because it makes choosing the best gift a lot easier and more hassle-free.

Here are the top 10 gift ideas we’ve gathered for Havanese fur parents:

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DEMDACO Sitting Small Havanese Dog Black and White Children’s Plush Stuffed Animal

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Afraid of giving someone a real dog? A plush toy will not fail you! How about giving a Havanese inspired plush toy that looks so real it can actually fool almost anyone from afar?

Why It’s A Great Choice

    • Snuggle-perfect! Its size is the perfect for snuggling
    • Its design is realistic, making it more fluffy and cuddly
    • Anyone who receives this gift is guaranteed to love it

Looking like just the real thing, with the eyes and nose that seem to be well drafted, a super soft fur and a cuddly body that is sturdy enough to last even the toughest play fights, not to mention the multiple wash and dry cycles.

It’s beautifully detailed and made, and looks so realistic, making it truly a perfect gift whether for those missing their Havanese fur babies, or for those who want to have one but may not be ready yet.

Havanese Gray Ultra Lightweight Cotton Crew Socks

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Stay warm and comfy with these super soft, ultra lightweight cotton crew socks, “Havanese-inspired.” A nice and practical gift for the sure dog breed lovers.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • Well made and fits great
  • Great quality to ensure the socks last long

Made from high quality soft cotton and a very nice stretch fabric even after multiple washing cycles, these pairs offer comfort at its best. Well made and fit absolutely great, you can practically wear them everyday. These can be the next fashion statement!

Though these pairs run a bit small in sizing, they can still give a good snug fit that is still comfortable, talk about value for your money that comes with great quality material. And did I mention it’s filled with portraits of the fluffy and cuddly Havanese pups? Any Havanese fur parent will appreciate the gesture because who doesn’t wear socks?

Imagine This Bone Car Magnet, I Love My Havanese

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Say it like you mean it they say. If you really love your Havanese pups this magnet is for you.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Lightweight magnet that sticks to cars, mailboxes, appliances, walls, and a lot more
  • Comes in the perfect size
  • Super cute!

It’s a cute and simple magnet that practically sticks to any metal surface, especially perfect for car bumpers. This magnet sticks well and can last long in cars. Plus points: you can easily spot your car in the parking lot with this one. Printed with high-gloss UV ink, this cute and perfectly sized magnet could also be used on your fridge or even on mailboxes.

What a delightful present for a dog owner who wants to display their love and affection and who would proudly declare their love for their pups! Any Havanese fur parent will be delighted to show his love for his fur baby effortlessly.

Havanese Official Dog of the Coolest Pup Lovers T-Shirt

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Still thinking what to get for your best friend’s birthday? Look no more, this cool tee shirt got you.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Nice quality shirt
  • Perfect gift for fur parents
  • Fits great

Why should you dig in for this? Why not! Now, you are officially one of the coolest pup lovers! And anyone who receives this gift from you. With a lightweight, classic-fit, double-needled and bottom-hem t-shirt, you can never go wrong with this one. It also comes in solid bold colors that’s made from 100% pure cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester.

This is a foolproof holiday or any occassion present that is cute and bold enough to be loved and appreciated by your family and friends. Your fur parent recipient will be as happy as a kid who got a toy for their birthday. He’ll be showing it off to other guests and even to his Havanese fur baby in no time.

Havanese Leather Dog Small Keychain VANCA Craft-Collectible Keyring Charm Pendant

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Is your recipient one who would really want to see her fur baby’s face all the time? If she does love looking at her little Havanese fur baby’s face you would probably want to let her have this cute and adorable tiny leather keychain.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s made from eco friendly materials
  • The design is awesome
  • It’s so adorable that anyone who touches it will fall in love with a Havanese

This keychain is exquisitely designed and skillfully handcrafted by Shigeo Tanaka from Japan. It’s a unique and adorable key charm with highly detailed artwork. It really looks like a real Havanese’ face.

It comes with an easy to use snap hook that allows quick attachment and detachment. It is pretty durable because the leather works so well as the main material. The celebrant will be head over heels in love with the exquisite design that she’ll be showing it off with excitement. Needless to say, you’d be easily making a Havanese fur baby blissfully thankful.

3dRose Javanese Dog Mom Mug Black

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Start your day with a cup of your most awaited coffee while enjoying playing and spending some quality time with your paw friends friends. Enter the best gift for those coffee-holic friends.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • The image is printed on both sides – twice the fun!
  • Quality product at a great price – guaranteed durability
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe

This 3D design black ceramic mug that comes in 11oz size is a perfect partner for those lazy morning or even afternoon siestas in the patio, in the kitchen, or outdoors while watching your Havanese play. This is a colorful and nicely printed mug on both sides, and is valued at a great price. Any Havanese parent would really be happy to have these mugs that would go along with their favorite morning and afternoon beverage.

Imagine This Wood Sign for Havanese Dog Breeds

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Imagine a home that is designed fit for your Havanese taste (or your Havanese fur parent friend/family), this wood sign would absolutely fit in the picture.

This wooden sign is a uniquely designed ornament that can add or even complete the look of either a den closet or a newly renovated room that houses the doggie’s feeding station. It can give a great compliment to any room in the house, not to mention it features a cutie portrait of none other than a Havanese model.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Features a cool art and sign that truly shows anyone’s love for the Havanese breed
  • Perfect for any home – it can easily add a classic touch with its wooden construction
  • Convenient to give – it already comes with a hanging rope. All they have to do is hang it!

Get this as a gift or a simple token for a new neighbor who just moved in, or even for a friend’s housewarming party. It will surely be a hit! But wait, if it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s or any other holiday, this present will simply stand out. If you’re certain of your recipient’s love for her Havanese fur baby, there is absolutely no way to go wrong with this gift. She’ll have everyone marvel at the thoughtfulness and care this gift will instantly give.

Havanese Magnet

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How cute can your mornings get whenever you see those fur baby’s adorable faces in your car, at the fridge door, or even at the mailboxes? These tiny and cute magnets will surely brighten up anyone’s day by giving a constant, early reminder of their Havanese fur baby.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Uses high-quality vinyl with a high-quality magnet
  • Can be used on vehicles, refrigerators and other appliances, and mailboxes
  • The prints stay on much longer

This magnet is made from durable, non-toxic magnetic materials that is paired with high quality protective vinyl, guaranteeing the print to be fade-proof, flake-proof and chip-proof even after years of use. It easily attaches to any metal surface and peels quite easily, leaving no stain or residue.

These adorable little magnets will surely be worth buying and grabbing, and make great gifts for Havanese fur parents who are guaranteed to love them. She’ll be running to her car to stick it and give her Havanese a special spot in it in no time.

Havanese Security Sign Area Patrolled by Dog Signs

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How about a quirky, fun and nicely printed novelty sign that will surely show off your sense of humor. Yes, you can hang it on your den, your home office or even outdoors, that will definitely not rust or fade off.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Convenient – comes with pre-cut mounting holes so all they have to do is hang it
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • This sign is rust and fade resistant – durable for the low price

This is a uniquely designed novelty sign that comes with pre-cut mounting holes for the quick and easy hanging. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is printed with ultra durable inks with scratch resistance finish that can last for years. What’s there not to love about these signs? They also come with a clever and funny security text that may or may not scare perpetrators away, but will definitely give a chance to show that Havanese lovin’.

This is a hard to find novelty gift item that will most definitely please even your picky dog lover friends, especially Havanese breed fur parents. They’ll immediately be surprised and delighted as soon as they unwrap your present, and can instantly be among their favorites. Expect it to be standing in their yard in no time.

My Havanese Has My Heart Engraved Expandable Bangle Bracelet

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A fancy gift for a dainty friend, well why not? This heart- engraved bangle bracelet will be perfect for a darling friend who loves a Havanese fur baby by heart.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • It’s home-made and high quality
  • The bangle is a durable and thick wire that can last a lifetime
  • Easy to adjust

This custom laser engraved bangle bracelet is elegantly and beautifully made with a high quality stainless pendant that features a high polished finish on both sides. The bangle is expandable up to 8’ and comes with a durable thick gauge wire that can be easily adjusted with just a simple squeeze.

This will be loved by your beautiful and elegant lady friends who truly love to treasure the memories of their Havanese fur babies. She’ll surely be delighted even if it’s not a fancy signature expensive jewelry- because having her fur baby’s image on it is priceless.

Dog Bone Magnet I Love My Havanese Car Truck Locker Magnet

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Showcase your love for your Havanese fur babies with these cute and lovely magnets that are perfect adornment for your cars and even for truck lockers.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Waterproof – safe to use on cars or trucks, or even mailboxes
  • Guaranteed durable and can last for years
  • A novelty gift idea that you won’t find anywhere easily

These magnets are digitally printed with highly durable vinyl and come with UV resistant inks. They can also be used indoors or outdoors, put it on your cars, trucks, metal boxes, fridge or practically anything metal. It’s a waterproof and weatherproof magnet that can last for years.

These magnets will surely brighten up your day and will automatically put a smile on everyone’s face. Expect to get a big smile in return when giving this as a gift. He’ll definitely be as happy as a kid who got a bike for Christmas- even happier!

Havanese Dog Design Pink Background

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For your millennial friends who are always on the go, this gift item will surely come in handy.
It has collapsible grips that give a secure hold for texting, calling, picture taking and yes, even selfies. It can also be expanded and serve as a stand for your video watching or group photos, as well as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any other video calling, hands-free. The advanced adhesive gives you the choice to remove and reposition it on most devices and cases.

Why It’s A Great Choice

  • Super cute! Will add a pop of color to any surface
  • Compatible with most new phones
  • The pop sockets are perfect for selfies

Adding a pop of fun colors paired with practicality and durability will be very much appreciated by your highly mobile friends. It will match their Havanese looks perfectly and will therefore be an instant favorite. Your Havanese fur parent friend or family will have so much fun while having the image of their fur baby is always there to cheer them up while enjoying hands-free calling and texting in their cars.

The Cheerful Havanese

The Havanses are described to have “a spring in their steps and a gleam in their big brown eyes.” They come in different colors but all share the same gorgeous silky coat. The cute Havanese are natural trick dogs and can therefore be easily trained, making them ideal city dogs. Despite their small stature, they are also great watchdogs.

They have also been nicknamed “Velcro dogs” because of how they stick with their hoomans. They are also energetic and can be the best breed for you if you’re just starting out taking care of fur babies.

Some interesting facts about the Havanese:

  • As they have long, silky hair, the Havanese need to be groomed daily to prevent tangles and mats
  • They are very affectionate with their family
  • Obesity is a big risk in the Havanese family
  • They only need moderate exercise
  • One of their distinctive features is their curled-over tail

History of the Havanese

The Havanese are believed to come from the same family as the Maltese and Bichon Frise. They were originally the native lapdogs of the aristocrats in Havana, Cuba, and made their way to the Cuban capital from Italy and Spain in the 1600’s.

After a 300-year refining of the breed, they were collectively called the “Blanquito de la Habana” or the Havana Silk Dog. In 1959, Cubans fled the country and brought the breed to America where it was preserved, thanks to which we have the modern Havanese we have today.

More about the Havanese:

  • Both Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway were owners of a Havanese and loved them
  • They were also coined as the Spanish Silk Poodle
  • The entire Bichon family called the Tenerife is the direct ancestor of the Havanese
  • They are Cuba’s only native breed
  • Cuba’s national dog is the Havanese

A Final Word

Whatever the season or occasion, gifts mean a lot to everyone. A lot of the times we get to think about the gift we’re presenting, as well as invest time and effort to ensure we’re giving one that will be appreciated.

The greatest trick in giving the perfect gift is often knowing what the receiver loves more than anything. If they have a dog, finding out the specific breed and making sure to use it as a theme for the present is the best way to get guaranteed appreciation. It has never failed, and it likely never will. We hope you caught a thing or two to help you with your gift searching. If there’s anything we’d forgotten to include in the list, do let us know.

Before ending this article, let me share my personal favorite from the list of best gifts. As a fur parent, I adore anything that has my fur babies’ faces on it, but I was especially delighted to see the bracelet among the options and even planned to get one myself. The bracelet just felt so adorable and would make a subtle yet strong (yes, that’s absolutely possible) reminder of the love I have for my fur babies.

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